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In Topic: Speculative Release Date: Part Eight

22 April 2012 - 05:35 AM

Augernaut said:

do you think that the two game's release structure is comparable

No, it's pretty much apples to oranges. Every game/software company can pretty much plan their beta and release schedule however they want. A stress test or beta event on date X doesn't mean a release must follow Y amount of time later.

Augernaut said:

I've heard the date of 6/26/12 thrown out there alot.  Not only because of the Jersey conspiracy, but that date has also come from the mouth of local Gamestop employees as the street date.  That could just be total nonsense, however, it does fit in with well considering the aforementioned.  Thoughts?

Well... that's the date currently in GameStop's system. You can search up GW2 on their website and see it. However, it has been said that retailers sometimes put in place-holder dates for various reasons. No date is reliable until ArenaNet makes an announcement about it.

In Topic: Re-Spec Fee

29 February 2012 - 05:48 AM

Blue Phoenix said:

Relying on character rebuilds as a gold sink creates disincentive to experiment with builds.  I think everyone was expecting highly accessible rebuilding, with limits on situations such as dungeons, combat,  and dynamic event participation.  I'd be happy with being able to respec whenever I'm near a waypoint (dungeons can be an exception), because those have to be littered all over the place.

I also think putting the balance of the economy on character rebuilding is a dumb idea.

The above needs to be repeated. I would prefer something like his idea.

I like having the freedom to play with builds when I'm in a safe-zone. But I don't want to be tempted to respec before every individual battle.

Waypoints seem like they'll be far enough away that I won't be tempted unless it seems important. Yet there won't be any extra barrier/penalty for those times I want to just stand around in a town experimenting with stats and trait setups for a while.