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Unannounced HotW Changes?

03 November 2012 - 05:34 PM

Just got done playing HotW path 1.  Keeping in mind I ran it last night and it was business as usual, this afternoon the bosses were changed a bit.

Troll boss spams a knockdown.  Little to no damage, but does it very, very often.  To the point of irritation.

Stormcaller (name?) the second boss continuously spawns Silver mobs.  Killing them won't work very well, you need to keep up the damage on the boss.  He seems to stop spawning them at 1/8 HP remaining, however.  You're gonna need to spread out on the SECOND FLOOR of that room (why yes, there's a second floor there) and snipe him from the balconies.

Butcher now also drops mines, which hit for a lot.

Pact weapons

07 September 2012 - 02:47 PM

Does anyone know where the Pact weapons are found? As in the Pact series of skins. Is there an NPC in Orr I'm simply not finding or what?

Tales of Epicosity (Possible Spoilers)

27 August 2012 - 05:42 PM

Share your crazy gw2 stories!



12 August 2012 - 11:47 PM

Posted Image

Server: Henge of Denravi


AxisEleven is a mixture of gamers from semi-casual to hardcore, casual adding the much needed comic relief and trolling a hardcore gamer needs after 17 straight hours of relentless mob murdering towards the next level, while the hardcore leading the clan to great heights. We all need to talk about Japanese guro frog porn once in our lives, don't we? Who better to talk about it than our knowledgeable group of casual gamers always around to put a smile on your face, while alongside a group of guys in epic armor about to head into the mists for some intense player versus player action?

AxisEleven is a group of casual and hardcore gamers who love to game and have fun. Our members are mainly from North America but we have people from continents spanning the globe as well. We have played many MMOs with each other and now we're going to focus on Guild Wars 2.

We love to organize parties and we head out together to basically just have a good time. We don't care if we lose in pvp though we do usually reflect a moment if we do lose so that we might change strategy and quite possibly slaughter the opponents the next time. But we don't really sweat about it. We strive to better ourselves but we don't basically care about losing loot or dying during pvp. It's all a part of playing the game and they wouldn't make the dying noises so funny if you weren't supposed to enjoy every bit of it. Our activity rely on people that want to stick around for the community. There is usually someone on guild/legion chat talking in Axis and there is not a dull moment when we are on.

I'd also like to point out that we don't want to "get through the game content in a timely manner". We want to enjoy every last bit of it. Savour it if possible and share that joy with others. We do work together to achieve certain goals but we don't do it cause we HAVE to, we do it cause we like working as a team and having fun while playing.

We all have lives and we don't want to make people get on if they are too busy. We don't wanna make people be on every evening. Sometimes that just isn't possible for everyone. We'll enjoy your company in game when you have time for us and the game. We play games to have fun, not to win. When the rare occasion occurs that we lose a battle, we want people to focus on improving our tactics instead of raging at other team mates. We don't care for pointless arguments.

I'd also like to point out that our loot system will be based on every clan members NEED. If you need something, you ask for it in the forums and people will work to get the right gear for you. One of our corner stones is that no one is left behind and that everyone helps everyone. We might progress slower than some other guilds with this principle but we probably make a closer-knit community than them.

We'd also like you to join in on our C3 conversations if possible.


You will have to bear with our lively members and colorful language. We are looking for people who we can hang out with in game and who we can easily talk to. We want you to be active in game and on our forums as much as possible. Our only two rules are that you have to contribute to our community somehow, and be at least 18 years of age.

We are a family and we treat each other as equals. We are lovers not haters. We expect every player in Axis to be respectful towards another person's age, race, sex, and religion. We don't care about your level or class, we just care about your sense of humor.


**We're a multi-game guild, having started in Lineage and Ragnarok. Since our inception, we have expanded into Aion and FFXI. Soon TERA and GW2, with limited presence in SWTOR already under way. In addition to the above, we also dabble in a wide range of non-MMOs, like League of Legends, Bastion, TF2, you name it!**

Multi-Group PvE?

31 July 2012 - 01:43 PM

Strictly speaking on the PvE side of the game, is there an equivalent of the Commander in PvP?  As in you and your guild decide to screw around and explore like a zerg, but there are too many people to fit into a single party.  For ease of seeing where everyone else is on the map, is there some sort of multi-party grouping option for PvE?

I don't personally recall seeing one, but I'd be happy to be mistaken!