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Let's go big - show your norn! (image heavy)

11 August 2012 - 08:37 AM

Ok, so we have a thread for the looks of our / your sylvari, asura, human and charr.
Where is the one for the norn? They need some love too!
(If there is one I didn't manage to find: sorry - could this please be merged? Thanks!)

I'll start with my norn ranger. I played around with the editor in the stresstest and I'm quite happy now :)

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image
I edited the last picture to show more armors I really really like ^^
Love the pvp locker and preview function!

We Talk to ArenaNet About Professor Yakkington, Mobile App Development Progress, Lore a...

07 August 2012 - 05:06 AM

There is an interview that finally asked about the extended experience. Rather disappointing, but ok, it will come some time after launch...



Q: I was pretty excited about the announcement of the Mobile and Web Apps, from the blog post it seemed like a much more complex project than your traditional MMO Companion App. Will the Apps be ready for launch day?
A: For launch we won’t have any GW2 apps available for use for players. However, soon after launch we’ll be launching a robust app development program in conjunction with our community that should allow for the development of some truly spectacular GW2 app and website development. We’ll discuss this more post ship, right now we’re focused on making the release of the game the greatest it can be.

Management of dyes

30 June 2012 - 10:53 AM

This topic shall not be centered around the aquirement of the dyes (shop, drops, mystic forge,...) or the cost or anything like the previous thread about dyes.

I would like to make a suggestion about the actual system in the hero-panel, where we can see all of our collected dyes.

One thing that really bugs me is that I am not really able to see which colors are new/ which ones I (don't) already have. It is really annoying to have to compare the own list to a wiki-list and count the different shades of red/ blue/ ...

I would like to have a system kind of like the storage panel for crafting stuff and minipets where you can see the box (grayed out) and then, when you find the dye it fills up.
The dye-box could blink/ highlight up when you add the dye to your panel.
Maybe there could be an option to sort "obtained" from "unobtained" dyes. That way it's not too annying for people who don't want to see all the gray boxes..

That would have some advantages:
1. You can see which color is missing and you don't have to comb through 400 dyes on the wiki.
2. You know when you are "done" collecting.
3. For the collectors among us it is a big goal to fill up all the boxes :D

I hope you like the idea. Maybe anet could consider this - it's a small thing that would make a difference in my opinion :wub: