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In Topic: MechWarrior Online

01 March 2013 - 02:51 PM

If you update an old thread about mechs, is it called Thread Mechromancy?

A lot has happened in the game in the past couple months:  
  • The Dragon bothers Flame and Fang
  • The Pretty Baby
  • The Trebuchet battlemech
  • The brand spankin' new HUGE map called Alpine Peaks
  • The introduction of an Elo system (that kinda works, actually!)
  • The ability to give yourself a custom camoscheme
  • The Spider battlemech
  • Heat changes to benefit PPC, ERPPC, and Large Pulse Lasers, along with EMP for the PPC and ERPPC
  • The Cadet Bonus Initiative was enabled
  • Bitchin' Betty was given her voice back
This month, another HUGE map, Desert, will be released, the Training Grounds are set to be released, and the Jagermech is set to be released, as well as the new Cicada X-5 hero mech.  Following that, work on the Canyon map, Asteroid Map, and Volcano map, all of which are supposed to be huge, too, are set to go in, as well as the introduction of 12v12 matches.

You might wonder how big the new maps are.  Wonder no more, here is some of my footage of Alpine Peaks using the Spider.

In Topic: Your favourite games of 2012.

02 January 2013 - 11:22 PM

Mechwarrior Online
Guildwars 2

In Topic: MechWarrior Online

18 December 2012 - 08:10 PM

Big patch today!

NEW game mode!

NEW map in River City Night!

(Shameless plug of both in one video)

IMPROVED new user experience!

STALKER assault mech!

FANG and FLAME dragon hero mechs!

Cannot wait, personally. Going to turn a stalker into either a 6erll or 6erppc turret and, eventually, get the hero dragon with the torso mounted ballistic slot.


I got an STK-3F, but so far the most comfortable configuration of it for me has been 6x Large Lasers.  Yes, I did try 6xERLLas and 6xERPPC to hilarious effect.  However, with 20 DHS, a 300 Standard Engine, and the 6 larges, you can shoot two and a half LLas and be heat neutral, or four back to back to back, and alpha with all six three times before shutdown.  Opening with an alpha or two, then poking them with two lasers until you cool down enough to shoot four, and alternate that way is a great way to keep the pressure on with it.

I will be experimenting with 4x LRM10, 4 MedLas, 2 ERPPC later, and may change that to 2 LLas instead with slightly beefier LRMs if I can fit them.

In Topic: Hawken

17 December 2012 - 07:30 PM

See, I like how there is that clear difference. I am the opposite. I like both but prefer the slower tactical sim approach. However, since they offer totally different mech experiences I can enjoy both and not feel like they are competing with each other.

Sadly, there will be hundreds if not thousands of people who just see mechs in both and decide one MUST be the better mech game. Which is silly. What is better? Playing a combat flight sim or playing a racing car game? Both have vehicles but the similarity ends there.

In Topic: MechWarrior Online

15 December 2012 - 06:29 PM

Next patch on the 18th will make it even more playable for lower end systems.  After that, they are going to work on particle and map optimizations.   As long as that blasted 4 FPS bug is solved, I will be ecstatic.

In other news, 6 kills in one game! Recorded!


If any of you want, I have a C3 server that is up 24/7, regardless if I am on or not.  It has no password, and it was set up specifically for MWO.  The server name is "Command Sat 003," and has several sub channels, so that multiple parties can be playing at the same time.


It is free, and the audio quality is insanely good.  Also it uses almost no resources to run, so your game play will not be hit by it at all.

I have people logging in from all over the world.  Italy, Canada, Belgium, the West Coast, North Eastern and South Eastern US, you name it.  It is not affiliated with any player organization.  Just people who want to play together, work together, and win together.  Unofficially. :P