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#1517247 BWE2 WvW Server Stats

Posted Kracin on 13 June 2012 - 10:28 PM

Hello. I'm Kracin Of Fort Aspenwood, a Ruin Artillery Liuetenant.

there are 2 specific guids that are high in numbers that were on for nearly the entire bwe working towards the goal along with a large number of pugs that were being gracious enough to take orders from our commanders. these guilds are  Ruin, and Goon.

during the BWE2 Ruin alone had over 150+ people in vent at most times (except early morning when we were all pooped from the previous day of maguuma and SoS)

yes, i know that it looked like we had a gigantic zerg because everywhere you saw us, there was a large group, but that was essentially large scale coordination. we had 3 commanders at the battlefield at most times which definately helps to rally the puggers to give that extra oomph on our side while we sent our own contingents elsewhere to defend/fortify/scout.

we are extremely organized, and being organized makes it a whole different game as opposed to "Zerg this objective".

i myself am an artillery lieutenant, my main job is to always, always have as many siege on me as possible, know the siege, and the best place to place them, and to be the one to place siege down at all times to ensure that we control the siege, there are 2 artillery officers above me, and i have more than 20 other artillery sergeant/citizen below me working toward the same objective.... we take the stress off of the other people in the guild and otherwise that would have to worry about breaking off from the group to get to a spot to place artillery, and it makes it much easier to listen to orders from our leader (archaos) when it comes to placement and what needs to be accomplished, as well as what the next objective is that we are going to take, so we can get there ahead of time to place siege down, so that when the group arrives in force, we are already bombarding

Also, we have a Recon division. this groups main work consists of scouting out all other parts of the homelands where any kind of fighting can be seen to ensure we know where we are needed and where we are not.... a VERY valuable corps to have when it comes to seeing a map, and seeing activity and asking "Recon corps, what is going on at X location, how many defenders do we need to break off". instead of a pug force of 50 breaking off from somewhere to defend against 3 people who tried to take a keep but wouldnt be able to anyway. at any one time we  have about 40-45 recon corps roaming around, harassing supply lines, tagging keeps, and choking enemy reinforncements from getting to their location.

in addition, the recon corps helps us take points easily in some ways too, it may have been super cheap, but it was effective, when a recon would announce that one of our enemies was taking an enemy point close to our own spawn points. we would get our infantry division together and in mass when the time was right, and RUSH the gates after they were down and the enemy force was attempting to take down the keep commander..... we rushed in, annihilate both the enemy force that downed the gate for us, and the keep lord, and take it all for ourselves. we had accomplished this multiple times, which led to a few people form SoS creating threads how we were somehow allying with maguuma because they were "letting us take everything", which was untrue, we were just smart about it, and know its free game once that gate is down and the keep lord isn't.

last but not least, but certainly the largest, infantry. where people see the "zerg". consisting of every last member that is not artillery or recon. they are directly under the guild leader who runs this group with however many pugs we can amass as well, and we always keep 2 commanders on top of each other to lead the force, as they create some sort of pug attraction magnetic field when you look at the map lol.

there isnt much to say about infantry, they roam from objective to objective, they swarm, and they destroy.

i'm not claiming victory for any specific guilds because there were a lot of pugs running with us, but every objective we called out to team chat to be the next objective, was the next to fall, and if any major objective fell, it had Ruin and Goon commanders standing on that spot calling out the next location.  and props to all of the puggers and other guilds that were helping as well and taking other points while we were out taking as much of the map as possible.

but yes, at any one time we controlled 200+ people in WvW, in a coordinated way (not per map, but total because we have to spread out of course)

Kracin - Ruin Artillery Lieutenant - Fort Aspenwood