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Maps of Tyria [Interactive] [Image Heavy]

22 December 2010 - 06:53 PM

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Steamspur Mountains
[ Sparkfly Fen ] [ Preview ]
[ Bloodtide Coast ] [ Preview ]


Welcome to my Unofficial Guild Wars 2 Map Project

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It is my aim to uncover as much of the map of Guild Wars 2 as possible before the release of the game. After seeing the first footage from Gamescom, I have set out to collect as many different segments of map as possible so that I could get a much better feel of how large Guild Wars 2 is going to be. Since then it has become my mission to not only collect these map pieces but to piece them together in order to form a realistic world map. No map piece was too small if it offered a new section of the map.

Many incremental updates later and I have achieved what I believe to be the most complete map yet. I have designed an interactive interface for these maps that I hope will make the community for more immersed in the world of Tyria.

There are those who went to Gamescom and PAX who experienced the game and got to see the world map first hand. This is a small present for those who were unfortunately unable to go along and for those who did but did not get a good look at the map. I too was unfortunately unable to go. Thanks to many good people on this forum and various other sites, I have managed to piece together different screenshots in order to form the most complete Guild Wars 2 map to date.

I have been working really hard on a project over the past few weeks and I have finally decided to share it with the great community here at GW2Guru. You may remember some of my older contributions in a previous thread, located here.

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Tyria / World

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[ Interactive Map ] [ Black and White ] [ Floor Decoration ] [ Decorative Globe ] [ Old World Map ] [ Download Map Mk. II ]


Shaemoor, Queensdale and Divinity's Reach : [ Interactive Map ]

Valley Headland : [ Sector Map ] [ Events Map ]

Unknown Area : [ Events Map ]


Dragonbrand : [ Interactive Map ]

Steamspur Mountains

Timberline Falls : [ Sector Map ] [ Events Map ]

Charr Homelands

Regrown Flame : [ Sector Map ] [ Events map ]

World vs World

[ Updated Map ]
[ Leaked Older Map ]

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Videos with Maps

Divinity's Reach : [ 1 ]
World : [ 1 ]
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Update Notes:

27th February 2012:
Added the updated world map to the front page.
15th March 2011:
Latest map is now up! I feel I rushed a bit on the Gendarran Fields area but it was rather tricky.

14th March 2011:
Added the base map to the main page. Almost finished with the area overlays on this new map.

7th March 2011:
Updated the maps with the new pieces from the leaked PAX footage.

3rd February 2011:
Improved much of the coding but there are still a lot of things to fix. Some sections of code are half-written but the gaps have been filled in temporarily. User can now link to specific locations and the markers should link to the wiki page.

30th January 2011:
Added a few basic markers to the map. Markers are off by default. Also added functionality that enables me to zoom to a specific location. As of now this is completely private but I hope to expand the functionality to enable others to link to specific areas through a location hash. In other words I wish to use theMap.html#LocationName in order to go to locations but also implement it so that you can manually enter a position on the map or area on the map that you wish to zoom to.

29th January 2011:
Significantly upgraded the world map and updated the first post.

24th January 2011:
Updated world map and moved to the site index. Older map still exists at previous location. This new map only goes up to a zoom level of 6 and uses a different program to generate the tiles. Some problems with the program resulted in a lot of white-space around the map. In a few weeks I hope to resize the map properly and add a 7th zoom layer at much higher quality. It may take up to a day to process everything at this level. It would also mean I would no longer need the other maps as it should be able to go just as detailed.

22nd December 2010: UPDATE 2:
Recently found a new map piece which shows much further north than originally thought to exist. Shows a body of water towards the North East of the world map. Unclear if any of these sections will be able to be explored. Will update world map after Christmas.

22nd December 2010: UPDATE 1:
Thread started. Maps of Tyria, the Dragonbrand and Kryta are available are available in a Google Maps format. These maps need much improvement and possibly further zoom levels with a higher quality world map.

I apologise if there are any problems with the web host that the maps are stored on. I did not want to store these on my personal domain so I set up a free host solely for the maps. I chose a host that I had never used before that seemed to offer enough space and a large amount of bandwidth. If you experience any problems I will switch to a different free host unless someone with the resources available would like to hose these maps for me.
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