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#2224434 Announcing the Winner of the Captain’s Council Election

Posted Baron von Scrufflebutt on 05 August 2013 - 08:36 PM

View PostDigilodger, on 05 August 2013 - 08:28 PM, said:

Plus, some of us are pretty broke right now due to all the recent fun new items to grab (especially the needs to convert gold-to-gem to purchase some of these items).  I only have ~860 golds left myself.  So any saving is appreciated.  And it'd be more than 2s because we use waypoint a lot: for world bosses, for dungeon entrances, for guild missions, for convenience , etc.

I wouldn't be surprised if that put you in GW2's 1%.

#2206122 Today's Patch Nerfed the Malchor's Leap Event Farms

Posted Featherman on 25 May 2013 - 04:07 PM

I find the lack of transparency to be appalling. If they made a change, they should tell the players why and stick to their guns. And this extends to how they take feedback for every valid concern players bring up. I swear, this disconnection with reality will kill GW2 faster than the hundreds of issues that plague the game.

#2202556 My Beefs w/ GW2 & ArenaNet

Posted Sebrent_Tehroth on 16 May 2013 - 03:21 PM

Please let me preface this with:

If you are still enjoying GW2 and/or happy with ArenaNet, that's fine and I'm happy for you.


Some of you may recognize me (mainly for my math posts) if you frequent the same forums/sections as I do.

I used to be quick to defend ArenaNet on many points, but recently I can't help but think of the many things that have continued to aggravate me.

Lack of quality control
  • Patch days turn into a patch for the patch for the patch for the patch for the patch ... followed the next day by another patch for the patch for the patch.
  • The big WvW patch broken WvW ... you'd have thought someone would test that patch to see if it broke the thing it was designed for.
  • There is quite a bit of evidence that their codebase is horrible
    • The patch days mentioned above
    • Targeted patches breaking their target (as mentioned above)
    • Patches one thing breaking other things completely unrelated to the patch ... like Mesmer spear having no working hitbox after a patch a few months ago ... when there were no patches to it
    • Illusionary Leap for Mesmer's being broken/"fixed" on an almost per patch basis (undocumented too).
    • Inconsistencies in their code such as Thief basilisk venom having an undocumented immobilize on top of the stun which the state of the game highlighted
    • Still haven't fixed (or can't) Mesmer clones' not having offhands
    • Still haven't fulfilled (or can't) their promise of allowing 2hand weapons to have 2 sigils so they can be on the same footing as weapon sets that use two 1hand weapons.
    • How long it has taken them to actually make NPCs invulnerable in WvW
    • Still bad AI plaguing several classes ... two of which AI plays a large part of their class mechanics.
    • Groups getting bugged because a player leaves the game without leaving their party
    • Ranged attacks that are still randomly obstructed when the attacker and target are both on equal ground with nothing but open field between the two of them
Broken/Unfulfilled Promises
  • As previously stated, during BWEs, ArenaNet promised the community that they would make it so that 2hand weapons could have 2 sigils so that those weapon sets could have the same number of sigils as weapon sets using two 1hand weapons ... where is this fix?
  • The WvW patch was promised to change the WvW meta a bit and give players a reason to still care about WvW when the matchup was an overwhelming win/loss.
    • There are no new activities in WvW
    • The meta is still Zerg v Zerg
    • Most servers (if not all) have been fighting the same other two servers for going on two months now
      • For me, personally, this means Ehmry Bay stomping both Borliss Pass and Anvil Rock has gotten very old ... a challenge would be nice ... perhaps a chance to actually lose other than "only if we don't show up"
    • Instead we got WvW XP and levels ... which only affect NPCs and siege
      • Siege is largely for taking/defending points ... which matter less when the matchup isn't close.
  • There will be "no gear grind" ... except we added in ascended gear which has you grinding fractals and/or guild missions unless you want to be very patient with dailies ... and we were told there would eventually be ascended quality for other gear slots in the future ... "can't wait" to see what additional currency they add to get that ... *sigh*.
Appear to be "bad at math"
  • If you read any articles by different game companies or blogs of individual developers, you'll often see that they create a sort of "Average Joe" test dummy to test things on as far as pacing, OP, UP, etc.. It is a standard operating procedure to establish a baseline
    • Despite this, ArenaNet has been having to devote time now to changing how classes work because they realized that they allowed people to be killed in 1-2s if a glass cannon hits a non-tanky target.
      • This has Thieves in a period of flux where they are having to be changed because "burst or die" isn't good gameplay
        • Please note that I'm well aware of very good non-glass tanky Thieves builds ... I'm actually a fan of Sword + Dagger
      • Warriors have been harmed further in PvP by some of these changes
    • If you do the math for the various cooldown changes, you'll notice that some of them give you more or less than the 20% described by the trait.
    • Notice we are still getting large sweeping changes to various things' damages? Arrow cart has received two 50% changes recently ... they were that far off, eh?
    • Remember when Thief's Dancing Dagger hit for 6k to 8k, was ranged, spammable, didn't require stealth, and hit up to 4 targets? Lol.
Failure w/ Implementation of "No Holy Trinity"
  • What is bad about having a holy trinity?
    • It creates a higher demand for some classes over others for group play (tanks and healers > dps)
    • It can create non-interesting fights where you simply /assist tank + autoattack
  • What do we have in Guild Wars 2?
    • The status of Guardians, Warriors, and Mesmers as "the top 3" ... due to what they can bring compared to others and how it weighs in relative to current content and what it demands
    • Several groups asking specifically for "Guardians" or "Heavies"
    • Several groups asking people to not play their Ranger, Engineer, Thief, etc. for dungeons
    • Ever seen someone say "we have too many Guardians/Warriors/Mesmers" ? Probably not ... but I bet you have for other classes.
    • What do we do in most boss fights? Stand at range and auto-attack supplemented by some other skills
      • Occasionally do a dodge roll.
E-Sport Quality Combat ... where?
  • As has been stated by "the pros", there is too much use of random numbers in combat
    • Crit chance
    • on-crit sigils
    • on-crit traits
    • other procs
    • skills with random effects
  • Imbalances in classes
    • Notice that there are a few classes that are used consistently by the top tier tPvP teams.
    • Notice that there are a few classes that are close to never used by the top tier tPvP teams.
  • Still balancing the classes with how the Arenas work
    • Anyone here think that underwater combat has been balanced? My Mesmer and My Ranger are nightmares for people in the water ... I openly admit they are OP there.
    • People running the orbs ... just got a recent fix but there are still those with several more advantages than other classes ... and it isn't something that can be fixed with gear/spec changes.
Combat Being Dumbed Down
  • Nerf to confusion ... because avoiding the application of confusion, using condition removal, or moving/dodging without attacking for a few seconds were somehow too hard.
    • Heavy forbid people have to pay attention to the color change of their screen, effect on their character, condition icon on their screen, and damage numbers popping up with a unique effect each time they mindlessly bash their skills and/or auto-attack.
  • Nerf to Caltrop duration ... because people weren't smart enough to not stand in the red circle filled with sharp pointy objects that bled them to death the last 20 times?
  • AOEs limited to 5 people ... caters to the mindless zerging
    • Excuse is "technical limitation" even though older MMOs didn't have this "technical limitation" despite working on older hardware.
    • We also have siege ignoring this "technical limitation"
    • We also have other effects that ignore this "technical limitation"
  • Some skills do "way too much" for a player ... like heartseeker. With skilled players it's just an annoying thief they mock as they kill. At the lower skill-levels, it's a player being successful at turning to face, chasing, closing any gaps, and killing just by pressing one button repeatedly
  • The current meta is largely "boon heavy builds". These builds have near (if not completely) 100% up-time on select boons and thus influence players to use skills "whenever off cooldown" instead of "in reaction to combat" ... this diminishes skilled play
  • There are builds that fall completely into paper/scissor/rock ... giving us more "build wars"
    • I used to not believe this till I started dueling more, I would watch Alice kick the crud out of everyone (including me), then see Alice lose to Bob, who everyone (including me) kicked the crap out of.
      • Bob only beat Alice because Bob's build hard counters Alice's so much that Bob would have to be horribad to lose ... and then it'd be close.
Foods, Oils, and Sharpening Stones
  • Part of the draw to having no gear grind is that you don't have to farm/grind/etc. (treat a game like a job) in order to have the same total stat points as someone else.
  • These consumable items remove that since now you need to be able to afford them constantly.
    • Slow day in WvW because everyone is bored? You lose some gold standing around with your bonuses
    • Want to spend your gold on something else? Well then I hope you farmed sometime recently or played the trading post because your money is tied up in consumables.
  • These also allow stats to get to ridiculous amounts ... which enables for the very quick burst fights that ArenaNet says they are trying to scale back
  • Ranger pets do not scale with the Ranger's stats, so as more Ascended items enter the game, the relative power of pets to players decreases in PvE and WvW. The consumables exacerbate this problem
    • This is part of why Ranger pets are seen as being much stronger in sPvP than they are in PvE and WvW.
  • There is also the lemongrass poultry. -40% condition duration. Non-removable.
    • Conditions are already largely seen by the community as being "weaker" than direct damage in many parts of the game due to conditions stack caps, abundance of combo fields in WvW, condition removals, not affecting inanimate objects (siege, gates, etc.)
    • Now we have a food that lowers your condition duration (and thus damage) by 40% ... and because of the way condition damage works, this rounds up.
  • The power of these foods can be see by how the meta changed for some classes when the lifesteal on food was given an internal cooldown on its proc.
ArenaNet's treatment of the community
  • ArenaNet is very hush-hush about even their high-level designs for the game.
    • They ignore the wonderful things that have come from game companies having very free and open communication with their communities ... both for previous MMOs as well as upcoming ones.
    • If you want people to continue to invest in you, you could at least respect them enough to tell them what your ideas are ... even at a high-level.
    • Heck having test servers would shoot two birds with one stone as they could convey ideas to the community while getting some free-testing ... it could even help make patch days only need 1 patch ... instead of 5 and a few more the next day.
  • If you go to any non-ArenaNet-controlled GW2 forum, you'll inevitably run into a post about someone complaining about the moderation on ArenaNet's forums
    • These threads often end up with some people replying that they actually take advantage of it to "troll better" as they try to bait people into saying things or simply click on "look at all posts by Bob" and then report all those posts they think they have even a small chance of nailing "Bob" on.
  • Some of us (myself included) have tickets that are over a week old. Seeing as how the last time I had a ticket, it was answered in a matter of hours, measuring the current wait time in weeks is a bit ridiculous.
    • What's more aggravating for me personally is that I'm encountering the exact same issue two more times, something their community director, Eric "Dalmarus" Campbell, apologized to me for having happened before ... yet now I'm stuck dealing with it because they have yet to so much as acknowledge receiving it ... even though it is on my list of "My Stuff" at support.guildwars2.com.
Gameplay is boring the heck out of me
  • PvE
    • Dungeons - we run them for skins (or CoF p1 for money) or badges for a legendary. It gets extremely boring running the same dungeon over and over again.
      • The content is quite boring. It's often cripple melee opponents, block/reflect projectiles, assist on the called target. Nothing really new there.
      • Most people that do dungeons, because they are so boring, constantly look for ways to circumvent as much content as possible ... and are successful
      • We still have dungeon content whose difficulty can be circumvented by hiding in a corner ... even with new content like with the Living Story's Molten Facility and the "machine boss" near the beginning.
    • Legendaries are simply "I have lots of money" or "I did the grind". There isn't anything legendary about them. You ran the same dungeon X number of times to get 500 tokens. You gathered/bought a large number of materials. You jumped/fought in WvW for "badges of jumping". Kudos.
    • Fractals are the same few fractals every time. The higher levels don't add anything really meaningful. They just make it more punishing to get hit.
    • Guild Missions are made stupidly trivial given a large number of people
    • If the first person that entered the dungeon leaves group, etc., the entire group is dropped from the dungeon ... why?! ... this allows some people to be jerks and/or troll people and I don't see the benefit.
  • WvW
    • Arrow Cart ... 1 2 3 1 1 2 3 1 1 2 3 1 1 2 3 1 1 2 3 (feel free to reverse 2 and 3).
    • Ballista ... 1 2 3 11 2 3 11 2 3 1 2 3 1 1 2 3 (feel free to reverse 2 and 3)
    • Catapult ... 1, hold, release, wait, repeat
    • Trebuchet ... 1, hold, release, wait, repeat
    • Zerg vs Zerg ... throw random AOE, tab target, and auto-attack random people in a horde of 30+ as a horde of 30+ do the same to your horde.
      • There are some zerg-busting groups, but I've found most of those I know of on my server are bored with the game ... so not nearly on as much any more ... so now there's much less zerg busting.
    • You're not on siege and you're not defending the walls? Good luck to you with some classes as you can't hit people on the wall who can hit you because your character only knows how to aim at genitals (or lower) ... we'll ignore that you can see 3/4 of the enemy's body.
    • Throw siege around like candy because you can get it from jumping puzzles that you didn't really do because Mesmers are portaling people in large droves to the end ... they also get more "Tokens of Jumping" from this.
  • sPvP
    • Sadly, these little one-off matches are where the highest level of skill can be leveraged ... however
    • Even the "pros" have been complaining about how it quickly gets boring. There are mechanics in each one, but they are largely ignored in favor of simply capping and controlling the points. Lack of any real variation
    • Anyone who sPvP'd a large amount already has collected the large amount of skins available.
    • Pick-up matches are, again, mindless zergfests because all they have to do is <tab> - auto-attack because numbers is what really matters in most cases
    • It is still far from being esport-worthy ... randomness, imbalances, etc. ... claimed to be esport quality combat and here we are over half a year later. Heroes of Newerth, another Moba amongst a sea of Moba games, was picked up quicker than this.

#2198590 Anyone else have trouble with their guild?

Posted Just Horus on 05 May 2013 - 04:28 AM

View PostMisterB, on 04 May 2013 - 06:39 PM, said:

The concept of holding any guild member accountable for mandatory attendance in a video game is absurd.


#2202207 How big do you think/want dragon "expansions" to be?

Posted Craywulf on 15 May 2013 - 01:23 PM

I would like to see:
  • New zones -
    • Tengu capital city
    • Tengu Dynamic Events
  • New weapons for each profession -
    • two-handed scythes for Necromancers
    • two-handed nuncuks for Thieves
    • two-handed polearm for Guardians
    • offhand whips for Engineer
    • two-handed flute for Mesmer
    • two-handed axe for Warrior
    • two-handed Bo staff for Rangers
    • two-handed book of spells for Elementalist
  • Personal Story -
    • Expand existing Personal Story
    • Tengu Personal Story
  • Exclusive racial Armor
  • Expansion themed armor for non-Tengu characters
  • Expansion themed weapons
  • Expansion themed pets for the Ranger
  • Racial elite skills
  • New emotes
  • New Mini pets

#2180852 Upcoming Mega Boss Chest Change

Posted heatrr on 18 March 2013 - 10:57 PM

View PostLordkrall, on 18 March 2013 - 10:56 PM, said:

Don't blame ArenaNet for peoples constant wish of bypassing systems put in place.

Yo dude, if I bust my arse and give the time and money to get 5 toons to level 80, I should have the RIGHT to use all 5 of them to run events, period.

#2180848 Upcoming Mega Boss Chest Change

Posted heatrr on 18 March 2013 - 10:54 PM

Leave to ANET to make an already grindy game even more grindy in their alleged efforts to curtail overflow, guesting, multiple toon uses....great. Not!

#2176174 I am astonished GW2 is still alive, what keeps you guys playing?

Posted Volkon on 07 March 2013 - 05:46 PM

What keeps me playing? It's an amazing game and with over 1300 hours in it I'm still having a blast.

What are you missing? Apparently everything.

#2171570 World Boss Event Chests - Bad idea?

Posted Just Horus on 27 February 2013 - 02:33 AM

Random Player: Oh hey! This looks interesting! I think I'm going to participate.

ANet: Sorry but our records indicate you found that interesting less than 24 hours ago. You'll have to find something else to do. How about some other events like ______?

Random Player: But I don't find those to be fun...


#2171546 World Boss Event Chests - Bad idea?

Posted AKGeo on 27 February 2013 - 01:34 AM

Anet is starting to feel like a big group of politicians to me more and more lately. So completely out of touch with the playerbase, taxing us more and more for fewer and fewer benefits, essentially just trying to see how much they can do before the community simply just leaves altogether.

These changes are going to kill the game. I'm upset about that...I had such high hopes. But if all the good things in the game anymore need to be ground out or you're forced to guild up with people you don't know, care about, or want to associate yourself with, there's really no more point to play this game.

#2161057 Post a Picture of Your Warrior.

Posted Stigma on 08 February 2013 - 11:33 PM

View PostZevyr, on 08 February 2013 - 12:18 PM, said:

My Guard/Ele/Warr/Warr/Mes:

Posted Image

I can only fathom how much time u have on your hands.

#2096635 Well now that Orr is dead...

Posted Evans on 26 November 2012 - 12:48 PM

Orr isn't dead, it's undead.
There's a difference!


"Death. Good."

#2096396 The Current State of GW2 and its Future

Posted Goldenrice on 26 November 2012 - 08:53 AM

So I have over 1k hours on one toon and on the verge of finishing my 2nd and 3rd legendaries

Posted Image
Posted Image

I wanna know what people think about where GW2 is at and where its headed.

I came into this game thinking I'd spend the majority of my time between WvW and SPvP.

This is how I feel about the state of PvE(where I spent majority of my time).

This will be the tl;dr edition cause I need to sleep

- Fractals is big improvement in dungeons.  
  • Scaling difficulty, different environments, different mechanics, all good
  • Never stay in one area to long so it doesn't grow dull as quickly as other dungeons
- Stop QQ'ing about RNG pink rings.
  • A month from now, noone gonna be crying about not having rings.  You can easily farm T2, T3, T4  daily chests for rings.  I've gotten to 30 with just 5 agony resistance
- Backpiece and infusion upgrades are questionable.  
  • I have 900+ gold, all legit, mostly farmed and buying/selling low/high on TP and I think 100 t6 + etc to make a small upgrade infusion is meh.  Especially since there are no other ways to get upgrade infusions atm(unless difficulty: 40+ or daily chests drop them)
  • 250e per backpiece upgraded is also meh.  I really hope this is Anet hinting at possible ecto price drop in the future(hopefully near)
- Make all old dungeons like fractals.
  • We run fractals cause we want loot, and supposedly get better loot the farther we go in.  Why not make the content inside the dungeons as valuable as the tokens and token merchant gear?
  • the recent update was meh.  needs more
-PvE zones suck. Thats why they're empty all the time.
  • What happened to those end of the beta events? Why not make a big zone wide event that only starts after XXXX amount of events are done within a zone. Then give everyone free loot and shit at the end of this big event.
  • PvE loot in general is complete trash. World boss chests give trash.  Jumping puzzle chests give trash. greens and blues not enough to keep people inside a specific zone.
-Spending money is the BEST way to make money
  • this is a huge problem for me. i can make more money sitting the the TP for an hour spending 400g and waiting 24 hours for it to turn into 450g or 500g than farming cursed shore for X days straight
  • why is it you cannot farm for amazing shit to sell on the TP??!?!?!?
  • MAKE ZONE-SPECIFIC EXOTIC SKINS...after you make pve zones stop sucking with crap loot drop rates
i will be back sometime or someday to edit this and add stuff. good night.

EDIT: regurgitating old anet posts =/=  GW2 current state of the game

I'm neither disgusted or excited about the state of the game currently.  

I just want to kno what people think about this game in its current state tbh.  This is the wrong thread to white knight for anet or quote old anet dev posts.

#2076980 I absolutely do not like this..Gear grind in GW

Posted Graystone on 13 November 2012 - 04:47 PM

Meh, two things.

1) You're taking this too seriously
2) The sky is not falling chicken little
3) You did spend $149, probably the same amount as me, do I regret the money and time invested? Yes, a little more every day. What can we do about it? Learn to love the game's silly quirks or move on.

#2074075 Ascended Items

Posted jirayasan on 12 November 2012 - 03:09 PM

This shit doesn't even matter, people think GW2 is gearbased like other mmorpgs.

We have these "tiers" of endgame gear now.

(masterwork etc is counted) Rare - Exotic - Ascended - Legendary

You can complete ANY content with Rare gear or even in masterwork if you want, you don't need exotic or ascended.

Guild Wars 2 is skillbased, not gearbased.