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#2167467 Killing normal PvE mobs only

Posted T R O U B L E on 20 February 2013 - 06:10 PM

I have a suit like this for my warrior. I use it for troll farming, carrying lowbie friends, doing easy pug dungeons, doing my dailies, casual farming, zone completion... The important thing to remember is that as a warrior, as long as you have around 2/3's of your stats as dps, you are going to OWNZ any open world PvE situation. Keep in mind this loose guide is about fun and stomping around the world, not about 100% efficiency.

Spec w/commentary:

strength: 20/25 (V=ambient damage buff, IX=when using greatsword or swimming, X=when using a rifle)
arms: 25 (III=keeping bleeds up while soloing, X=using greatsword, VII=when using rifle)
defense: 0 (if you are learning and need some training wheels, 15 points here gets some adrenaline based health regen, talent choice is whatever you like)
tactics: 0 ( 10 pts and talent VI if you forsee yourself getting extra boons from a partner)
discipline: 20/25 (V and VI talents for ambient crit buff and shorter recharge on signets)

Skills: Healing Signet- Passive regen for easy content.
  For Great Justice- staple of any warrior build, refresh on cooldown.
  Endure Pain- sometimes bad things happen to good people. If you need something for a certain encounter, this is the first one i'd swap out.
  Shake it Off- condition removal.
  Signet of Rage- Another staple. Best warrior elite, refresh on cooldown.

Armor: Knight's Helm, Chest, Legs+Berserker's Shoulders, Gloves, Boots. High Crit, Power. Best overall stat distribution.
Runes: Really, whatever you like. MF, Stats, Boon Duration... it's all pretty much gravy. Want a second "FGJ!"? Use 6 Superior Runes of Altruism. Way too rich? 6 Superior Runes of Divinity. Want pure MF? 6 Pirate's or 5 Pirates plus 1 Traveller... 6 Ruby Orbs? Why not. I use 6 Superior Runes of the Scavenger, because I want more gold and some extra MF (I suppose the condition damage helps with Karka's and Vets/Champions, but that isnt really a reason to use them).
Jewelry: Berserkers or + All Stats, or MF. I use all berserkers with exquisite opals.  Good place to keep an extra Karka Shell or Ascended jewelry if you have extras sitting around.
Weapons: I use Axe+Warhorn and Rifle, swapping out the Rifle for a greatsword when appropriate (like farming Penitent/Shelters). Warhorn is probably the most underrated weapon the warrior has. Constant mobility, vigor, weakness, snare break... Especially when roaming the countryside, warhorn is amazing. Axe is best single handed weapon in the game for damage, and more mobile than a GS. Spam 1, hit 2 when off CD, use 3 when kiting or chasing. Combine the 2 weapons to dance around and kite huge pulls. Rifle is perfect for unloading while you close range, kiting veterans and champions, and dealing with mobs you don't want to get close to (hard hitters or things that knock you down/CC you in melee range).  Knights or Berserker's stats ,whatever makes you the happiest.
Sigils: Once again, all up to you and how much you wanna spend. My Axe and Rifle have Superior Fire, my warhorn Superior Luck, my Greatsword has Superior Strength.

Food: Omnomberry bars or compote, depends on whether you want more MF/Boons duration or more gold. I use the bars.

#2090437 Need help finding the skin of this light armor

Posted Graphic Violence on 21 November 2012 - 04:55 AM

It's crafted armor called Feathered http://wiki.guildwar...Feathered_armor

#2011728 Low level Mesmer needs helps - Purpose of Clones

Posted Jobuu on 11 October 2012 - 07:47 PM

1) they get better later - low levels are rough as a mesmer

2)   Aggro seems random at best - but it's due to who's doing dmg and distance to the target

3)  depends - sometimes i summon 3 on one target and sometimes i switch targets to help keep them busy while i run around and fight the others

4)  i usually shatter when the target has 1/3 to 1/4 life left to finish them off or if my mirror images/decoy are up and i can summon more quickly - also staff 2 skill, sword 3, scepter block 2, GS 2 etc...

4)  i wish decoy would reset their target too

5)  depends - i usually start staff and pop a clone skill 2, then phantasm warlock 3, switch weapons to scepter/pistol, summon duelist phantasm = 3 then let them attack a round, maybe shatter then, are they getting aggro and die soon? then shatter, if not (group etc.. getting aggro) then leave em up. either way after a round of fire from phantasms and a shatter, you should be ready to switch back to the other weapon and start over or the target is long dead :)

a question for you is what level are you? 1-6 are painful, 7 is better, 10 is even better, then every 5 levels make a big diff - i just hit 40 and respec'd my traits - it's so much better

edit again - what you need is a big boss (3-5 minute fight) with a small group attacking it and leaving you alone - then you can really pay attention to your cooldowns and watch what your clones and phantasms are doing.

#2010385 Low level Mesmer needs helps - Purpose of Clones

Posted Necrobolt22 on 11 October 2012 - 06:46 AM

View PostTal El Hawkins, on 11 October 2012 - 02:16 AM, said:

1) I just realized that clones do very little direct damage by themselves and thus are not useful for direct dps.

Actually you have to get the difference between phantasms and clones ;-)
Phantasms are the once who dish the damage (if you want to see something really awesome call a warlock - that's the staff phantasm - during group events and wait what happens thanks to the insane row of conditions monsters and bosses have on them). Illusions are just distractions to get between you and your opponent. Later on there are ways ("Dueling 15 trait-points in to be exact) to let enemies bleed whenever your illusions land critical hits. Afar from that you well never see illusions do real damage (count-out your staff illusions who deal damage-over-time duo the fact that they inflict conditions with their "winds of chaos" auto-attack just like you do with staff).

View PostTal El Hawkins, on 11 October 2012 - 02:16 AM, said:

2) Perhaps due to their low dps, they dun seems to pull aggro very well and most of the time I am still picked by the mobs. Hence they do not seems to be the tanks as I have originally thought.

Yes they are but you won't realize until like 10-15 levels into the game. The first skill you should get is "Decoy" to cloak yourself invisible leaving behind an illusions which automatically leave ur enemies with no choice but to attack it or another target instead. If you invest 20 or more traits in "Dueling" you can get the abillity to summon an illusion whenever you dodge (means even rolling away) plus you will get the hang outta your summoning skills which means that there will be ne doubt that like 2 seconds into the fight you'll have 3 illusions. Then monsters will go for your illusions just by chance ... and if they don't? You use decoy or send them flying with your greatsword ... or shatter illusions to daze them ... believe me: You'll be able to tank bosses AND their companions on your own in battles which last 5 minutes or longer if neccesairy.

View PostTal El Hawkins, on 11 October 2012 - 02:16 AM, said:

3) They died immediately when the mob they are "summoned to" died, added to the slow cool down, it did not seems to be worthwhile to summon too many clones to one monster. Rather, a spreadout 1 mob - 1 clone summoning seems to make more sense?

As I said before: That's just the beginning. Actually the longer the battle last, the more effective you get if you trust in your staff-aoe. It's hard to believe but i find myself rushing into hordes of monsters, starting with "Storm of Chaos" and then switching weapons and rolling to summon more and more illusions without even watching which target they're on .... and suddenly you look back and everything is dead - killed by your greatsword-spells ... by your damage-over-time-spells (staff) or rolled over by shattered illusions which you have sent into all enemies at once to inflict "Mind Wreck"-damage on all of them at once.
Really important for you as a beginner: Get used to shatter illusions! After a monster's Hp sank below 30% there is almost no chance it will survive 3 illusions blowing up like suicide-bombers ... :-P damn ... Mesmer is kinda a terrorist-leader watching it from that perspective ....

View PostTal El Hawkins, on 11 October 2012 - 02:16 AM, said:

4) When they shattered, they leave a vulnerable period till I can summon my next clone. So do I wait for next clone to cool down before shattering? Seems to be the most logic way but it will slow down my dps.

That's something you get used to. After the XXX time of shattering an illusion you will exactly know when to blow them up ;-)

View PostTal El Hawkins, on 11 October 2012 - 02:16 AM, said:

4) In addition to (2), mob seems to be able to know which one is the real "me" so even when I cast skill such as decoy, the mob still stick to me.

Impossible if you don't cast decoy and then immidiantly cast your next attack. I know what you mean and I noticed the same thing as well but it makes perfect sense: Next time you cast decoy wait until your next move and look what happens. Monsters need a short time to see that you're gone and recalibrate their focus on another target nearby. The other alternative is that phantasms later on deal waaaay more damage than you do with one hit so monsters go for them instead of you because you seem weak to them in comparisson.

View PostTal El Hawkins, on 11 October 2012 - 02:16 AM, said:

5) The most obvious use for clones seems to be shatter skills. However, I do not like to shatter when the Phantasms are up. Hence I usually summon clones, shatter and then summon phantasms. Am I doing it right or is there a better way?

Yeah that's what i spoke about: At first everything seems slooooow and 1-2 illusions out at the same time looks like something special but believe me: As your cooldown goes down and your ways to summon illusions become more varied (all thanks to traits and the possibility to switch between a second skill-set-up on the fly) you won't need to care too much anymore.
If you fight bosses you will need phantasms but here's the deal: If you have 3 illusions out and you summon a phantasms, you will always sacrifice the clone for it since the system chooses damage (phantasms) over dummies (clones) for you ;-)

#1997582 Need to start a 3rd character for badges, want a difference playstyle

Posted Jio Derako on 06 October 2012 - 01:54 PM

One thing to notice here I suppose is that you've got two medium-armor types. Granted, you've built one as glass-cannon and the other as tanky, but going for heavy or light armor as your third option seems to be the best choice if you want to try something different.

Warrior gives you a lot of options, since they have so many weapon choices; you've got two ranged characters already, so the melee might be a nice change of pace. You could build tanky or power, or just mix both (Warriors are pretty good at that).
Likewise, Guardian gives you another option to be melee and tanky, but more towards a supporting role here. They also have a decent amount of flexiility; you can roll Staff Guardian and be a nice tanky midline supporter.

On the other side of the spectrum, you've got the caster classes. Usually, these tend to lend themselves well to glass-cannon builds too, but I think you'll generally find yourself going for a bit more utility (depending on the class). Mesmer is definitely different from anything else out there, and has a few build options, though pretty much all of them will revolve around clones (it just comes down to how you decide to use them). Necromancer can be exceedingly hard to kill, though generally they put out less damage than the other classes as a result. And Elementalist is usually more of a glass-cannon than the rest, but makes up for it with a ton of damage and utility, and will definitely keep you busy switching elements in combat.

Personally, I have an Engie and a Thief; I play the Thief as a glass-cannon like your Ranger (usually with a shortbow, but dual daggers for spiking), and Engie is generally a solo utility. If I were to pick my own third favorite that's different from those two, I'd have to go with Mesmer or perhaps Warrior, I think.
I'd suggest making one of each though; it only takes a few minutes to get a new character through the tutorial, then head straight to PvP and start dueling the trainers at the top-right. You won't pick up on all of the subtleties of the classes, but you can get a general idea on how they'll feel compared to the others.

#1585658 Is anyone skipping the personal story?

Posted Metaditon Orions on 09 July 2012 - 05:57 PM

Na I think I will do it, probably with people though.

Going to have a character of each race so can get each personal story which will be awesome.

One of my characters I think I will only play in WvWvW till 80 then go into PvE once 80 on that character just cause it's fun imo.

#1567534 Are all proffesions spammy?

Posted Hedge on 02 July 2012 - 08:25 PM

I think (in my opinion) that both the thief and ele lacks something that the other classes (especially the guardian) has a fair amount of: control. I never thought of my guardian as spammy, because he had both snares, knockdowns, barriers, etc, to shake up the gameplay and react to the enemy. On both my thief and ele I quickly noticed that (at least the weapons and attunements I used) the lack of control was something that had a serious effect on my experience of them. With the ele, I only remember a few chills and a shield to reduce incoming damage and reflect projectiles. Now of course, I may remember it wrong, but I think they could do with a few more control skills.