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Possible reveal leak - Spoilers

Yesterday, 08:00 PM

I sort of hate posting this, as it really ruins any hype build up, but the reveal for PAX has been leaked by IGN.  It's raids and the base game going free.


Meet the Berserker: Warrior’s Elite Specialization

20 August 2015 - 01:47 PM

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Meet the Berserker: Warrior’s Elite Specialization

Arenanet has revealed the details on the Warrior specialization in the Heart of Thorns expansion, The Berserker.  The Berserker uses primal rage to turn enemies into projectiles and manipulates adrenaline to activate powerful skills.  You can read more on the official blog.

After building enough adrenaline, the berserker can enter berserk mode. This mode dramatically changes the berserker’s adrenaline bar. The entire bar changes from a three-tiered bar consisting of 30 adrenaline into a single merged adrenaline bar consisting of only 10 adrenaline. With this new adrenaline bar, the berserker gains access to special “primal” burst skills. These special weapon burst skills have lower recharges than their nonberserk counterparts, allowing them to be used much more often in conjunction with the shortened adrenaline bar.

Glint Revealed

10 August 2015 - 04:15 PM

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Glint Revealed

Arenanet has posted a teaser for the Revenant elite specialization, Glint.  Choosing Glint will allows you to add Glint to the spirit roster and use skills based on Glint's magic and abilities.  Arenanet is expected to provide a full release sometime this week.  You can see the teaser here.

She was as old as the Shiverpeaks, older than the gods.

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The Brand-New Fractals of the Mists, Legendary Backpacks, Ascended Salvaging, and More...

30 July 2015 - 06:33 PM

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The Brand-New Fractals of the Mists, Legendary Backpacks, Ascended Salvaging, and More!

Arenanet has placed a blog post online which outlines some changes regarding higher level content in an upcoming update.  A focus lies on fractals of the mists, which will now be a single fractal instead of 3-4, will be scheduled, and the fractal ranks and rewards will be increased from 50 to 100.  Furthermore, ascended crafting and legendary backapacks are coming to the game.  You can read the entire blog post here.

Before I go, I know there are a couple things that group-content enthusiasts have been waiting to hear more about. One is fractal leaderboards. When we sat down to resolve some of the issues with fractal leaderboards that we’d discovered when we prepared to launch them in the Fractured update, it became clear that we wanted to do more to make them successful. The changes that I covered in this post are just part of our plans for fractals inGuild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns, and we’ll cover more details—including where we’re going with fractal leaderboards—in a future announcement.

The second is that—while we view fractals as our infinitely expandable, endgame version of 5-man dungeon content, and while we will be continuing to discuss fractals in futureGuild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns announcements—this is not the new “challenging group content” that Colin announced on stage when he first revealed the expansion at PAX South. This is instead a way for us to continue to expand the content and rewards for fractals while simultaneously trying to make them more approachable to a wider audience in Guild Wars 2. Stay tuned for details about both the fractal leaderboards and our challenging new group-content feature for Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns at a future date.

Revenant Hero and Adventures Reveal

16 July 2015 - 03:46 PM

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Revenant Hero and Adventures Reveal

Arenanet has revelealed a major feature for the Heart of Thorns expansion pack, and a new legend for the Revenant class.  Adventures were detailed in a blog post, and are meant to fill the gap between events and static content.  According to designer Byron Miller, the adventures will also feature leaderboards between friends and guildies.

In the early, conceptual phases of Adventures design, we examined some of our more static content types—things like skill challenges, jumping puzzles, and renown regions—in an effort to determine where they were successful and where we thought they could be improved. We felt that these types of content lacked replay value, had limited ties to the game world and its story, and didn’t do enough to encourage social interaction. Our open-world event structure didn’t make it clear which activities were available to participate in when events weren’t running, which frequently left our world in a state where there were either active events to do or seemingly nothing to do.  Adventures are our answer to these problems. Each Adventure showcases a seemingly simple path to victory that requires strategy, practice, and mastery in order to excel and ultimately achieve success.

The second blog post outlined Shiro Tagachi, the former factions enemy returning as a legend for the Revenant.  Shiro is able to wield double swords and blades, and has a focus on damaging multiple enemies rapidly.

We’ve been discussing this legend and weapon set since we first mentioned the revenant profession and how it called upon legends of the past. Currently we offer a defensive set, a condition set, and a support set as legend options. Now, I think there might be one missing. Oh, right, a physical-damage-focused legend! How about a dark and sinister one? Let’s add lots of slashing and mobility into the mix. Let’s also make sure it’s a name worth remembering. I’m happy to announce the infamous assassin Shiro Tagachi as the next revenant legend!