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In Topic: Can't Keep Biting My Tongue

23 March 2012 - 02:30 AM

Quantity isn't always better. Who plays codex anymore? Where's TA now? Just because gw1 had more modes does not mean they were good modes. Of course TA was good in its own way and i loved hero battles, but as you can see, they had to get rid of them for one reason or another.

I'd rather have a few SOLID game modes at launch and then expand from there through testing rather than taking away stuff. It's better to add on than take away in the player's perspective when to pvp game modes.

I played GWs1 for the first 2 years from launch. TA and all the modes were going strong when I played. The game has been out for almost 7 years. I am sure there are a lot less players playing. I am guessing most people are just working on HoM points.

I agree with solid pvp modes. Not sure capture points fits that bill. WvWvW definitely does NOT.

Have you played TOR? They have 3 pvp war-zones. If you leveled through those to level 50... You were soooo tired of war-zone matches (mostly Huttball). I lasted 2-3 week max playing that game.

I play games for pvp not pve. And again that is why GW1 was so good.

In Topic: Can't Keep Biting My Tongue

18 March 2012 - 02:52 PM

Egaid, I completely agree with every point!

~ I played competitive pvp in gws1 for the first 2 years of release (best years). NO other game comes even close to the level of pvp in gvgs/Tombs during that time.

~ Anet is making GW2 suited pvp more for the "pve player". They realize that there are A LOT more pve players then pvp players. My quess 75% pve to 25% true pvp. It is a business decision.

~ My huge concern is the lack of pvp type of matches. In GW1 if you got bored of one type of pvp, you can switch to another. The lack of pvp variety is the main reason TOR got so freaken boring for me in 3 weeks.

Gw1 types of pvp:

Guild vs Guild (8v8)
Hero ascent (tombs) (8v8) once was (6v6)
Team arenas (4v4)
Random arenas (4v4)
Alliance battles (think 16v16 ~ can not remember)
Hero battles  (1v1)
Jade quarry (forget ~ maybe 12v12)


5v5 (gvg)
WvWvW (could be 100v300, complete zerg matches ~ a pve player match)
maybe a third? (please don't flame me for not knowing)

~ My last gripe is lack of skills per weapons. EX: If I am a warrior equipping a great sword, I can only equip the same 5 skills every other warrior with a gs has.

GW1 has RUINED me!!! GW1 pvp was the best pvp hands down!

~ Labatts

In Topic: PvP survivability of each profession

15 March 2011 - 10:42 PM

I'm pretty sure A-net has said this before, but PvP balancing is one of the last things that are going to occur to the game, its defiantly not on the minds as of the moment. I doubt any of the abilities we think are OP (Thief's Unload) or classes that might be crazy (Necro anyone?), plus if they had skills change in Guild Wars 1 to PvP versions of themselves why not do the same for Guild Wars 2 if not just for the sake of balancing the PvP so it isn't a zerg fest 24/7 in WvWvW

I do not post this to insult you. But, I would strongly disagree with you. Maybe in the development stage of GWs2 right now, this is not on the forefront. If we are going off of Anet's track record for skill balancing; I would say PvP is why 75-90% of the reason skills get changed/nerfed. I can count dozens if not hundred of skill (if I cared to research) that were changed because of the current metagame/ overpowered. Few examples: Aegis, Gale, Burst of Aggression, Iway just to name a few.

Anet will change skills people do not use often, and make them more powerful so people will use them. And after everyone in PvP uses them, they nerf them a little to make them balanced. Ex: All of the Conjures, Primal Rage, WoH, SoD, SoR

There has been PvE changes: Biggest one that comes to mind is the early 55 days. But, they more changed the whole AI instead of a lot of skills. I believe they changed Protective bond.

I am not trying to act all high and mighty. I am sure many, many people know more then I do. I have not played much in the last 4 years. When I did play I did not do a lot of PvE.

Like I said, not to insult you, but Anet takes PvP skill balancing very serious... And that is why I come to love Guild Wars PvP! The best PvP I have ever played!!  -Labatts

In Topic: PvP survivability of each profession

15 March 2011 - 05:44 PM

I was a huge PvP guy for the first 2.5 years after GWs1 launch. Guild Wars KNOWS how to balance and have very, very, strategic/ skilled base PvP. For all of the concerns I am reading DON'T WORRY!!!!

I am reading a lot about thieves being OP/imbalanced because of stealth. For everyone that does not know Anet very well, they are very quick on changing skills/ classes quickly (some people do not like this). But, I do not foresee this being an issue.

For everyone not aware of GWs1 PvP. You will see very skilled, and strategic movements, and builds out of the advanced/ better players. I feel the Roll will become second nature. Player positioning is an important part in competitive PvP. In GWs1 Knock-downs were always important!

People will get very creative building different builds/teams. You will see a lot of different styles & current Metagame. Ex: 5v5s - 5 rangers or 5 eles experimenting with different spikes or ranger pressure with pets and whirling defense. Always had to be ready for team splits too! Can Not Wait for PvP!!!

Has anyone read, or heard about condition removals? I read there will not be Hexes in GWs2. But there will be conditions. I was just curious if you have 3-4 different conditions, are we able to remove them? Would that be one of the the three utility skills?

In Topic: PvP in GW2 - PAX Style

14 March 2011 - 11:51 PM

The Pax East Panel Video they talked about PvP around the 27min mark. They mentioned 3 types of PvP.

1. Highly Organized Rank 5v5 PvP - my guess this is GvGs

2. WvW - server vs server - Giant unbalanced PvP

3. "Hot joinable PvP" like fps entrance into games

Death-matches, FFA, Capture the flag...???
This is just fun guessing... I have no idea!
Anyone else know about the third option? Or have a fun guess?