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#1544372 What would be a good mouse to pick up for this game?

Posted ariod on 23 June 2012 - 11:33 PM

M.M.O. 7 by Saitek. It's (IMO) the best on the market. Far more versatility than a naga, without being overly complex like some mice. All the buttons feel just right in your hand as well. It has served me well, love it.


- Versatility. The mouse has 13 programmable keys with 3 different modes and a shift key for every mode. so 13x6=78 so all in all 78 programmable keys. Keys can be bound to key-strokes, macros, and even record mouse movement or write entire sentences.

- Layout. The mouse just feels right in your hand. It has removable weights and different interchangable parts you can use to customize it to fit your hand. The buttons are also in the perfect place.

- Customization. You can choose to colors of your mouse buttons which is pretty cool if you ask me :D.

- Special features. The mouse has an actionlock mode which can be used with the press of a button to make a mouse click hold down. Hard to explain. Look it up and you'll see what I mean.
It also has a precision aim button that slows mouse movement significantly while held down (excellent for sniping in FPS games.).

- Reliabel. The mouse has already taken a beating and has held up well.

- Appearance. The mouse looks down right wicked! But this is my opinion.

- Easy to set up! The drivers were easy to download and install and setting up was a breeze!


- Mouse pad. If you have a cheapo mouse pad (specificaly the cloth kind that peels) the mouse will get funky and do things like slide the pointer down whenever you click. This is partly because it has a VERY precise inferred system and with a peeling or bumpy mouse pad it will freak out.

- Confusion. The mouse did not come with a clear manual telling you what buttons were programmable or did what function. It's something you have to toy with and learn but I got the hang of it easily enough. They really should have included a better manual. It's much like GW2. Easy to learn ,difficult to master :)

- Scratches. The mouse button surfaces can scratch easily so be careful of that. Nothing else really, excellent mouse.

#2070182 More Incentative for Making New Character

Posted Aetou on 09 November 2012 - 01:35 PM

So basically SWTOR's legacy system?

The issue with that is that either (1) the perks are so pointless that they may as well not exist or (2) the perks make you have to grind multiple characters to 80 which goes against the whole 'freedom' philosophy.

#1111417 Guild Wars 2 Motivational Posters

Posted Fox_LWW on 17 February 2012 - 02:42 PM

this just had to be made
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Thank god his staff will film for him