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#2364934 Omega List Ω q9 20/10 Staves Ω +5e q9 os Axes Ω q9 Perfect Shields

Posted Keitax on 23 May 2016 - 07:25 AM

Hey there,

I am buying the following OS Weapons/Staves/Shields:

OS Req9 +5e Axes
-(Canthan) Serpent Axe

Celestial Staves q9 20/10
-Blood Magic
-Death Magic
-Water Magic

Raven Staves q9 20/10
-Divine Favor
-Blood Magic
-Death Magic
-Domination Magic
-Illusion Magic
-Air Magic
-Earth Magic
-Fire Magic
-Water Magic
-Channeling Magic
-Spawning Power

Forbidden Staff q9 20/10
-Domination Magic

Cockatrice Staves q9 20/10
-Smiting Prayers

Shadow Staves q9 20/10
-Death Magic
-Illusion Magic

Ghostly Staves q9 20/10
-Smiting Prayers
-Death Magic
-Domination Magic
-Illusion Magic
-Spawning Power

q9 Perfect modded shields
Must be q9 Str or Tac, the order of each mod doesn't matter.
- +30 -2wS/wE
- +45 -2wE
- +45 +10 vs creatures or element
- +45 -2wS
- +10 vs creatures or element -2wE
- +10 vs creatures or element -2wS (Pm me about the skin, since I got many already)

Please let me know if you got any of these.
You can contact me either here, through a pm or ingame.
IGN: Layla The Omega

#2364035 Spring Quarterly Update Rundown

Posted Feathermoore on 19 April 2016 - 01:08 AM

Well that was quite the rundown. I just got done with the preview of Guild Wars 2's upcoming build and I am swimming in changes. Changes to PvP maps, WvW linking, new legendaries, a Raid Lobby, LFG changes, and improvements to playability and rewards in Heart of Thorns. I don't have any sneaky tidbits of new upcoming content this time, but the existing content is getting some needed tweaks.

First off, I don't play PvP or WvW in GW2. As such, I can't comment too much on the impact of various changes being made in the new build. The changes sound positive, but I don't have my ear to the ground in that realm of play as I spend my time in GW2 running around in the underbrush and through caves haphazardly with reckless abandon. I don't have the experience and in game knowledge needed to make relevant comments on the potential impact of PvP style game changes. With all that in mind, I am going to focus on content changes to PvE. I do have to bring up the big new change in WvW first though.

The update rolls out World Linking for WvW. World linking was described to me as an attempt to create a population balance effect for WvW. Different worlds will be linked together to form temporary alliances for WvW in an attempt to improve matchups without increasing queues. The base description reminded me of the description of the megaserver system but unlike that system, world linking is done manually by the devs.

One of the downsides that had been brought up about the megaserver system was the fractioning of the communities that had developed on the servers before implementation. ArenaNet wants to avoid forcing the existing communities to rewrite and reorder themselves as these links are made and the system's manual nature allows them to stay cognizant of the interpersonal relations that exist between guilds and worlds. Honestly, I wish them best of luck. I don't envy those that take on the task of choosing these links.

WvW and PvP also have updates in the build to their reward systems and to some of the maps and borderlands. I suggest you check out the patch notes for specifics on those updates (though the update is going to be quite large). On to the PvE side of the world.

Posted Image

Level 80 boost.

Yup, an item that boosts a character straight to level 80 has been added to Heart of Thorns with the new build. Double click it and launch yourself into the expansion's jungle (which has been re-balanced with a more friendly reward and progression system) to your heart's content. An interesting feature is a "try before you buy" state where you get to effectively preview the level up on as many characters as you want before choosing which one to level up permanently. The boost is only available to those who have the expansion though, so the preview is limited to the expansion content.

The goal of the boost is to get players into the content as soon as possible. Heart of Thorns has a lot of gating in it progression wise and the boost allows players to skip the level gate entirely. The mastery progression gates are still in place, but you only need one level 80 character to begin unlocking those so the level boost is there to ensure that all players are able to begin that process.

With the level 80 boost making getting to the content a little less painful, most of the build then focuses on increasing the rewards for content, or makes getting to individual content segments faster. The HoT maps have large overarching metaevents that had their rewards tied to them. The build is going to decouple the rewards from the metaevent (mostly) to make a player's reward less reliant on the map state and when they were able to play.

Verdant Brink, for example, is a map divided into a day night cycle where players prep for the night battles during the day and are then rewarded. With the update, the two cycles are going to be further separated with the day cycle rewards being separated from the metaevent's reward coordinator. The Night Cycle events will largely be the same but the actual start of the event will be disconnected from the progress players achieved during the day cycle. This is to reduce players feeling like they ended up in a "bad map" and trying to ferry into a map that did better during the Day Cycle.

This schism continues for the other maps in the expansion content as well. Separating the major metaevent cycle into a smaller time slot with progression rewards while the "main" time slot is filled with more "explorer friendly" content that metaevent progression rewards. Roadblocks in maps that prevent players from accessing certain fun areas of the map except during the metaevent have been shifted around some, once again with the goal of allowing players to access the fun more readily.

Some changes to Raids, Dungeons, the LFG tool, and Daily Rewards focus on making it easier and more rewarding for players to participate in the content. More gold for repeatable reward achievements, a central meeting area for Raids, more flexible and rewarding dungeon tokens, and some tweaks to fractal advancement are all included in the update (but talking about them would quickly skyrocket this write-up's length to that of the update notes itself.

Posted Image

Flying around the new Raid Lobby.

Instead, what are the impacts? For an established player, the build updates are largely just going to make the expansion's content more rewarding. If you have level 80 characters, the boost is nice, but it I don't see it having a large impact on your play time unless you are lacking in alt characters just due to not wanting to grind out levels. For a new player, the boost makes purchasing the expansion more attractive. While GW2 doesn't have an ever increasing gear gate, leveling up and unlocking masteries does take a lot of time investment that the boost helps with and more rewards makes it easier for new or less active players to kit out their characters.

I myself found the structuring of the expansion zones to be somewhat stifling. I fall in to the traditional explorer archetype in how I like to play GW2 and I look forward to seeing if the shift in metaevents improves my ability to play the way I prefer to instead of training around the map completing metaevents that don't interest me as much as getting to the top of that tree over there.

The build looks for be a Quality of Life improvement that sweeps across all aspects of the game to benefit all players, which is good to see.

Oh, and the LFG tool is now getting a search function for roleplayers and new players looking for mentors to find groups. I look forward to seeing those uses of the tool populate in the weeks after the update.

#2363807 New legendary shortbow to be released, no more legendary weapons thereafter a...

Posted Arkham Creed on 27 March 2016 - 08:06 PM

One correction Shayne, since you love to misrepresent Arena Net (a shame considering you and I are actually in agreement that this is a shit move).

Legendary weapons are NOT just "unique model + flair + effects that many unique shop weapons were like." It is easy to say that, but it is objectively not true. Gen 1 legendary weapons were like that, and  people complained to no end. That is why they were reworked to have several tiers of precursor crafting as well as extended quest lines for each. And with gen 2 legendary weapons not having precursor drops at all, and instead mandating this development each and every legendary is in reality about half a dozen different unique skins, crafting, achievements, and quests all rolled into one. Practically an entire living world patch PER WEAPON. That is why it was acceptable, though obviously not ideal, for their release to be staggered out this way.

Again it sucks that they are being discontinued, and I absolutely hate that decision, but that is no reason for you to pile on the misinformation. This is bad enough as it is without you overtly lying to make it seem worse. For once Arena Net doesn't need your help to look like crap.

#2363609 Be careful w/ official forums

Posted Kattar on 13 March 2016 - 04:56 PM

Your friend received one infraction point. THEN he was banned. I agree that the moderators on the official forum are a little overzealous, but your friend wouldn't have been perma'd for that one point.

No need for pitchforks. There's just more to this story than you know or are telling us.

#2363177 Reminiscing on GW2

Posted Arkham Creed on 17 February 2016 - 04:24 AM

Welcome back. As you can see Shayne is still Shayne; one big steaming ball of irrational hatred for the game and a seemingly very sore rear end that paradoxically badmouths the game and community at every turn, yet also refuses to leave.

As to the game itself; still doing very well and if the numbers were to be believed actually now has a (arguably) larger player base than World of Warcraft. (cue a certain someone exploding into a near tangible ball of denial) As far as the quality of the expansion each has their own opinion, and I think most agree it was a little light on content. Though really if I had to put an actual criticism to bare the game still seems to be trying to figure out exactly what audience it wants to appeal to, and Arena Net still has their habit of laying a new "foundation" for something every six to eight months, promising more, and then scrapping the whole thing to start over with another foundation.

Allegedly the expansion was to lay the groundwork for several enhancements and changes, including reworking the traits system into something more like the souls system from Rift, but I for one will believe that when I see it. As I said, Arena Net does have a nasty habit of trying to build that proverbial house on the beach opposite a constantly moving ship. But beyond that all is good. The game feels as lively as every once you're actually playing it, the community is still solid and helpful, boting  and gold farming is still low in spite of the free to play conversion, and the new raids and upgrades to Fractals are keeping a lot of the hard core crowd happy. I for one am cautiously optimistic; Arena Net is on the right track, I just hope they stay on it this time instead of trying to "iterate" again.

#2362979 Major Winter 2016 Update has Released!

Posted Khalija on 26 January 2016 - 05:11 PM

ArenaNet has released its Winter 2016 update for Guild Wars 2 and Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns players today, one of many free updates that we'll see throughout the year. In this update, we'll see many new features introduced to the game, including the ability for Heart of Thorns players to use their gliders throughout Tyria. For those that don't have the HoT expansion (yet), there are many other updates that will be available to them with this update. Here are some of the major features:
  • The Shatterer Unleashed: The Shatterer, champion of the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik, has powered up and learned new tactics. Accompanied by dangerous Branded forces, it’s ready to terrorize Blazeridge Steppes like never before. Stay on your toes and defend your siege weapons, and if you’ve learned to glide in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns, you can even use your glider to attack from the air!
  • Squad Markers and Lieutenants: It’s easier than ever to keep your squad in shape! Commanders can now promote lieutenants to organize subgroups, invite or remove players, and broadcast messages. Squad leaders will also be able to place marker symbols, which will appear both in the game world and on your compass.
  • Lunar New Year: Celebrate the start of a whole new year in Divinity’s Reach! From January 26 through February 9, stop by the Crown Pavilion to shoot off fireworks, play the Dragon Ball PvP minigame, and earn rewards.
  • Mist Champion Tybalt Leftpaw: Order of Whispers Lightbringer Tybalt Leftpaw can now join you in Stronghold as a Mist Champion! Unlock him by completing his Player vs. Player reward track, and you’ll be able to summon him into battle to help defend your team.
  • Eldvin Monastery Brew of the Month Club: Speak with Master Brewer Desch Metz at Queensdale’s Eldvin Monastery to sample a year’s worth of handcrafted beers. Each brew is available for one month only--try them all and you’ll be rewarded for your adventurous palate with a title, a backpack skin, and a guild decoration.
  • Major Balance Update: Each quarterly update will contain adjustments to professions and their skills, weapons, and traits to keep gameplay fun and exciting.
Source: Press release

Posted Image


#2362781 What I am downloading?

Posted typographie on 14 January 2016 - 08:30 PM

Well, there was a sizable patch on Tuesday, so you should have had a download for that. I noticed the patch took a little longer than most, but by that I mean 5-6 minutes for me. No idea why the patch took so long for you.

It follows the lore—though it may not follow the lore that you (or sometimes I) would prefer. :P

#2361926 First Hands-on Experience with Spirit Vale

Posted Feathermoore on 17 November 2015 - 04:17 PM

I was recently given the opportunity to play through a section of Guild Wars 2’s first raid alongside of some of the developers at ArenaNet. I have to say, that I had a lot of fun. Gorseval is the name of the boss I was being thrown in front of. Players will recognize it as the “Tongue Boss” from the Heart of Thorns raid announcement from PAX. And yes, gliders were involved in the fight... and in my death.

Posted Image

Tally Ho!

The devs were familiar with the run so I was being brought along on the “smack the boss in the face” team. A task that the Reaper is quite well equipped for.

We jumped into the boss room and I immediately plunged to my death by hitting space three times instead of two, closing my glider before I could reach the updraft. Laughs were abundant while we reset the fight. The raid update comes along with a new party interface and Ready tool that allowed me to watch the team check in. Once everyone was good, it was time to jump in again.

I didn’t smash into the ground this time and the fight was on. It felt like total chaos at first. Sure, the leader was calling out commands, but I didn’t have the background knowledge to understand what exactly was going on, or why things were important. So I focused on what I knew how to do: slamming my weapon directly into the face of Gorseval!

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

The reliance on positioning quickly became apparent as Gorseval leapt to the center of the area and started smashing the ground. The leader called for the group to break bar and stuns were spammed. I found a small sliver of “safe” area next to Gorseval’s foot and set to smashing buttons. The bar broke and I got a few seconds to wail on him before he got up and the real danger started.

One of the group split off in order to start damaging one of the walls that blocked us in on the main fight area. As he did this, the group had to pull in a bunch of small adds and slowly walk back towards the wall, pulling Gorseval and the adds with us so that we could kill the them (if any of them survived, Gorseval would gobble them up for a permanent stat boost) and damage Gorseval all at the same time. If you couldn’t manage to stand in the right spot or when the wall went down, Gorseval could knock you off the ledge to your doom.

Posted Image

That's when the room nuke started to channel. We had a bit more time to wail on the boss again before turning and leaping off the platform to glide into an updraft and back around to drop in again. I couldn’t help but hum “Flight of the Valkyrie” to myself as 10 characters swooped around in unison. Needless to say, I crashed here once and we had to restart.

This process was repeated several times before we triggered the next phase of the fight when the group had to split up to take down four slow adds that approached Gorseval. If they reached him, we would die. The four Reaper DPS saved us here and we moved on to stage 3, where we quickly went down in a blaze of glory! At this point, we had to call the raid as there wasn’t enough time. Gorseval hadn’t even reached half HP yet and he is only a part of the raid.

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

As a whole, I had a ton of fun. I was able to contribute without knowing what was going on, but it was obvious that I was helping more as I noticed what it was that each person was doing. I had to pay attention to the split and even the orientation of the map (one time we went to the wrong wall early in the fight, broke it down, and leapt off to escape the room nuke only to realize we were in the wrong spot and there was no updraft here).

Other than the use of gliding, I didn’t see any mechanic that I haven’t encountered before (break bars not being unique to the fight). We had a room nuke, DPS timers with the walking doom mobs and a limited number of updrafts to use to get to stage 2, adds that would buff the main boss if they weren’t destroyed in time and adds that would kill you if they weren’t destroyed in time. I know that stage 3 involves avoiding black spheres and running to the gold spheres if you end up getting a debuff on you from the black ones, but we died before I could really interact with it.

I did have to pay attention to my positioning the entire fight more so than I did in previous encounters. I know that the group had a good deal more focus on support than I have seen in typical groups; we had a Chronomancer, a Dragonhunter and a Druid all working to keep the group alive and smashing away. Control was hugely important both for downing the break bar attack as well as slowing the constant advance of the doom mobs. We also had four Reapers, so DPS was in abundance along with a good degree of control from them.

I don’t know how much team build prep the developers did before entering the raid. They did ask ahead of time what class I would be playing, and the default build I was set up with was a DPS build (which I tossed away in favor of my own DPS build). I can only assume that they did do some prep ahead of time based upon the fact that each of them had a role to play in the fights themselves, and several of those seemed like they would need some specialized builds (soloing the wall and pulling in the adds).

With only the small segment of the raid under my belt, I can't say how players will react to the content. I look forward to seeing if players work together before raids to come up with a cohesive group build and plan. I have always loved the planning stages of group content in games, and anything that encourages preparing ahead of time is a good thing in my book.

One thing that I hope does carry over is the attitude of the raid group. The primary sound in the comm channel was laughter. Joking about mistakes was the primary method of recognizing them, owning up to the mistake, and letting the group know it was your bad. ArenaNet has talked several times about how Guild Wars 2 has an incredibly welcoming and friendly community; raids are stereotypically known for not having this though. I think it would be great if the new raids managed to keep the attitude that I experienced while playing through the raid. I have played both ways and trust me when I say that having people joke with you is more fun than an angry tirade.

But seriously, play "Flight of the Valkyries" in your head during this fight.

#2361368 64-Bit Client Incoming

Posted typographie on 05 November 2015 - 02:35 PM

View PostMiragee, on 05 November 2015 - 10:49 AM, said:

As for the 64 bit client. Do we need to dl the whole client again? That will take some time... : /

Nope, you just need to drop the new Gw2-64.exe file into your existing Guild Wars 2 folder, and update whatever shortcuts you may use to launch the game. When you launch it using the 64-bit executable, it will create a new "bin64" folder, but that takes seconds. The same Gw2.dat (23 GB of the game or so) is shared by both versions.

Instructions/Q&A here:

I played the 64-bit client last night and noticed no changes, except for Gw2-64.exe eating up over 4 GB of my physical DDR4 all on it's own, plus VRAM, plus some virtual memory, which is probably a sign that it's working as intended. I had no crashes or problems, but that's still pretty inconclusive at this point.

Note that if you use SweetFX, you can copy over all of your settings from bin to bin64, but you'll need to replace d3d9.dll with the 64-bit version for it to work.

#2360660 Heart of Thorns Release

Posted Kattar on 23 October 2015 - 09:59 PM

View PostArkham Creed, on 23 October 2015 - 09:52 PM, said:

Damn game has been patching for the last eight hours....
You on dial up? I have crappy 15 mbps internet and everything downloaded in about an hour.

#2359721 The Druid; ranger is dead to me.

Posted Feathermoore on 28 September 2015 - 01:31 PM

You have to remember that the GW2 Druid is based off of the Tyrian Druid. Even with that said, the druids that we are familiar with outside of the game were famous for their astronomy and the moon/stars played pivotal roles in their development and beliefs. It is this idea that ANet seems to be playing with.

The Druids of GW2 were all about restoration and preservation of the immortal self (and the Maguuma). There can be no regrowth without destruction or destruction without regrowth and stuff like that. They used the waters of the Maguuma to perform healing rituals and shed their mortal forms in order to become closer to nature by becoming spirits. The skills play with the idea of balancing regrowth and destruction as a single entity.

So ANet has decided to tweak that background a bit (it seems) and liken/equal it to the original Weh No Su of Cantha with Celestial Forms. Which actually makes sense. The Celestial Forms are supposed to be the spiritual essence of the stars while the Druid spirit is supposed to be the spiritual essence of the original Druids who believed that the flesh was an illusion that detracts from the self. GW Druids are literally all about abandoning the self.

The theme makes sense when you take Tyria's history into consideration and still ties in to the real world druid mystic. No, it is not the stereotypical Druid from RPGs, but that is ANet's cup of tea after all. GW2's Druid seems to be much closer in theme to "real" druids than the standard Druid from other games ever was.

Personally? It absolutely screams Druid at me. The moon, sun, and stars are just as much nature as plants are. If you were to ask me to describe a Druid in a video game I would have gone with two options. A class that can shape shift as multiple animals, or a healer with a nature motif. Got there.

#2359586 Welcome Play-for-Free players!

Posted Datenshi92 on 24 September 2015 - 05:22 PM

Chances are they either don't know about this website or are too busy playing to be posting on forums right now. Give it a couple of days, maybe weeks and we may see more people around here.

#2359445 Play-for-Free Introduction Thread!

Posted Lithuanian on 19 September 2015 - 03:57 PM

I have recently started to play GW2.People on mmorpg[dot]com always reccomended me GW2.
I ama free player. One who signs for a game and grinds everything grindable. Still playing Lord of the rings online, enjoying very nice Kinship there...and bought almost all unlocks myself. Cretaing/deleting toons, gathering gold, Turbine points.
In rela life - a person from Lithuania. Still player of Istaria, Lotro. Tried Terra, Age of Conan, Rift: not of my taste.
When i heard GW2 are free to play, I entered there. Limitations for free players are sometimes tough (no ingame chat, for example).However, game is with distinctive graphic. Also, I do enjoy tiny genius' race - Asuras. Without them, the world would be safier place...and a bit boring.
My main char is called Zudykle.
/end of introcution

#2359274 Screenshot & Story Contest: Post Entries Here!

Posted Khalija on 14 September 2015 - 01:37 PM

To celebrate the news, we’re hosting a small contest here on Guru. While the contest isn’t exactly restricted to new play-for-free players, the theme does revolve around experiencing the game for the first time.

We’d like to see some of your favorite screenshots from when you first started playing, whether it showcases a scenic view or an awesome action shot you managed to capture, and then tell us the story behind it.

It’s that simple! Well, there are a few contest rules, and here they are:
  • Shipping limited to North America;
  • Entries must be posted in this thread by midnight PST on September 20th, 2015.
But what about the prizes?! I thought you’d never ask!

  • 1st: Charr plushie, t-shirt*, GW2 lanyard
  • 2nd: White moa (crafted by KiyaKoreena), t-shirt*, GW2 lanyard
  • 3rd: T-shirt*, 5 GW2-themed cards, “Tequatl Rising” poster, GW2 lanyard
* I have a mix of t-shirts left over from other giveaways. First place will have first choice, and so on.

Once the contest ends, the staff here will vote on their top 3 entries from the thread. When it’s all said and done, we’ll post the winners and send each of them a PM here on the forums.

#2358989 F2P

Posted Krazzar on 04 September 2015 - 03:06 PM

View PostShayne Hawke, on 03 September 2015 - 06:44 PM, said:

I guess neo-ANet couldn't make the B2P model work.  You kind of need to make a good game and support it to pull something like that off.

It has more to do with the end of large-scale support for GW2 Core.  As with any game you pay for their attention and HoT is going to get the vast majority of attention. Since they aren't putting effort into GW2 Core like they were before they don't have to sell it to survive so to boost HoT sales they're using GW2 Core as a demo.  Most people would think "if they're giving all this away for free I really need to see what they do with paid content". It's an aggressive strategy but should garner tons of attention from gamers. It's similar to the gem marketing strategy they've used since GW1, that some won't pay anything, some will pay a lot, but most will pay something as they get more and more invested in the game.