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In Topic: Can't Get Ectoplasm from Dungeon Token Rares?

Yesterday, 09:57 PM

In order to obtain ectoplasms, the rare (or exotic) item must be level 68 gear or higher.  The rare items that can be purchased using Ascalonian Tears are only level 30 and ones purchased using Deadly Blooms are only level 55.  This is not a change.

If you're looking to run dungeons for tokens to buy rare gear to salvage for ectos, consider Citadel of Flames (level 70 gear).  With the lower level dungeons, you can save up more tokens and buy higher level exotics instead.

Beyond this, dungeon tokens are also used by players to unlock dungeon specific armor and weapon skins, and it takes many to unlock all the skins for a single dungeon.  The tokens are also used to buy Gifts needed for crafting certain legendary weapons.

In Topic: Axe/Mace DPS Build for Dungeons and Fractals - 04/15/14

24 June 2015 - 10:20 PM

For the solo dps build, the new video is advocating Blademaster, yet it appears the main weapon selection will still tend to be GS+Axe/Mace.  Would it be better to use a more generally applicable trait like Deep Strike which could trigger off either Signet of Rage or the Battle Standard?  The build may not generate a lot of conditions, but getting some condition boosts more often seems like it would be more useful than having an otherwise dead trait.

Also, maybe I'm missing something about how the new traits work for on-the-fly re-specs, but wouldn't it be possible to just switch the Arms master trait over to Blademaster at the same time when equipping the sword, and then swap back to something else when sword isn't equipped?

In Topic: What Will Change For The Base Game Of GW2 When HoT Drops

18 June 2015 - 07:19 PM

Traits and skill updates are coming out for the base game in the next update.  That's not part of HoT.

The primary HoT content (maps, etc) will likely be restricted to just those who buy the expansion.

One thing that might span back to the base game is some of the new Guild Hall features.  There are bound to be guilds that have a mixed membership, and it would be cumbersome for a guild if  some of the guild hall features aren't available to everyone in the guild.

In Topic: June 23rd Patch discussion [Insert Necro Pun Here]

16 June 2015 - 07:29 PM

View PostArkham Creed, on 16 June 2015 - 06:21 PM, said:

Wow, you haven't been paying attention. Firstly life steal stuff was changed a while ago to scale off healing power, so a full power build may as well not even bother. But much more important is this line:
Are you talking about the healing from lifesteal?  Or the damage?  I neglected to qualify it previously, but I was trying to focus on the damage perspective of this ability.   From what I had previously observed with the Vampiric trait, the healing aspect seems to get a small boost by putting points in healing power, but it didn't seem that the damage was similarly boosted, or if it was it was so small that I couldn't tell.  If healing power points are supposed to boost damage as well, then it's entirely possible that I was encountering bug or an issue with a specific attack or skill.  From a raw DPS perspective, Vampiric seemed to behave similar regardless of healing power.  I have no idea if Vampiric Presence will behave similarly to Vampiric, but it seems like it might.

As for the points tied to a trait line, that was a bit of a brain-fart on my part.  I know that's getting updated along with the new version of these traits.  I also agree that things are getting change a bunch, and the goal to achieve balance is a good one, but in practice it is far more difficult to achieve.  I strongly suspect the playerbase will work to quickly find a few best builds for each class and those will comprise the new meta.

In Topic: June 23rd Patch discussion [Insert Necro Pun Here]

16 June 2015 - 06:00 PM

View PostArkham Creed, on 16 June 2015 - 04:36 PM, said:

One benefits best from power/condition duration, and the other from healing power. Heck they are basically opposites.
I have not seen any information that states the new trait Vampiric Presence is improved with points in healing power.  My understanding was that it was more of a flat trait similar to Vampiric and stacks with it.  As a result, beyond the side-effect of boosting healing power to put trait points into the Blood Magic trait line, additional healing points have no effect on the Vampiric Presence trait.  If it's a flat skill, then it will work equally well in power-based or condition-based builds.  Thus, I don't really see warhorn and vampiric/vampiric presence as opposites as much as they are actually complementary in nature.

Second, while vampiric apparently doesn't trigger with the warhorn's Locust Swarm, it's unknown if it will Vampiric presense behaves the same way.  Vampiric uses the term "hit" which seems to imply an activated skill aimed at a target.  However, Vampiric presence description uses the term "attack" which might include the damage from Locust Swarm.  Depending on how this works, there might actually be some strong synergy between warhorn #5 & this new vampiric trait.

Putting these into the same trait group doesn't necessarily help build diversity.  One of these traits will be found to be clearly better than the other for general builds, and that will be the one that the majority of players use.  The other will be relegated to niche status.  I've liked running the warhorn in the past, but if the new vampiric presence is really strong, I'll be ditching it along with many others since there will be better ways to exploit it.