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What kind of Mesmer would you like?

30 September 2011 - 03:54 PM

If the mods would be so kind as to create a poll:

Assuming the 8th profession is indeed the Mesmer, what would you, GW2 Guru, like it to do?
A. Pure caster.
B. Primarily magical with some physical ability.
C. Mostly magical with good physical ability.
D. Equal parts magical and physical prowess.
E. Magically enhanced, but mostly physical.


A. Pure Caster is exactly what it says. It means that regardless of equipment, the Mesmer should use only magic and magical skills, like the current Elementalist and Necromacer.
100% Magical, 0% Physical.

B. Primarily magical skills, but with minimal physical abilities as well, such as stabbing with a sword once the foe is sufficiently confused/immobilized. The vast majority of this Mesmer's abilities would be spells.
Approximately 90% Magical, 10% Physical
(For example: the Red Mage.)

C. A little more balance between magical and physical abilities. It would still focus heavily on magic, but use physical abilities more actively. This Mesmer could win in a duel of swords.
Approximately 75% Magical, and 25% Physical.
(For example: the Jedi Consular.)

D. Even balance between magic and physical abilities. This Mesmer would use spells and swords/weapons interchangeably, similarly to the Guardian.
50% Magical, 50% Physical
(For example: the Battlemage)

E. Mostly physical, but magically enhanced. This is your "fencer" or "swordmage" Mesmer. This one masters weaponry and battle tactics, but enchants the weapons to put some magical twist on them.
34% Magical, 66% Physical
(For example: the Jedi Knight)

The Mesmer is a Scholar and therefore inherently magical, regardless. It cannot have less than 1/3 Magical abilities.

Mod edit: don't just post to tell us what you voted for.