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#2094962 Hey Ascended Haters, What's Your First Ascended Item?

Posted Daesu on 25 November 2012 - 12:17 AM

None, since I am an Ascended hater, why would I have an Ascended item?

I will always be in FOTM level 1 as I have stopped playing FOTM altogether.  I will be forced to quit this game sooner or later as I have decided not to participate in their gear grind.  Bring it on, ArenaNet!

#2094907 Hey Ascended Haters, What's Your First Ascended Item?

Posted TGIFrisbie on 24 November 2012 - 11:30 PM

Torchlight 2.

#2073971 Ascended Items

Posted Lunacy Polish on 12 November 2012 - 02:28 PM

Plants face on desktop.

NO.  Bad Arenanet.  Plenty of other games do this already.  Stick to your guns.    Stop adding gear tiers.

#2073968 Ascended Items

Posted Waar Kijk Je Naar on 12 November 2012 - 02:25 PM

Yep, I read it too.

Why, Anet, why?

#2058596 The new endgame dungeon on 15th Nov.

Posted Graystone on 02 November 2012 - 08:19 PM

View PostLoperdos, on 02 November 2012 - 08:07 PM, said:

and some good old fashioned dumb luck in order to complete. :)

Cause this game needs moar rng lol

#2042938 Why is there no middle ground between exotic and legendary?

Posted Gli on 25 October 2012 - 08:21 PM

View PostmadmaxII, on 25 October 2012 - 07:43 PM, said:

There is a middle ground between the easy to obtain exotics and the legendary weapons: named exotics from the mystic forge. Check this list: http://wiki.guildwar...rge/Other_Items
Oh yeah, the amazing "Mystic Forge".

I'm completely sick of hearing about the Mystic Forge. It's what this game revolves around. Want an interesting item? Try the Mystic Forge! Something wrong with the economy? Mystic Forge to the rescue! Something else screwed up with the game? Have no fear, there will be a new recipe with the next update... for the Mystic Forge!

Grind, grind, grind for the Mystic Forge. Toss your stuff into the Mystic Forge! All of it! Don't hold back, the Mystic Forge must be fed. Bow down to our new lord, the Mystic Forge.

What, they couldn't think of another way to introduce interesting items to the game? And while I'm at it, what the hell is so legendary about weapons created by dragging crap from all over the place into four slots? What's the legend behind those weapons? Who were the heroes that wielded them in days gone by? What fearsome creatures did they slay with them?

This damn game has no heart, no soul. It has is a number of uninteresting formulas, and hordes of people clogging up the isle in LA's Black Lion office, spending their days trying to get ridiculous amounts of lodestones or whateverthehell else the damn forge want them to feed it. It's pathetic, and I can't believe ANet is responsible for the abomination.

#2036511 Shadow of the Mad King scavenger hunt guide

Posted dulfy on 23 October 2012 - 05:56 AM

Hey everyone, I wrote up a pictorial guide of the shadow of the mad king scavenger hunt guide for those who are having issue finding the ghosts, This guide currently covers part I and I will update it soon with the rest :D





#2008004 What were you expecting at 80?

Posted Naginto on 10 October 2012 - 10:45 AM

I was hoping the drops in the under 80 zones would scale up better as an incentive to spread out past Orr and Frostgorge.

#2000917 Why thieves will NOT be nerfed

Posted Stumi on 08 October 2012 - 01:17 AM

and guess what?  They just got nerfed.  LOL

#1994639 Titan Alliance

Posted SKYeXile on 05 October 2012 - 09:43 AM

TBH i didn't write the bulk of the post, i did have some input on it.I simply just got to be the one to post it, so i could be immortalized and documented in time as the one who overthrough the PRX coup to takeover the alliance.  Please know that if i had of written the post in its entirety, there would have been much more ego stroking and the calling of peasants, peasants.


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#1991605 Precursor R & D Thread

Posted KilIua on 04 October 2012 - 08:37 AM

Made another video, this time with 44 level 80 rare greatswords, I honestly don't think it bothers me anymore at this point. Especially when I read some have used over 300 to try and get a pre-cursor. I'll keep doing this until I get it, and each time will make a video.

#1990828 Anet: "DR hitting normal players is a bug, we are not against farming"

Posted Red_Falcon on 04 October 2012 - 01:21 AM


You can smile now farmers, have fun.

#1985400 Long awaited [The Bifrost]... Real World First :) since 23/9

Posted XalkyriezzZ on 02 October 2012 - 04:43 AM

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

I actually gotten the mats & everything ready since 23/9 on Sunday Night but was denied/delayed due to bugged event @ Strait of Devastation for the Temple of Balthazar Karma vendor to exchange for last remaining Obsidian shards I need. And later on the silly patch that make new Obisidian shards doesnt stack with the old one, Which is offically the World First. Proof: http://www.guildwars...40#entry1960755

In before - No lifer, Big Fat Nerd, Yes, I'm a nolifer + bigfatnerd, but thats what I call Determination & Commitment.

- www.twitch.tv/xalkyriez

Hi, I'm Xalkyrie [SYNAPSE] from Henge of Denvari, unless someone with concrete evidence that they have obtain any legendary weapon eariler than 23/9, I shall hereby proclaim that my Bifrost is the -REAL-In-before-bugged-token- World First. :)

Here are the background knowledge and details /"dairy" on my journey of obtaining [The Bifrost]: (long post ahead)

I'd had been so much looking forward to this game since its beta period, especially after since BWE3, I quitted D3 shortly (I shall not explain why) and focusing/studying/reading up on GW2.
I played during beta and therefore I do have early knowlegde of the game over most people. I knew that legendary would be hard to obtain and require lots of time and commitment, thus it would be one of my foremost goal in game.

During Beta, making of a legendary is slightly easier before Arenanet decided to change them before game went live and making it harder(via more mats req). But it has not deter us from finding out the new recipe, credit to those who spent time&effort to find them out.(guru forumers) ^^

Before deciding on which weapon should I make, its gonna depend on what class/profession I play, and since I've been playing an Elementalist and loved it during BWE2&3 and due to higher skill cap req, I've decided to make Elementalist during live too. And since I feel that staff is the most overall weapon choice for PvE/WvW, I chose to make it as my target as Legendary.

Aug 25th: Headstart for those Preorder peeps, of coz I'm one of them! IIRC, I'd reach level80 with few friends one day before the game offically released, thats about 50-55hrs gameplay. Definitely not the fastest but yeah..

Since I'm making Staff, I know that my crafting would need to be Cooking/Artificers and therefore shortly after level 80 I max those 2 crafts. I got myself a fullset of yellow MF gear crafted by my friend and made an exotic MF staff for myself too since I knows that these will help in a long run of grinding/farming!

Okay heres the breakdown of mats and how I got them:

*DISCLAIMER**, I did not buy any Gem and convert them to gold at any time, neither do I buy any gold from anybody/goldseller. Only Me & Myself got access to MY account. (maybe GM of Anet too) If you see me move, it means I am controlling it. In another words, I don't bot neither do I get other to play for me.*

$GOLDs$ -  As I mentioned, I do know about putting 4x kv70+ rares/exotics in mystic forget for a chance of exotics/legendary base. Note that I didn't try any of 4x rares as I don't like gambling.. I play the mystic forge !! rawr~ I only put in 4x 70+ EXOTICS for a confirmed lv80 exotics, price of a 70+ exotics during the 1st-2nd week of the game was like 20s-40s buy order(note* I only do Staff), lv80 price @ around 4g and some special skin could fetch higher price, its profit no matter whether legendary base came out for me or not. I didn't count but I believe I've at least made 50+ exotics out of it until like 3rd week or so when each lv70+ cost 50s or more I stopped.
(I am fully aware of my shitluck and therefore I did not get my legendary base myself, infact I got mine from Trading Post like on the 1st week for 26g2s buy order when most people did not have that kind of money)
Posted Image
please note that the screenshot was taken on 25/9, so you minus 14days ago.

I don't really consider myself as TP master but I do "do good" in playing TP, one of the most profit items was Platinum Doubloon, which was 1.7s+ when the TP was working, i bought about 60+ and put in bank and TOTALLY forgot about it until few days ago before I gather up all my mats... ^^.

Secondly was that Gift of Energy that was req for Gift of Bifrost previously, on beta it req 250 gossamer scrap and that I also bought quite a few when it was around 2.8sBO, soon after someone bought the recipe, it was discovered to have changed to crystalline dust series.. and thus it all became profits ^_^v. I also did some flipping of minor stuff here and there.

Of course, those money that I made aren't really enough for all the mats req, I could afford my own 100x Icy runestone, my base weapon, 2x 10g gift recipe about 80% of t6 bluemats and about 400 ectos(about 200+ is farmed from karma, others is bought with gold from TP), but the remaining was borrow/pool by group of friends of mine in game and some guildies.

%KARMAs% - Well, I farmed my karma mostly from Cursed Shore Dynamic Events like a boss with a group!! Members of HoD most probably seen me before at CS during oceanic time at those events ^^. I got a lot of Karma from WvW too while farming badges, especially those match-up where we vs-ing good tier server, they provide lots of back and forth action and thus alot of karma and invaders to kill for badges! PvP defence of Keep/castle is awesome :)

I gained about on average 7-8k per hr w/o booster and 50% more with boosters, I did not use boosters until the last 3days of sick farming which at that point I had my clovers ready and going for my last 525k Karma.
I would probably write up a guide sometime on Karma Farming after awhile.

(*NOTE* farming in CS is a !@#$ing tedious and boring, I literally windowed mode my GW2 and watch Detective Conan anime on my other half of screen.. watched over 170+ episodes while doing it.. tell me about it,in order to maximise my karma gain per hr, I did not just semi afk @ either 3 of the WP, I opened my map and did WP-ing to nearest WP and do all events + those that need to be activated, I did them too. I also wrote this stuff at the very last 2days of Karma farming! YES I wrote all this before I actually got it! zomg hax)

Gift of Mastery:

Bloodstone Shard - I guess thats never a issues with the requirement of 100% map completion.

250 Obsidian Shards - This is my last of last items required for this whole process. Check out above on how I farmed my karma. Beware of bugged event..... ...... .... ..

Gifts of Exploration - Did them shortly after reaching the level cap, got mine like 2days after Guildy Slin aka misterslin got his world 1st. Not hard and its fun!

Gift of Battle - 500 WvW badges. Did I mention I was from [Synapse] ? lol Our guild rockz and especially most of the match-up we vs-ing are good tier server, they provide lots of back and forth action and thus alot badges! And I also did my daily JumpPuzzle of Borderlands almost everyday if possible on last few hours of matchup where opposite server has mostly given up.

Gift of Fortune:

Gift of Magic- Just cost some golds (Check above on Gold) and some pooling of mats from my guildies/friends for the last bit. (about 5-10% only)

Gift of Might- Same as Gift of Magic

250 Globs of Ectoplasm - Got some from the last bit of my gold and remaining from friends/guildies. Used most that I've farmed against the ultimate Mystic Clovers Boss.

77 Mystic Clovers - Ultimate boss of this whole process, I did about 23x the 10recipe, I lucked out my last 3tries as my ecto was used up, my result can be viewed at one of the post here http://www.guildwars...utcome-changed/

Gift of Bifrost:

Gift of Enegry - Changed from previously cloths to now dust, easier &amp; cheaper <3,

Gift of Color - I knew this recipe req Unidentified Dyes so I kept all my Unid dyes from start. I also reminds my friends to keep them for me althought some doesn't even give a shit but I still love them <3

100 Icy runestone: Check above how I got my gold above

Sigil of nullification: just buy from TP.

The Legend of Rage: Got it from TP via buy order of 26g2s during 1st week of working TP period where not much people have that kind of amount of gold which I did.

Special Thanks

My farmer Union group ! thanks for making sure I'm not dead in reallife while farming CS.
Members: in no particular order,

Titania Scarletta - Lots of Unid dyes from start to end, lots of Mats, help &amp; advices in between the process.
Tyens - Farm alongside with me, almost same progression as me until he took an arrow on the knee by the Clovers boss.
Ahaa - My ultimate scout for events especially for Historian Fia, helps alot in mats too
Kamisamah - Willing to trade mats and help on each other journey to legendary
Outbreakz - Willing to trade mats and help on each other journey to legendary
Nenari Wildheart - Theorycrafting and farm CS like zombies. loan me ectos.
Chusan R Kaena - Moans in Teamspeak for motivation
Reiji Zwei - for been such a cute boy, bring laughter

Guildies to help me on my last part of materials and fellow guildies be it farming with me, or borrowing me mats even if its just one Ecto or one Powerful Venom Sac, any amount is greatly appreciated ! <3 you all know who you all are, I shall not name thus, rest assure that I didn't forget any of you that helped me in the process, /love you all


- www.twitch.tv/xalkyriez

TL;DR Version: ^ TOPIC, and I'm an Asian, what do you expect? L0L !

#1968364 Any old MMO tanks kinda missing that feeling.

Posted Fraeblood on 25 September 2012 - 08:35 PM

Not trolling, but buy a game where you can tank.
People act like they can't play multiple games at once. And then topics like this keep popping up highlighting what is missing in this game. Go play a game that has better PVE cause there are several ones that do, and then play this game for its WvW aspect which most other games do not have.
Yes you can play more then one game at a time, and with more and more games trying to fill a niche market, like GW2 does, you will have to play multiple games to get your fix on different things that older MMOs brought you.
It is like buying a football game and saying how much you miss hitting home runs... This game has never said it is what you want it to be, and never will be. Than kis fine because if you don't like it, you don't have to play it. But if you do like it for what it is, then play it and get what you wanted above from another game, but it is just silly to ask for this game to give it to you, or to even bring up such a topic.
Yes it is just like asking for a football game to have home runs in it...

#1961506 Cultural Armor price is a joke!

Posted Alaroxr on 23 September 2012 - 07:52 PM

Not really. There has to be things that you need to work for, the Cultural Armor are some of those things.

They're vanity items. They're not even exotics. They're not the things you're supposed to get, they're the things you have the option work for because they look cool and because they're uncommon.

You're not entitled to easy Cultural Armor.