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#2118386 What WvW advanced strategies/tactics do you wish people would try?

Posted Farron on 14 December 2012 - 11:29 PM

Zergs are not bad, but they only work in very limited situations. The big problem with zerging is that you nearly always over commit your forces. The golden rule is that you should only use just enough manpower and supply to safely take an objective. You should never overkill. The excess forces need to be distributed elsewhere so you can accomplish something else simultaneously.

You don't ever need 50 people to take an undefended supply camp, or defend an upgraded, pre sieged tower. The whole reason why you upgrade stuff is so you can hold it with very few people and everyone else can be elsewhere on the map.

If you roll around in a 50 man Zerg, the counter to that is really easy if you have the comm structure to split your team up into small teams. You just cap, hold and upgrade more things simultaneously than an enemy Zerg can. Eventually they will roll up to a tower they can't take because they have no access to nearby supply camps, they cant drop rams (because there are arrow carts behind the gate) and they cant drop cats because the defensive treb in the tower can kill all long range siege.

Having lots of small teams all over the map working towards a common goal is also good for scouting, as long as the small teams report in their movements/numbers and enemy movements/numbers. Its much easier to spot stealth cat/golem teams.

Its easy to complain about zergs but its harder to get away from zerg mentality. Zergs are really easy to form up, harder to divide down and even harder to reform once they have split apart. You need pretty decent comm structure and alot of people that understand WvW basics. It takes time and repetition to drill the basics so they become second nature - things like refreshing siege weapons when you are nearby, always finding opportunities to grab 10 supply, self creating 5 man teams and using them to assist larger forces autonomously (i.e. for cutting off reinforcements, ganking yaks to objectives under siege etc), good siege spots etc.

But the most important thing is to cultivate an atmosphere in voice chat/team chat that encourages people to be creative and try new things without fear of making mistakes. You can't get mad at people for doing things wrong. You have to talk to your team with concision and encourage them to do the same to you. Always be polite and always try to set the example. Identify the problem and propose a solution to the problem. It is an iterative process where failure is just another stepping stone to success. If your team understands this, they will have no fear.

I don't like highly structuring small man teams. I like gank squads and I'm building one myself but you can't rely on structured teams in WvW with specific class composition, traits, weapon sets and utilities etc. These can only exist for a short time before a key player needs to log out and then the team is broken until you can find an exact replacement.

This is exactly like my experience of Guild Wars 1 GvG, which was very highly structured. Unfortunately, my GvG experience was largely one of waiting for things to happen - for the right people to log in with the right builds. Then to wait for a match and lose. Someone rage quits and your team build is broken again. WvW thankfully doesn't have to be like that.

Its better to focus on your disorganized element which is the overwhelming majority of players in WvW. Pubbies are an absolutely HUGE part of WvW strength in every tier I have played in. Unfortunately, they are often neglected by players that stick too much to their private voice comms. Its no wonder people zerg when they have no sense of purpose, direction and unity. Zerging is the easiest way to give people purpose, direction and unity in the absense of players who attempt to exert control over their disorganized, disconnected players.

#1608823 Zhaitan Fight and Story MAJOR SPOILERS

Posted Krazzar on 18 July 2012 - 02:29 AM

A mystical being potentially as old as the gods having something to do with magic?

#1572059 Thief = joke

Posted AXE COP on 04 July 2012 - 02:47 PM


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