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#2357351 yih's gw2 fanart

Posted yihli on 03 July 2015 - 06:26 PM

Hey all,

I'm surprised that I haven't posted here given how much Guild Wars i've played.  Please enjoy my fanart!  Check out my deviantArt or tumblr for other works.

Album: yih's gw2 fanart
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Have a wonderful day!

#2166000 Lore behind legendary weapons?

Posted Trei on 18 February 2013 - 04:22 PM

If you are talking about lore of a weapon as in say Frostmourne or Excalibur and their stories etc...

Well, there can't possibly be any lore behind your legendary(tier) weapon when as far as your own story continuum is concerned, it only just came into being because you just crafted it.

The legends likely refer to rumors or myths of supposed methods and recipes to creating such weapons with special magical properties and you, the hero, proved the legends true.

Such weapons are not meant to be completely unique in lore since obviously someone would have supposedly made one before for the legend to come about in the first place.
Only thing is that your predecessor's Twilight may not have looked like your Twilight in appearance. Maybe his was shaped like a scimitar instead, for example.

#2164376 How do ectos fit into the lore?

Posted Taskumatti on 15 February 2013 - 11:23 AM

200 years ago everyone was walking around tyria in their fancy obsidian armors and chaos gloves. Eventually the bearers of these armor died, but because armor were allways customized to their crafter no one else was able to wield them, thus creating mountains of useless obsidian armors and chaos gloves, these items were now considered scrap metal. The armor were then salvaged into all kinds of rare and exotic quality items which we still can find in every part of tyria.

...I guess...

#2146000 So it seems a lot of naughty boys and girls got one last gift from Santa this...

Posted Trei on 19 January 2013 - 06:02 AM

View PostShiren, on 19 January 2013 - 05:37 AM, said:

It's because of empathy and respect for the rights of other people that don't execute the other person, a person who is incarcerated has a right to a trial, they aren't thrown into jail because they stole and were caught, they are given a chance to defend themselves and their rights are respected. I'm not interested in discussing the specifics of anologies to the real world, the specifics of which are a waste of time, the concept of individuals having rights is what is important. You don't seem to be able to grasp the concept of empathy and respecting other people's rights, you se...
Here's the direct, blunt version:

"Because of what you did, you have lost my trust, I don't like you anymore.
So get out of my house, there are no justifiable rights whatsoever in the world you can call on to remain in my house.

I too have rights.
I have every right to reject your explanation, because I no longer believe you.
How about respecting my rights to kick you out of my house?"

View PostShiren, on 19 January 2013 - 05:37 AM, said:

Going with such line of thought, actual blame could be placed on anyone from the dawn of history.
Who started it all? If Anet didn't introduce the bug, people can't exploit it?
Well, if the PC wasn't invented, we wouldn't have Anet making PC games that have bugs that people exploit.
If Electricity wasn't discovered, we wouldn't have power to run technology that eventually lead to the invention of PCs.... etc ... its endless shifting of blame.

Sorry, it doesn't work that way.
If Anet's accidental introduction of a bug directly caused damage to the game economy without need for external player chosen intervention or action, its decidedly Anet's fault.

But as it was, the bug could have been left well alone and would not have caused so much a dent in the game...
...until someone realized it was a supreme source of ectos worth repeating easily thousands of times over, and most importantly - did repeatedly abuse it thousands of times over.

I don't suppose your country penalizes spray paint companies for every vandalized property on your streets, do you?
Do you understand the concept that even if spray paint cease to exist, vandals would just find something else to use?
Is spray paint to blame for vandalism? After all, those kids were using it exactly the way it is intended to be used: press nozzle for paint to spray out, to color a surface, right?
Should papermakers or beverage companies be responsible for littering?
What kind of twisted logic is this?

You can blame Anet for accidentally creating a situation that could exploited, of which the resolution is to simply fix it and disarm the situation.
Beyond that, responsibility does not lie with Anet but personal actions chosen by individuals.

#2132305 Homosexuality in Tyria

Posted Brynjar on 31 December 2012 - 05:33 PM

This is yet another way the Norn way is superior. Want to get married? The only requirement is being equally awesome. What does marriage mean? That you will continue to be awesome together and make your children even more awesome than you were.

#2132554 Elitist vs. Objective

Posted jthamind on 01 January 2013 - 01:36 AM

in general, i don't think the term elitist is overused, and there are definitely people like that out there.

as far as your examples, kicking somebody who is five levels lower than the requirement isn't elitist at all, i would have done the same thing (although i probably would have at least told him why).

as far as the "expect everybody to contribute and not be dead weight"....i'd actually say that's slightly elitist, because that assumes that everybody is equal and everybody should automatically be able to play at the same level. this is a video game just like any other PC or console game; some are going to be great at it, some are going to be bad at it, and there are going to be a lot of people in between. i don't mind if somebody generally isn't good at the game, as long as they're honestly trying their best and taking any advice on how to get better. if somebody is in my group and has never done the dungeon before but says so up front, then i won't get angry with them if they have trouble, because at least the group has a heads up and can try to help them. and the only way to get better is to learn from your mistakes and keep trying.

now on the flip side, if a person enters the dungeon having never done it before and doesn't tell the group, then it can be really flippin annoying when we run into a new area (like the four flame totems in CoF path 1) and the new guy runs around like a fool because everybody assumed we'd all done it before. that's just inconsiderate and wasting our time.

basically, if a person is considerate to the group and is trying their best, i don't mind whether they're good or bad at the game.

as far as being elitist, i'd say it's those people who just act like just because they've run a dungeon a lot, or because they have a cool weapon or gear set that you don't, or because of w/e other factor, that they're automatically better than you in this virtual game world, and you have to listen to everything they say and do everything their way, or else you're a noob that needs to l2p etc etc.

couple of examples....

i was running CoF path 1 the other day and after the first boss (bridge part) the mesmer is like "skip this part." and somebody in our group was like "Sure" in agreement. the mesmer said, "that wasn't a question. :3" it's like....seriously? * you, we should let you run past and do the rest of the dungeon yourself for trying to act like you speak for everyone. that really got on my nerves, not because i didn't want to skip (i actually didn't mind skipping) but because the person just acted like he said it so therefore that's what we're doing.

another instance was in HotW. i run an ele staff heal/support build, so i'm constantly switching attunements and buffing/healing the party as much as possible, while still throwing out constant spells and combo fields. well, our group overall was pretty tanky and had low dps, so a ranger told me to switch to fire. and the way he said it was like....i better switch to fire because HE said so and therefore i should do it. never mind the fact that me switching to fire would make the whole point of my build useless and i would be doing even less damage. but apparently this ranger knew everything about me and it was my fault for not sitting in one attunement like he wanted. not only that, but later in the dungeon i was downed because our group pulled way more than we should have, and the ranger had a clean chance to revive me before i died but just sat there and ignored me.

people like that with the "my way or the highway because i'm better than you" attitudes just need to have their games deleted and go play single player games, because they bring everybody else down. sure, i want to be good at the game, which i think i do a decent job of, and i want to do things like dungeons easily and quickly, but i'm not going to act like everybody else has to not only be perfect, but be perfect in the way that i say, or else they should l2p. that's just annoying and there's no place for it in multiplayer games.

#2132552 Elitist vs. Objective

Posted Afya on 01 January 2013 - 01:29 AM

I can tolerate most "elitist move" but only one I can't stand. Asking to show dungeon tokens or ranks or any sort. I won't ever join those groups even if I met the "requirement".

#2130670 GW2 Lacks Progression - My Solutions

Posted Krazzar on 29 December 2012 - 09:39 AM

I didn't touch cosmetics yet because the "suggestion" is actually how it currently works. Currently there are 46 armors per armor class in GW2. In GW1 there are less than 30 armors total across all expansions. Pretty good for having 10 models for each armor (5 races male and female).

Again, I'd like to see some kind of source that gear would not differ in stats, the power plateau is what they always talked about, which has been true. We knew there would be 80 levels of gear since 2009. As you progress through the game more armors become available through crafting, karma merchants in different zones, dungeons that become available, the story, and zone-specific styles. Quite literally the definition of progression. If you don't progress you can't get those armors. Because of this certain armors are level-specific, unless you can manage to complete a level 60 dungeon many times before hitting level 60, which isn't likely. Transmutation stones make the lower-level gear stats irrelevant so you can have any look you want from lower level armors.

#2130517 GW2 Lacks Progression - My Solutions

Posted Nightblaze1 on 29 December 2012 - 03:50 AM

I posted this on the main forums. I thought I should post it here too just to see what you guys think. =)

GW2 is the best MMO I have ever played. It is visually stunning, has amazing gameplay, includes great and diverse story elements and is all around a lot of fun. However, I didn't create this topic to discuss the things that make GW2 a great game, as these things cannot be improved upon. I wanted to talk about the progression in GW2 from level 1 - 80, or rather lack thereof. Like the majority of players, I don't care about "endgame" (beyond level 80) I am only talking specifically about levelling from 1 - 80.

In this topic, I am going to be talking about the two main forms of progression in GW2, skill progression and cosmetic progression. Keep in mind, GW2 isn't about power, so in no way am I referring to players acquiring more power from gear; but I will talk about the progression of power for a player, in terms of skills, from level 1 - 80.

Cosmetic Progression:

GW2 was built on the principle that players would not differ in gear power to induce a gear grind. This known, one would think than, that the game would focus much more on cosmetic progression; giving players a huge array of different and unique looking apparel and weapons to choose from. However, this is clearly not the case.

Don't get me wrong, there are quite a few different looking pieces of gear around in the game. However, this is about progression, and when you find that a level 1 piece of gear aesthetics can also be seen at level 80, you notice something isn't right. A large amount of the gear you use from level 1 - 80 has the same old basic default skin, with only a few pieces of gear found while levelling, that look different. If it wasn't for transmutation stones, the feeling of progression of cosmetic gear would go from barely noticeable to non-existent.

It is very disheartening to see that the cosmetics of the gear at level 1 are still present as you level up throughout the game. No other game that I know of, has such a mediocre cosmetic system where dull and generic basic gear is still present at higher levels. From level 1-80, from memory, I have only found approximately 10 different looking gear while questing and levelling up. But don't be mistaken, these differing pieces are drowned out by the same old looking gear you see time and time again.

Skill Progression:

I have not had much experience with GW1, but from what I have heard, it seemed to include many different class builds and skill combinations for characters to choose from, even if pigeon-holed builds still persisted. In GW2, by the time you have hit level 20, you've essentially experienced 90% of the skills that you will be using for the next 60 levels, beside the very few skills that you gain through skill points. There is no mix and matching with weapon skills, you cannot customise your own build, you get a weapon with 2, 3 or 5 skills and that's it. For the next 60 levels you are using the same old skills over and over. If it wasn't for the amazingly fun gameplay, this would not have been able to be ignored.

You are given no stat points in GW2 to make your character unique and stand out and you are stuck with a very restrictive set of skills from each weapon. Although you can begin to gain some differentiation as you polish the very limited amount of builds you can experiment with beyond level 80, it still isn't enough and the progression from 1-80 becomes very monotonous.

On another note, the power progression within this game is also barely noticeable. At level 1 you feel almost as powerful as you do at level 80. Now, I know that this has been designed on purpose to facilitate the up-levelling and down-levelling system, but this restriction of feeling powerful really emphasises the lack of progression in the skill system even more.


Now it is not enough for me to just lay out the problems, which many of you may already know, so I will go a step further and provide some solutions that I believe can remedy this lack of progression.

Cosmetic Progression Solution:

This one is pretty simple. Give us more cosmetic options while levelling, reduce the rarity of different looking gear while you level to allow for a better feel of progression in terms of looks. I propose a system much like Diablo 3. Have cosmetics be level specific. Essentially, you would have a certain tier of cosmetic gear from levels 1-10, another tier for levels 11-20, another tier for levels 21-30, and so on. This will remove the fact that level 1 looking gear is still obtainable at higher levels, and I believe will drastically improve the feeling of progression in the game.

Skill Progression Solution:

This one is more complex and would be harder to implement. Simply allow for more skills per weapon. Instead of the usual 2,3 or 5 skills acquired with each weapon, give us the opportunity to gain weapon levels as we use specific weapons. Each weapon level we gain, we can then put choose an extra skill to use for that weapon that will take over one of the current skill slots. For example, there are 1-20 levels for a two-handed sword. At level 1, the player has the 5 "default" skills available for that weapon. There are say 5 different skills for each skill slot for that weapon, making 25 different skills for that weapon + the 5 "default" ones. At level 2 of that weapon, the player can choose one of the 25 other skills to gain access to, whether it be an auto-attack skill, a slot 2 skill, a slot 3 skill, up to a slot 5 skill.

This system will give players customisable builds far beyond what is currently available. No two players will be alike, as build diversity for each weapon would be enormous. For a two-handed weapon it would be 30 skills times 5 slots (as slot 2 skills cannot go into slot 1 and vice versa, this is the same for all the slots). One-handed weapons will have 18 skills times 3 slots. Off-hand weapons will have 12 skills times 2 slots.

However, this system will be hard to implement, as managing the balancing of all these skills would be very difficult. If a class can use 5 different weapons, that would be a lot of skills that would have to be balanced, now times that with the 8 classes in the game. As for the "power" progression, if this system is implemented, well who the hell cares about that lol, all these options would keep players captivated without even thinking about not feeling much more powerful than they did at level 1! =)

TL;DR - Read it, it involves you. =)

Thank you for reading that large wall of text, please feel free to discuss what I have typed.

#2130749 Angry Joe Top 10 BEST Games of 2012

Posted Baron von Scrufflebutt on 29 December 2012 - 12:12 PM

Since posting a list would CLEARLY be too much for the OP:
10. Dishonored.
09. Max Payne 3.
08. The Walking Dead.
07. Hawken.
06. Planetside 2.
05. Borderlands 2.
04. XCOM: Enemy Unknown.
03. Mass Effect 3.
02. Far Cry 3.
01. Guild Wars 2.

#1542046 Event down scaling

Posted Xantalas on 22 June 2012 - 07:35 PM

Example 1.)
There are 6 ppl fighting waves of invaders. The waves come in 8. Two stop fighting, next wave will be less invaders.

2.) 12 Ppl fight a boss. Three of those characters go idle. The game detects this and lowers the (level of the) skillset of the boss and possible adds.

I have never seen monsters just disappear because characters went idle.

Its unknown how long the game waits in between "performance detections", but i guess thats how long you need to hold out in a slightly tougher fight.

#1542141 Event down scaling

Posted Hawklost on 22 June 2012 - 08:24 PM

Monsters would not have to disappear to lower the difficulty.  All they would have to do is decrease their Damage/Health,speed of attack or decrease the amount of times they use their more powerful attacks.

There are many different ways to decrease the difficulty of something without making enemies disappear.