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In Topic: Problem with everything but necro

19 September 2014 - 09:52 PM

When using a warrior in pug groups in PvE, I will sometimes mix in Knights and/or Soldier's armor, but usually the zerk gear is fine.   Fundamentally, learning how to effectively dodge is a key to success.  I still feel like I could be a lot better at dodging, but I seem to do it correctly often enough to keep myself upright through most fights.   If I need more dodging ability, I'll swap something out and include Signet of Stamina.  Getting good at dodging needs practice, so just keep trying.

Positioning the character is also helpful.  You can often avoid a lot of damage just by making small moves to avoid being right in the main line of fire.  Unless the enemy gets walled, I try to make continual small moves to get behind enemies in melee.  Doing that seems to help reduce the number of hits.  Another trick is to alternate with a ranged weapon instead of being pure melee.  Sometimes when I start taking too much damage up close, I find that it's useful to briefly switch to ranged and move outward for an attack rotation.  With longbow, I'll lay down a fire field and blast for might stacks, and once I've recharged my endurance or health, I can head back into melee.

In Topic: Axe/Mace DPS Build for Dungeons and Fractals - 04/15/14

11 September 2014 - 07:14 PM

I haven't tested this in any dungeons yet, but the rapid drop-off in adrenaline is definitely a lot more noticeable now in other areas of PvE.  It's probably a side effect of starting most battles at 0, whereas before I was able to continually build up adrenaline between mob groups, but I am finding it harder to reach max adrenaline when fighting groups of typical trash mobs and even some vet fights in PvE.  In areas with longer fights vs. more vets, elites, champs or legendaries, that probably won't be as much of an issue, since the fight duration will be long enough to see the adrenaline charge up fully.

This seems to take away some of the utility of the burst skills when moving from one battle to the next.  Previously, it was possible to open a battle with a burst which could sometimes be a very useful move (Eviscerate for gap closing, Combustive Shot for fire field combos, etc) such as when the adrenaline was just about to expire anyway.  With the new adrenaline drain rate, this kind of action to engage the next mob group will be extremely rare because the adrenaline will just expire way too fast.

In Topic: Thoughts on the September Feature Pack?

11 September 2014 - 04:15 AM

Thus far, I have very mixed feelings about the patch.

- Colored tags.  Once the novelty wears off, I think we'll start seeing these used more wisely in both WvW and PvE.  For Guild Missions, I'm definitely looking forward to being able to have different colored tags to help provide even better visual coordination among individual teams.

- Server stability improvements.  It will be hard to judge these immediateiy, but I'm expecting these should lead to fewer DCs, etc.  Over time that will be a welcome improvement

- TP search capability, and improvements for buyers.  From what I've seen so far, the new TP seems more intuitive and easier to find stuff when making a purchase.  In the past it would take a long time for searches for me, and sometimes it wouldn't even connect, forcing a restart of the client.  Since the update, I haven't seen that problem.

- New option to move leave an extra map instance as it begins to lose players.  Not sure if this was very well documented, but I saw this for the very first time at Teq today.  Clicking accept also gives you a 10 minute bonus.  I think this is a good idea since I sometimes stick around on these maps after an event in order to do some node harvesting.  Encouraging players to leave shoulld allow them to close up those unneed instances more quickly and improve the resourse management.

- Soulbound dungeon runes are now account-bound instead.  This was a nice change.  I had a few of these things cluttering packs, and I was hoping they might someday change them so that I could trade them to other toons or at the very least put them into my bank tabs without worrying about trying to remember which toon put them there.  Arguably a trivial change, but one that has opened up a half-dozen slots across packs for me is a welcome update.

- Improved Black Lion Chest drops.  Getting rid of luck items and skill scrolls, both of which can be gotten so easily in other ways was really long overdue.  Now if they would just get rid of all those needless boosters too.

- Forge recipe for using mini Priest of Balthazar dupes.  This was long overdue.  Now they just need something similar for all those mini Queen Jennah dupes.

- Mini pets in wardrobe - Everyone seemed to be hyping this, but to be honest I think I prefered the original method better.  At least with the old method you could pull out your mini and not see it get removed at the whim of the game.  On the bright side, this does allow multiple toons to use the same mini...provided the game lets you keep it out.  I don't play my alts a lot so that won't be much of a benefit for me, but I know many players that do play all of their alts heavily.  So for them, I can see that this may still be beneficial...provided they don't encounter those dreaded "rising player populatons".  I think ANet needs to rethink this and offer players some kind of option to always keep their pets out.

- Collections - I thought I'd like these more, but most of them just seem too tedious.  A few I was expecting don't seem to exist, or at least not yet.  I'll probably work on a few but can't see trying to complete all, especially for the insane cost.  Hopefully they add some more sensible and more manageable collections in the future.  For example, crafting items are fine, but trying to collect anything tied to miniscule RNG changes is a very bad idea.  Make collections more about what players can do, not what the dreadful RNG imposes.

- New UI pointer to events - This helped point me to a couple of events, but too often the event would end before I arrived, and it suddenly started pointing to a different location.  With some tweaks this could be useful.  I'd like to see a method to limit it to only show events that are less than X percent complete so that I can screen out ones that I have no possble way to reach in time.

- New Runes, sigils & backpieces - doubt I'll use any of these, but at least they are trying to add stuff.

- Previewable finishers - almost never use these unless I venture in the WvW, so don't care about this change at all.  Was hoping that they might do away with one-time use finishers and make them all essentially be like other full-time wardrobe options where you just select the one you want and it's there until you change it, but that didn't happen.

- Adrenaline skill changes - The changes seem to have really gutted my warrior build.  I don't run a cookie-cutter build, so I'm ending up paying the price for trying to play something a bit different.  From my experiments so far in various PvE maps, it seems like my adrenaline just isn't charging up anywhere near as fast as it was, and it now begins to evaporate the moment I am out of combat.  One of the tactics I used to employ was to use the longbow burst when moving between mob groups, putting down a very useful fire field that I could then utilize for combos.  However, now this tactic is nearly impossible because the adrenaline tends to completely bleed away before I have a chance to move and engage the next mob cluster.  As a result, the whole strategy I had developed with weapon swapping to longbow as part of my mob-closing tactic has been gutted.  At this point, I don't see a viable solution here, and I'll probably have to give up and resort to something closer to the melee-only warrior meta buids which are frankly somewhat boring for my taste.  How to fix this?  One idea might be to revamp adrenaline skills entirely but without the huge loss of adrenaline for using them.  For example, have more of the #2-#5 attack skills increase in dmg at higher adrenaline automatically (without a trait), and some extra effects from ultilies at higher adrenaline levels, but using them drops about 5 to 10 pts (out of 30) from the adrenaline pool.  At that point, the playingskill aspect of warriors would become more about managing adrenaline wisely with judicous use of their attacks.  By contrast in the current implementation with the new feature patch, the only playing skill with respect to adrenaline seems to be to pop a burst the moment it hits max charge since otherwise you'll probably just lose the adrenaline anyway.

- TP selling - There are now extra hurdles for sellers including a cumbersome slider that you need to set each time you want to sell mulitples.  There should be a default option we can set somewhere to sell all of a the current stack at once for the price.

- Level-up changes - I have not tried this very much yet, but from what I've seen I really don't like the excessive newbitizing and gating that they've added here.  I feel very fortunate to have 8 x 80 level toons, as I don't think I could stomach trying to level another one in this new system.

- PvP-only armor (that actually looks ok) - This sets a very bad precedent.  Before, players could obtain any armor by doing any of the 3 playstyles.  This breaks that.  I get that they are trying to encourage players to do all 3 styles of play, but some of us just don't like PvP.  I hope this isn't intended to be some kind of make-up for the fact that PvE'ers have a somewhat easier time getting ascended armor skins, because those skins are atrocious and almost everyone just transmutes the blasted things anyway.  They should just make each playing method have a way to get each armor skin in the game using a similar amount of effort.

- Teq fingers adding poison - they call it bug fix, but this seemed challenging enough the way it was.  Map I saw tonight didn't even make it to the first laser as the fingers seemed to be wiping out turrets and players all over the place.  Map chat indicated more Teq failures happening at other attempts as well since this update.  I really dislike this event in its current state anyway, and this change doesn't seem merited at all.  One option could be removing the fingers entirely, or only have a few of them spawn near the dragon each time it lands, etc.

In Topic: Miniatures have been hidden due to rising player population.

11 September 2014 - 02:50 AM

View PostI post stuff, on 11 September 2014 - 02:27 AM, said:

I guess large quantities of minis in a densely populated map crashes the server. Couldn't use mine today at Tequatl. For me this seems to only occur in large scale boss events though.
I've had this happen on every non-city map I've visited.  Granted, I only checked about 5 maps so far, and each of those has at least 1 world boss so they end up getting a higher population, but I didn't expect it would happen that often.

Ironically, I don't even care about minis really, but at least with the old system you could usually get your mini out and keep it out.  Now it just gets put away automatically when they game decides to do it.  To me, that's a change for the worse, even if I plan to rarely use minis.

In Topic: Miniatures have been hidden due to rising player population.

11 September 2014 - 02:26 AM

I haven't actually done this yet, but at the rate things are going...

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