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The Current State of GW2 and its Future

26 November 2012 - 08:53 AM

So I have over 1k hours on one toon and on the verge of finishing my 2nd and 3rd legendaries

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I wanna know what people think about where GW2 is at and where its headed.

I came into this game thinking I'd spend the majority of my time between WvW and SPvP.

This is how I feel about the state of PvE(where I spent majority of my time).

This will be the tl;dr edition cause I need to sleep

- Fractals is big improvement in dungeons.  
  • Scaling difficulty, different environments, different mechanics, all good
  • Never stay in one area to long so it doesn't grow dull as quickly as other dungeons
- Stop QQ'ing about RNG pink rings.
  • A month from now, noone gonna be crying about not having rings.  You can easily farm T2, T3, T4  daily chests for rings.  I've gotten to 30 with just 5 agony resistance
- Backpiece and infusion upgrades are questionable.  
  • I have 900+ gold, all legit, mostly farmed and buying/selling low/high on TP and I think 100 t6 + etc to make a small upgrade infusion is meh.  Especially since there are no other ways to get upgrade infusions atm(unless difficulty: 40+ or daily chests drop them)
  • 250e per backpiece upgraded is also meh.  I really hope this is Anet hinting at possible ecto price drop in the future(hopefully near)
- Make all old dungeons like fractals.
  • We run fractals cause we want loot, and supposedly get better loot the farther we go in.  Why not make the content inside the dungeons as valuable as the tokens and token merchant gear?
  • the recent update was meh.  needs more
-PvE zones suck. Thats why they're empty all the time.
  • What happened to those end of the beta events? Why not make a big zone wide event that only starts after XXXX amount of events are done within a zone. Then give everyone free loot and shit at the end of this big event.
  • PvE loot in general is complete trash. World boss chests give trash.  Jumping puzzle chests give trash. greens and blues not enough to keep people inside a specific zone.
-Spending money is the BEST way to make money
  • this is a huge problem for me. i can make more money sitting the the TP for an hour spending 400g and waiting 24 hours for it to turn into 450g or 500g than farming cursed shore for X days straight
  • why is it you cannot farm for amazing shit to sell on the TP??!?!?!?
  • MAKE ZONE-SPECIFIC EXOTIC SKINS...after you make pve zones stop sucking with crap loot drop rates
i will be back sometime or someday to edit this and add stuff. good night.

EDIT: regurgitating old anet posts =/=  GW2 current state of the game

I'm neither disgusted or excited about the state of the game currently.  

I just want to kno what people think about this game in its current state tbh.  This is the wrong thread to white knight for anet or quote old anet dev posts.

Precursor Scavenger hunt?

20 November 2012 - 05:36 PM

anyone find any hints, new npcs, etc that mention anything about any precursors?

is that even in the game yet?

Got Impatient and Finished Frostfang on Necro

09 November 2012 - 06:05 AM

Was gonna wait til I had enough for spark and frostfang precursors plus a little extra to hold onto for christmas events, etc, but I decided to just finish  Frostfang now and incinerator in a week or so

Posted Image
Posted Image

Just need spark to finish Incinerator.  Also working on Howler.  Hopefully be done before christmas.

Side Note: Death Shroud projectiles take the form of Frostfang (you shoot frostfangs at people) looks pretty cool

p.s.  Necros don't suck.  People suck at necros.

edit:  You keep ice around the hands when you swap weapon sets   JK some weird bug

didnt realize i put this in pvp necro section....was pretty late when i posted. oops

Mad Memoires.....what do?

23 October 2012 - 05:34 AM

What do we do with this back pack item?

need more laser jumping dungeons

04 October 2012 - 09:31 AM

too funny watching people fail to jump lasers