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Wayward Blade [WB] | Recruiting / Alliance

28 February 2013 - 04:47 PM

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Wayward Blade [WB] ---- http://www.waywardblade.com/
• Casual/Social • PvX / WvW / Dungeons / Fractals • "Mature" Gaming •
Wayward Blade [WB] is a casual/social guild with a diverse group of core members spread mostly across the US and also some in Europe. We like to PvE, PvP, WvW and occasionally some of us enjoy some light RP. We have all of our core guild upgrades unlocked and all buildings in our Gilded Hollow have completed their repairs (lvl 41). We have been around since beta testing for GW2 and started back then on the Tarnished Coast server. While the vast majority of our members call TC home, but we have numerous members on other servers and have no requirement regarding home server.

Wayward Blade is, first and foremost, a casual guild. We value the following attributes in our members:
- Be Helpful
- Treat Others With Respect
- Social Integrity
- Be Weird

If you're looking for a guild with mandatory meetings, mandatory events, and a complex command structure, this is not the guild for you. We all have lives outside of GW2 and we know that you do too. Most of us are working full time jobs, full time students, have kids to take care of, etc. This is what motivates us to be a casual guild.

We also strive to be a social guild. We do expect our members to talk to each other in-game, on the forums, in Discord (our VoiP), or all three. We periodically organize Guild Events (missions, dungeons, fractals, etc), and EVERYONE is welcome to participate. Most of our members will drop everything they are doing to come join you in any part of Tyria to hang/help out.
We consider ourselves a medium sized guild meaning that we like to be big enough to experience all of the game's content, but small enough that no one gets lost in the crowd. While the size of the guild may fluctuate, this will never be a guild with hundreds of active members. We currently have around 30-40 members who are active on a daily basis but have a roster of 280 members. We have people that come and go so we don't instill any sort of pressure to remain active.

Our code of conduct is simple:
- Be respectful. We have members from all walks of life, and though we are a pretty laid-back group, slurs based on race, sexuality, etc, will not be tolerated.
- Be a good online citizen. Represent what the guild stands for and have integrity.

If you would like more information please go to www.waywardblade.com and if you’d like to apply to join us please visit www.waywardblade.com/recruitment. Our application process is just mainly to get you setup on our forums and to get to know you! Feel free to hit us up in-game as well if interested!

Mr Finesse.9036

Colin Johanson on Guild Wars 2 in the Months Ahead

15 January 2013 - 03:08 PM

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As promised, Colin Johanson has takent the time to outline what we can expect from Guild Wars 2 in the first half of 2013. It's a big post with lots of exciting new information, so below you can find the highlights of the article to find what was mentioned quickly. You can also read the preview in its entirety here in order to get a more detailed picture of what ArenaNet has planned. There's a lot of new content here, so let us know what you're looking forward to the most!

  • Expansion of the achievement system and its rewards.
  • No new gear tier between Ascended and Legendary in 2013
  • New guild missions.
  • Guesting.
  • Redesigned boss encounters.
  • Improvement of "looking for group" tool.
  • Improvements to Fractals of the Mists.
  • Paid server transfers.
World vs World
  • Continued work on "culling".
  • New reward/prestige system.
  • Visible titles.
  • The final game score for the week will not be the only reason to be "winning".
  • Reward system re-haul.
  • Allow less competitive players to find matches with players of a similar skill.
  • Custom arenas, "observer mode", visible rank leaderboards.
  • Major tournaments are mentioned as a long-term goal.

Why are Mesmer Elites not in line with Mesmer mechanics?!

03 August 2012 - 02:37 PM

So I personally have a ton of faith in the Mesmer.  It was my favorite class in GW1 and I love the ideas that they have translated to GW2.  We can all agree, though, that there are a lot of actual class mechanics that are works in progress and I would say that most people that are perusing the Mesmer branch of this forum have faith that ANet will deliver on providing us with a great/unique class to play.

That being said, what's up with the 3 elite skills?  I play with the build editors on a daily basis and I'm constantly finding myself avoiding the 3 elite skills for the Mesmer.  They all have their uses, but they are extremely situational and some are even catered to 1 specific type of gameplay (coughpvpcough).  I'm corralled into using Time Warp, but i'm still not sold.

What i'm having a hard time understanding is why are there no elite skills associated with...
- clones/phantasms
- mantras
- signets
- condition manipulation

There are signet elites for the Warrior and Ranger.
There are minion elites for the Necromancer.
There is a glyph elite for the Elementalist.

and so on and on and on...

Does anyone agree and/or have any thoughts on this?  Wouldn't it be a lot cooler if we had elites related to our class mechanics?