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In Topic: pug.carrier profession

06 October 2014 - 02:34 PM

My main is a warrior, and they have several skills and traits that are great for helping out pug groups:
- Banners of Strength and Discipline to buff DPS
- Battle Standard for group rez capability and dps boost
- Banners of Defense and Tactics provide defensive buffs - these are used less frequently, but can be helpful for pugs in some situations.
Also, banners can be carried to activate group speed buffs (#3 skill) or to apply a blast finisher (upon casting and with #5 skill)
- Shout to buff party DPS ("For Great Justice!")
- Shout to clear conditions ("Shake it Off!")
- Warhorn (#4 - group speed buff and movement condition removal, #5 - group vigor buff plus area weakness applied to foes, and also a blast finisher)
- Trait to buff allies (Tactics VIII - Empower Allies)
- Improved rezing ability (Tactics minor traits - Determined Revival, Fast Healer, Reviver's Might)

Guardian is also good for aiding pug groups, but I have less experience with it.  Decollete's post above covers it.  Engineer also has a lot of options to help pugs between their Weapon kits, Turrets and Elixirs, but that class might be a bit trickier to learn for a new player.  Elementalist can be very supportive as well, but many pug groups may not be able to take advantage of all the field combos, and knowing when to use blasts, etc.

In Topic: Crafting/Recipe: How to find/make crafting recipes?

01 October 2014 - 01:52 PM

Good for you.

Indeed, the mid-level mats like Wool, Cotton and Linen, as well as items they can be salvaged from, tend to be in high demand due to their need for ascended crafting.  There are definitely some market opportunities for players with access to those materials to turn a profit.

In Topic: Crafting/Recipe: How to find/make crafting recipes?

29 September 2014 - 03:19 PM

Are you sure that the satchels are actually selling at that price, or just listed at that price?  I advise you to take a look at this page: http://www.gw2tp.com...broidered-armor

As the two line's show, the listing prices are over 2 gold, but the buy prices are down around 7 silver.  If you expand the timeframe out to All time, the supply line is nearly flat for long periods.  This tends to indicate that nobody is actually buying these item at that price.

From my experience, the satchels aren't purchased very frequently, and many listings I've seen (just like this one) were vastly overpriced.  There might be some players that buy them, not realizing they can buy the individual armor pieces cheaper, but I wouldn't bank on them being a steady source of income.  Just listing an item for ~2 gold is going to cost 20 silver, and if the item never sells, you just lost that 20 silver plus the cost of making the satchel as well as the recipe.

Also, here's a thread from the official forums about satchels: https://forum-en.gui...o-i-unlock-them
Especially take note of these quotes from the very last 2 replies in the thread:
"Do NOT bother with satchels"
"The satchels are a complete waste of time and money."

In Topic: Crafting/Recipe: How to find/make crafting recipes?

27 September 2014 - 08:52 PM

Satchel recipes are a special type that need to be unlocked.  To get a satchel recipe, you need to take 1 piece of the desired armor type and place it into the mystic forge with some a number of mystic coins, crystals and elonian wine.

Due to these extra costs, it's much more cost effective to just craft the whole set separately, since the final recipe uses the same number of materials as it would to craft the items 1-by-1.  As a result, there is very little reason to make Satchels.

In Topic: Problem with everything but necro

19 September 2014 - 09:52 PM

When using a warrior in pug groups in PvE, I will sometimes mix in Knights and/or Soldier's armor, but usually the zerk gear is fine.   Fundamentally, learning how to effectively dodge is a key to success.  I still feel like I could be a lot better at dodging, but I seem to do it correctly often enough to keep myself upright through most fights.   If I need more dodging ability, I'll swap something out and include Signet of Stamina.  Getting good at dodging needs practice, so just keep trying.

Positioning the character is also helpful.  You can often avoid a lot of damage just by making small moves to avoid being right in the main line of fire.  Unless the enemy gets walled, I try to make continual small moves to get behind enemies in melee.  Doing that seems to help reduce the number of hits.  Another trick is to alternate with a ranged weapon instead of being pure melee.  Sometimes when I start taking too much damage up close, I find that it's useful to briefly switch to ranged and move outward for an attack rotation.  With longbow, I'll lay down a fire field and blast for might stacks, and once I've recharged my endurance or health, I can head back into melee.