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Looking to Upgrade

22 November 2013 - 04:57 AM

My computer is long overdue for an upgrade for general gaming purposes (possibly even time for a whole new build) .  What's the limiting factor so far that I should upgrade first/suggestions for new parts?

Motherboard Asus P8H67-M LX

CPU - i5-2400

RAM - 4gb ddr3 1333

Graphics card - Radeon HD 6870

Loot drops from "defeated" monsters

05 September 2012 - 09:29 PM

I noticed that there are several DEs in the game where you fight or spar monsters who either somehow surrender or transform after they are defeated.

An example is the FOOL DE involving oozes in the Sylvari starter zone.  You fight and defeat monsters who deal normal damage whom then transform into friendly ooze bundles after defeating them.

While this makes perfect sense from a lore perspective, I notice that these types of events are very lacking in rewards compared to similar events where monsters are fought and killed because the defeated monsters do not drop any loot.  While the FOOL DE was fun, it took about 15 minutes and all I got was around 50 copper and some karma and exp.  Events like this should be normalized so that they give similar rewards to others where you actually "kill" the mobs, otherwise players will naturally over time just start to avoid doing them.

Thus I suggest the simple suggestion of allowing players to loot from defeated monsters from these types of dynamic events.  It's not like you need to click on the body in order to get loot (A.net already has a perfectly good workaround for that system with the way loot drops in WvW).  As long as you have fought the enemy to the death just like in normal combat (and its not just some random event where you get special skills that one shot monsters) then the rewards should be the same.