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PAX stream liveblog

29 August 2015 - 05:29 PM

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PAX stream liveblog

If you wish to follow the PAX stream, but cannot stream it, keep refreshing this page.  It will be updated with any information!

Summary:  Raids are coming to Guild Wars 2, instanced content for 10 people.  Guild Wars 2 is now free to play with minor restrictions.  F2P does not bring changes to the gem store or current release model.  New Living Story/releases directly after the launch of GW2:HoT.

20:04 - Event over.

20:02 - A new heart of thorns website is going live today.

20:01 - All existing players get the royal guard outfit for free.

19:58 - Free accounts cannot use map chat, and can only whisper once every 30 seconds.

19:58 - Free accounts cannot use the trading post besides BASIC items, and cannot do WvW until level 60.

19:58 - Free accounts have fewer character, bag, and bank slots until they buy.

19:57 - The new accounts that are free will have restrictions.

19:55 - There will be no more monetization as opposed to today.

19:52 - Guild Wars 2 is now free, starting today.

19:49 - Pink Day in LA will return with official support on 21 October 2015.

19:48 - Mike "Mo" O'Brian takes the stage.

19:47 - Live Release model will continue DIRECTLY after launch.  Raids will be added and become a centerpiece.

19:46 - First raid will be activated about two weeks after launch.

19:43 - Colin hints at raids having Legendary rewards... hints heavily at legendary armor and weapons.

19:42 - GW2 raiding has no attunement process.  "Walk to the door, and start instantly."

19:40 - A raid in GW2 is made up of the event system, so it will not only be linear raids.

19:40 - Raids are instanced, meant for 10 players.

19:39 - Raids are meant to be more difficult than dungeons, fractals, and open world content, but without headaches such as new gear treadmills, etc.

19:37 - Trailer for raids shows battles focused on single bosses and coordination puzzles.

19:35 - Raids are coming to GW2.

19:34 - Reiteration of non-unique items with the expansion, such as Fractals overhauls, Live content, PvP updates, etc.  All focused on the level 80 experience.

19:33 - Arenanet aims to not have any more levels or gear tiers in GW2.

19:32 - GW2 has sold 5 million copies in the non-China market.

19:31 - Release date really is 23 October 2015.

19:31 - Colin Johansson, Game Director, comes up on stage.

Heart of Thorns releases 23 October, 2015

28 August 2015 - 04:39 PM

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Heart of Thorns releases 23 October, 2015

Arenanet has announced the Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns will release on 23 October 2015.  To learn more about the expansion and to pre-purchase, check out the official website.

Do not forget to join us tomorrow for coverage of the incoming PAX announcement, in which Arenanet will detail surprises and show what the "challenging group challenges" actually is.

Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns launches October 23, 2015. Pre-purchase bonuses available now!

Possible reveal leak - Spoilers

27 August 2015 - 08:00 PM

I sort of hate posting this, as it really ruins any hype build up, but the reveal for PAX has been leaked by IGN.  It's raids and the base game going free.


Meet the Berserker: Warrior’s Elite Specialization

20 August 2015 - 01:47 PM

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Meet the Berserker: Warrior’s Elite Specialization

Arenanet has revealed the details on the Warrior specialization in the Heart of Thorns expansion, The Berserker.  The Berserker uses primal rage to turn enemies into projectiles and manipulates adrenaline to activate powerful skills.  You can read more on the official blog.

After building enough adrenaline, the berserker can enter berserk mode. This mode dramatically changes the berserker’s adrenaline bar. The entire bar changes from a three-tiered bar consisting of 30 adrenaline into a single merged adrenaline bar consisting of only 10 adrenaline. With this new adrenaline bar, the berserker gains access to special “primal” burst skills. These special weapon burst skills have lower recharges than their nonberserk counterparts, allowing them to be used much more often in conjunction with the shortened adrenaline bar.

Glint Revealed

10 August 2015 - 04:15 PM

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Glint Revealed

Arenanet has posted a teaser for the Revenant elite specialization, Glint.  Choosing Glint will allows you to add Glint to the spirit roster and use skills based on Glint's magic and abilities.  Arenanet is expected to provide a full release sometime this week.  You can see the teaser here.

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