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Optimal support/solo build for endgame PvE (Orr).

11 September 2012 - 12:57 AM

This is a build designed to farm events in Orr. You will be able to easily handle enemy groups of atleast 8-12 Risen on your own, while keeping every ally alive and giving 25 stacks of might to yourself and 5 others during combat.


The playstyle revolves around exploiting the single most overpowered trait in the entire game, no contest.

"Renewed Justice"; Virtue of Justice is renewed whenever you kill a foe.

Also; "Justice is Blind"; When activating Virtue of Justice, nearby foes are blinded. And "Inspired Virtue"; Justice applies 3 stacks of might to allies for 5 seconds.

Fights can be initiated with "Leap of Faith", or by simply using "Retreat!" to walk in. Then using "Binding Blade" to ball enemies up if they're not already. Folowed by Whirling Wrath, Virtue of Justice, (Leap of Faith if not used), Symbol of Wrath, Swap to Mace/Shield, Symbol of Faith, Protector's Strike.

After this combo, some things should have died or are very close to dieing. Right now is the time to..

SPAM Virtue of Justice like your life depends on it.

Hotkey Justice to a key you can easily spam as fast as possible. Every time something dies, you gain 3 stacks of might for ~8 seconds, blind every enemy around you, and apply a stack of vulnerabilty to every enemy around you.

Because of the recharge trait, you are completely invulnerable after the first thing dies. Enemies should be dieing one after another allowing you to spam blinds faster than any creature's attack speed.

Now about the utilities. Having a Swiftness in Orr is essential to farming events. You will be running around, hunting for contested waypoints, ores to mine and random events to do constantly. Having an extra Aegis is needed to block pulls. This makes "Retreat!" invaluable.

"Hold the Line!" allows you to maintain Regeneration on yourself and allies. Protection is needed to keep yourself alive before you can spam justice.

"Sanctuary" is a really nice safety skill to have in Orr. Almost everything is melee or uses attacks that can be blocked by sanctuary. If you feel like you're going to die before you can kill something, pop a sanctuary. Also nice to be able to mine ores without being interrupted.

Other tips; Always activate your virtues. The activation is way more beneficial to your allies and yourself then the passive will ever be. As soon as you lose ~3k health, use Resolve to heal back to full, and heal every ally. Also gives everyone ~10+(?) seconds of regeneration, further healing for ~ 270 per second.

Standing in a symbol will heal you for about 230 per second because of Writ of the Merciful. Standing in 2 will double that for a few seconds. Together with Regeneration and Protection from Hold the Line, and stronger passive Resolve, you will be healing for about 900 health per second for a few seconds. Enough to survive any amount of mobs. If your health drops low, pop all your virtues to give yourself some more time. If that's still not enough, you have Sanctuary and Renewed Focus.

With this build, I make a little under 1 gold per hour by trying to do as many events as possible and mining all the ores I see. Currently using Rune of the Pirate for Magic Find, but the runeset in the build would provide better combat effectiveness.

Guardian Changes/Builds from Stress Test on 08/15/2012

15 August 2012 - 11:45 PM

Edit: Seemed like Anet was nice enough to give us a changelist ;)

Also related build discussion.

Signet of Resolve > 40 sec cd
Shelter > 30 sec cd

Rune of Dwayna > Regen from 10 seconds down to 5 seconds.
Rune of Divinity > Critical damage bonus down from +3 per rune to +2 per rune.

Signet of Judgement > Retaliation from 10 seconds down to 5 seconds.
"Stand Your Ground!" > Retaliation from 10 seconds down to 5 seconds.

All signet passives are +90 in their respective attributes.
The "stronger signet passive effects" trait improves the passive bonuses by 18... Yes 18..

Cleansing Flame: Huge damage and AoE increase.
Zealot's Flame: Cooldown reduced to 15 seconds from 30 seconds. Burning duration down to 3 seconds from 9 seconds.
Zealot's Fire(ZF activation): Damage seemed to have been increased.

Share any found changes or builds you've tested.


Worked really well for me, Cleansing Flame helped me clear my entire team from conditions while doing very nice AoE. Zealot's Fire for a nice 1.5k damage + 5 seconds burning

I present to you, the imba might stacking support/cc/tank/burst warrior.

27 July 2012 - 01:16 PM

Version 1.1:
+edit: now axe/maxe + mace/warhorn unless "Unsuspecting Foe" doesn't work with KD's

First of all:

2x Rune of the Water
2x Rune of the Monk
2x Rune of Strength

For +30% boon duration and +20% might duration, totalling 60% boon duration and 80% might duration with traits. +50healing + 25 Power.

version 1.0:

The build can easily maintain 25 stacks of might, while having shouts that heal for 2k, very good CC, pretty good damage with might. Also has perma Swiftness/Fury, and very hard to kill. Plenty of adrenaline gain and 90% crit chance on burst skills with 3624 [email protected] might, 30 critical damage and 25% burst damage. It is vulnerable to boon removal, but that is the tradeoff.

It's not an offensive damage oriented build, nor a tanking build, nor just a support or cc build.

You support through CC and healing shouts, while being able to take a lot of damage and letting your damage build up very quickly if not dealt with. The boons are a way for supportive/cc builds to gain damage with minimal investement. (Only things sacrificed are Runes and 2 sigils).

Lets calculate how much might you can get:

80% might duration increase.(Pretty close to double, let's just say double for the sake of convenience, cap is reached pretty easily so difference is negligible.)

"For Great Justice!" gives 3 stacks of might for 25 seconds on a 25 second recharge, allowing you to maintain 6 stacks if you use it on recharge. (Also on allies)

Swapping weapons every 5 seconds gives 3 stacks of might. Duration = 20 seconds, with boon increase its 40 seconds. In those 40 seconds you can swap weapons 8 times. For a total of 24 stacks of might. In addition to a 10 second might every swap from the "Versatile Power" trait, which would allow you to maintain another 4 stacks. = 28 stacks of might.

Elite skill can maintain 5 stacks. Also has perma fury/swiftness with 48 second duration/48 second cooldown elite. If there was no cap at 25, you'd be able to get 6+28+5 = ~39 stacks of might if the battle lasts long enough. Even with the correction (x1.8 not x2), it's plenty of might to reach the cap in a short time.

Your burst skills have a 70%+20%(fury) = 90% crit chance against stunned enemies, (Combo with shield stun or mace stun). Adenaline gain is also very nice, every 5 seconds a half a stack from swapping weapons, and a stack of adrenaline every time you use a shout. You can instantly refill almost your entire adrenaline after your mace burst skill by swapping weapons, and using 2 shouts. Getting 2 lvl3/2 bursts skills off in a second, with the 2nd having a 90% crit chance due to the 50% crit trait. Allowing you to aid in bursts and CC when needed.

removed empowered stuff since it uses boon types and not boon stacks.

Offensive Guardian build discussion / video's v2.0

15 May 2012 - 08:34 PM

Yes, there is a need for another topic. Now that people got to test their builds out it's time for some constructive theorycrafting and discussion about offensive guardians that work in an competitive environment. Stay civil or atleast constructive.

Also a good chance to show off some vid's I made D:



A vid about a supportive build with good damage: