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[KvK] Kvasir Knights (PvE/SPvP) Casual

20 February 2015 - 11:24 PM

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Hello and welcome!

We are the Kvasir Knights, a group that has been on many MMO's over the years started by a group of brothers and their friend(s). We are a very laid back group and care deeply about letting people speak their mind, even if it might be offensive to others we believe and trust our guild mates to know when enough is enough and how far to take certain discussions however we encourage intelligent debate among our guildies and are likely to join in to!

As a guild we would love to work in small teams (or large!) in all aspects of the game such as making some SPvP and Dungeon/Fractal teams as well as World vs World although admittedly WvW is of less priority but that doesn't have to stay that way.

So who are the kind of people we want? Everyone! We are happy to accept anyone no matter their knowledge, skill or time spent playing, we simply want to create a fun, diverse community for players to enjoy and have good experiences with.

We are primarily based on Piken Square but with the Mega Server in place for quite some time now we are obviously happy to play with people from all servers.

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you in game!

If you want an invite simply whisper or mail:

Marc Warner.6417