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Ramblings about Personal Progression in MMOs

28 September 2013 - 07:12 AM

Many people here know that I am very much against the leveling mechanic as I believe it simply doesn't belong in modern video games let alone today's MMOs. Now I'm not saying I am against personal progression (PP), I am not. I don't see leveling a necessity to personal progression. Anyway getting that out of the way, I wanted to get some ideas I had about PP without using the traditional leveling mechanic.

We all know how the leveling mechanic works, but for the sake of fair discussion allow me to explain the basics. You gain points(XP) for killing mobs and use the XP to increase your stats or purchase skills that are unique to your class.

Now as you can see this kind of activity doesn't require or even benefit other players to be involved with each other's PP. This is why I feel that the leveling mechanic is flawed for multiplayer games. It might work dandy for single player RPGs, but for MMOs it's a very selfish mechanic and it doesn't fit in the whole notion of being in a virtual world with other players. Most players want to see other players on equal footing, and simply having a "level 1" player with a "level 75" player doing a PvE quest or playing in a PvP competitive match just isn't going to work. So essentially the leveling mechanic has created a bunch of single player gamers in a multiplayer world and nobody can fairly interact with each other without something that alters the leveling experience.

One such alteration is down-scaling that GW2 is currently using, but it still has it's problems and hasn't changed the fact that players generally "level up" on their own. This problem is mostly due to fact that mobs hold the rewards, so players do not need each other to gain XP.

I been thinking, What if the leveling system were changed to where players interaction with others players reaps the XP reward, not the mobs. You would still get loot drops but the XP would come from playing with other players. This would encourage grouping and foster better guild interaction. The XP could be divided into 2 unique types depending on the professions that you group up with. One type of XP would be for Power & Vitality (P&V), the other type would be Toughness and Precision (T&P). Each profession would offer specific type of XP. Warrior, Guardian, Elementalist, and Necromancer would offer P&V xp. The Ranger, Thief, Engineer, and Mesmer would offer T&P xp.

So if you're a Warrior and you group up with a Ranger, you are likely going to gain Toughness & Precision, and the Ranger will gain Power & Vitality from your profession. So you would be acting as conduit for leveling each other's profession.

Now in advent that you are unable to find a player with particular type of XP, then you can hire an NPCs (henchmen), but the quality of their XP gain would be dramatically less than a real player.

Combine this system with down-scaling and you have a more rewarding "leveling" experience as you're not dictated by amount of kills.

This only a small part of what I would do to change the way personal progression works in multiplayer games.  I would love to hear thoughts, maybe even your own alternative ideas to the traditional leveling system.

Certain professions are not logging in?

11 August 2012 - 12:32 AM

I have a level 10 ranger and I've tried a dozen times in last stress test as well as today and I can't seem to get in the game with my Sylvari Ranger. I'm getting a code=19:9:19:195:101

I can log in my other characters (Asura Guardian, Norn Thief, and Human Necromancer) just fine.

Are there Map-wide Dynamic Events in WvW?

24 June 2012 - 04:54 AM

I know there are sections on map where you can engage mobs to gain favor of certain races that can aid you in the battle. I'm wondering about an event like Shatterer or Tequatl showing up attacking a castle or flying above and attacking players. Events like this would be a cool against a server that's been dominating the entire map for too long. It would be a way to offset the imbalance of servers.

Blueprint cost ideas.

11 June 2012 - 04:46 AM

I recently made a suggestion on the official forums regarding the cost of blueprints. Basically I suggest that cost of blueprints be adjusted based on team (server) score position. Here's what I posted:


As a team (server) in last place that is undermanned compared to other teams that are dominating, it’s absolutely imperative to have siege weapons to counter large zerging parties. The cost of blueprints is steep for a losing team, which is dying a lot and paying money to armor repair. There’s very little money left to buy blueprints.

The solution here is to reduce the cost for blueprints by 25% for second place team, and 50% for last place team. So instead of an Arrow Cart Blueprint costing 10 silver & 40 copper it should cost 7 silver & 50 copper for second place team. 5 silver & 50 copper for the third place team.

When a team score position changes, so should the cost of the blueprints.

Any thoughts?