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#2186178 Survey: Guild Wars 2, the revolutionary MMO?

Posted Mitobunny on 31 March 2013 - 10:59 PM

I said it was revolutionary for one reason alone:
It TRIED to break the current mmo mold (WoW basically), and while it failed on several locations (ie DEs repeat so much they feel like quests, hearts and gear are grindy etc) it still started the mentality of "we want change". Notice now how every other MMO is changing? GW2 had so much of an initial fanbase on the desire of wanting something that was different. ArcheAge, WildStar (sandboxy elements are in the game), and even ESO are games that are trying to change. Especially ESO, when it was announced it originally sounded like a Guild Wars 2 clone than a WoW clone which only meant one thing: Guild Wars 2 basically started the revolution of change in our MMOs.

What I think will either make or break the idea of change in an MMO is EverQuest Next imo (if it succeeds that is), it is an mmo that wants to bring the world back to the community and focus less on the game which is something all MMOs desperately need.

Tldr; GW2 started the idea of change in our MMOs.

#2107252 Mini games in the big cities

Posted Linfang on 04 December 2012 - 07:01 PM

They were too busy trying to wiggle in another tier of gear to do mini games.

#1789751 Hey guys, I don't like <insert race> dance.

Posted CaptainKirrahe on 22 August 2012 - 08:32 PM

Seriously. I don't personally like it, even if it fits the character well. Hell, <insert dance> doesn't fit well even though it's funny and I dislike that too. Wanna all bitch and complain about something small in a game full of amazing content because everything made in this game is supposed to be tailored perfectly for me specifically?

#1759985 How can Mesmer's ILeap confuse your enemy?

Posted el hefe on 18 August 2012 - 04:06 PM

View Postasbasb, on 18 August 2012 - 12:51 PM, said:


way back when Leap and ILeap for the Mesmer were still separate skills, the devs advertized this as one of the examples of how Mesmers could confuse(not the condition) their enemy, as skill two and three looked identical from an opponent's point of view. Now that they have been combined into one, I fail to understand how this skill could be used to make your enemy doubt whether he's fighting the real Mesmer or a clone. The skill always sends a clone out first and on second activation always teleports and immobilizes the target. Is there another way for the Mesmer to leap towards his enemy with a MH sword equipped? Am I missing something?

maybe you've never used both skills while in melee range.    ;)

#1747700 Confirmed: a logistical, non-WvW reason to care about your guild's home s...

Posted Quinci on 16 August 2012 - 08:22 PM

Enormous guilds composed of so many people that there is no possible way that the majority (let alone all!) of the guild members actually know each other are stupid.

This is just more evidence that Anet agrees with me on this point.

By the way, I am coming into the game with a guild already formed, but not an enormous one. Everyone in my guild will be people I actually know and play with. IF by some minuscule chance the server we picked to roll on happens to get filled up before all of our members get in, we will take advantage of the free server transfers during the first week of the game and switch to a different server.

BTW, the chance is minuscule because I'm not trying to shove a 5,000 person guild onto one server and I'm not joining the "uber-leet pvp" people in trying to get all the 'good' pvp guilds onto a single server for WvW. If the reason all your guild members can't get onto the server is because you're trying to 'stack' a specific server for WvW, you deserve it. Pick a server other than the ones with huge communities going on them and you will be fine.

#1743534 Confirmed: a logistical, non-WvW reason to care about your guild's home s...

Posted Sukeena on 16 August 2012 - 08:55 AM

View Postshanaeri rynale, on 15 August 2012 - 11:15 PM, said:


It's days like this I wonder where all the innovation went

A little bit overly dramatic don't you think?
I do not see the problem.

If you create a character on a server and you guest to other servers, you can join those guilds. That is innovation as this has never been implemented by another game.

Let's assume you join a guild on a guest server, you can reap the benefits of that guild. You can do things together, earn influence for that guild etc. When you want to do stuff together with your main guild on your main server, you have to go back and play together. That is the whole point of joining a guild (and a MMO imho), to play together. I do not see a problem in only earning influence and access to guild bank once you are actually on that server.

Like someone said in this thread: this game is based on co-operation with other players from everywhere if you are in a guild or not.

#1731681 Why are YOU rolling a mesmer?

Posted Yata on 14 August 2012 - 04:00 PM

I played a mesmer in GW. I don't know, I guess I really like their style, "when I'm through with you, you won't trust your own mind." Yeah that sort of thing.

#1717905 Can multi-world guilds claim structures on different worlds?

Posted jozeph on 12 August 2012 - 12:08 PM

If a guild has members on several servers, each member can only play WvW on their home world. So yes, one guild can claim structures on multiple servers. The members of such a guild could end up fighting each other.

#1716506 Stress Test Tomorrow, Sunday, August 12!

Posted Bulldog on 12 August 2012 - 03:45 AM

View PostSol1, on 12 August 2012 - 03:08 AM, said:

1hour OWG! let me clear my schedule at 4am and make sure I help you guys out for THAT ENTIRE HOUR when I could be doing something completely useless like sleep...  

You could at least offer an incentive for people that help you out Anet and give them a little more time to enjoy what is most likely a buggy experience.
Anet is working on Sunday to try and get this game ready for launch and your pissed off cuz the stress test is 1 hour during your sleep time.  Did you even think about what your saying before you went into your tirade?  No one is making you do the stress test, if you don't want to do it don't, and there is no need to act like an entiled 10 year old.  It's attitudes like this that really piss me off.

#1695248 "Play your way"...

Posted Iron Legionnaire on 08 August 2012 - 01:30 PM

I believe this is done on purpose, and wouldn't really work well otherwise.

The prime threat to people who want to play... inefficiently, is min-maxing attitude. That includes avoiding activities that one feels do not add to his progression. People do not want to "waste time". This is a new development. In order to make sure people can do what they like and simultaneously not feel like they're wasting time and are separated from the main game, companies have begun implementing things like this. Another example is Rift's mentoring system (to do low level stuff) and the planar attunement system (to get experience after max level). Note that GW2 is also doing the latter with their skill points after max level. This is all to make people feel like they're getting somewhere.

Otherwise, you get a system that consistently tells the player they're playing the wrong way. If you can just level super fast by AoEing mobs all day, then that will become everyone's play of choice, and other activities will get diminished. Distributing leveling efficiency across the board limits the min-maxer, just like removing the Trinity limits ultra-specialization and allows for more organic play. If the best way for a min-maxer to level is to do everything, then we have removed the problem.

"Play your way" doesn't mean "any way of playing will be the most efficient one" at all, and that seems to be what you're looking for. You can level by crafting, but that will require you to have lots of money to buy mats. You can level by grinding, but that will be much slower, especially if you do not vary monsters. The freedom, though, remains there, and it's much more open now. In most MMO's, you can't level by crafting at all. Here, you can. In most MMO's, you can't really level by grinding, either. You have to do quests. Some of them have dungeons as the leveling method. But the choices are rather limited. Point is, in those MMO's, if you do not do X, Y, Z, you do not level at all. In GW2, you do, even if slower. I see nothing misleading about it.

I have leveled characters without gathering, etc., btw. I got a guardian to 10 by mainly grinding mobs and doing DE's (no personal story) + Hearts because I was getting ready for WvW and unlocking my weapons. Never had to purposefully repeat anything. Those are the main content of the game, and you can actually do quite well leveling wise if you stick with them.

If there's one thing that can be said about GW2 leveling, is that it isn't slow. Once you let go, it's very open. If you indeed play how you want, it probably won't bother you.

#1694181 What's the point of grinding for HOM points if everyone will have access...

Posted Lady Rhonwyn on 08 August 2012 - 06:03 AM

I got my HoM points because I wanted to get those HoM points.  Somebody in the future will have even more problems getting his HoM points as there will be less people playing.  Especially statues like Underworld, DoA, and those elite missions in Kurzick/Luxon lands will be a lot harder to get.

#1690122 Are the things you can buy from Miyani tradeable?

Posted Bloodtau on 07 August 2012 - 12:16 PM

View Postasbasb, on 07 August 2012 - 12:12 PM, said:


Are the items you can buy with skill points from her tradeable, or are they soul/accountbound?

They are bound.

#1647055 List of things that break the clone decoy mechanism

Posted Mugen on 28 July 2012 - 03:22 PM

Well if an enemy attacks a clone and they realize its a clone from the massive hp reduction, you've already succeeded in deceiving them because they choose to attack it instead of you in the first place.

#1595583 Consquence of end game plans: advantage/big server?

Posted Eremite on 13 July 2012 - 07:23 AM

Between scaling and guesting, I think events will be fine and fun regardless of your server population.

#1593473 Guild Wars 2 has many ways for players to play together, but very few ways to...

Posted The Comfy Chair on 12 July 2012 - 03:14 PM

I talked to plenty of people in the beta. You just have to actually want to talk to others. If you don't, you don't have to, which is a good thing. What I didn't see was tons of edrama like you usually get in mmorpgs. I approved immensely.