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27 January 2013 - 09:02 AM

this idea just hit me, and I presume some of you've already thought about this.
I started thinking about why the hell you should pay for a rank (Commander) and instead earn it  with reputation, this can be applies to a lot of things

equipment (Armor/Weapons)
trinkets (Rings, amulets, backpieces..)
new features to the game in the future.

yeah, i know this sounds like World of Warcrafts reputationsystem, and imo, it's a great system, so why reinvent the wheel again? maybe some fixes on HOW you get reputation, so it's not grinding, but still not as low grinding that you don't need to worry about it at all if you want that armor.

this can also go well with personality, that a great reputation and right personality to the right faction will both make you access their stores, but maybe also lower their prices?

so, how do you get reputation?
I got some nice ideas:
1: some Slayer titles tied to faction reputation(like Zhaitan's Bane)
2: personal story depending on where you are in the story
3: Dungeons
4:Guild Missions
5:personality system

I don't want to Copy the Reputation system from Wow TOO much by saying Tabard, but, maybe capes? but instead of Killing in a dungeon you get rep by doing events in the world?

This is just pure discussion Material! type what you think! do you like it? why? Can you find some improvements? GO!

Mesmer, Necromancer, Elementalist, why and why not?

19 July 2012 - 07:27 AM

Hello everyone, let's see some context to this post :)

I'm going to play with 4 other people in a LAN-Party, and they are going to play:
2 Warriors
1 thief
1 Ranger

And I thought pretty fast "Well, I guess I'm the more spellcaster in the back" because they tend to use the Warrior and the thief the original way in other MMO's, Get in smash some damage in melee.

And here's my question, why or why not should I choose one of following:


PvPvE Hybrid Content for Guilds

12 July 2012 - 08:15 PM

The Following Post has changed Forum Category due to It was a Discussion post

Summary at the bottom of the post!
Hai Guys
I posted a comment on a topic where the OP would like Achievements for guilds
and he gave some cool things in his post which made me speculate on things...

What is a Guild without Group bragging?
"well, yesterday we took down Crook Bareeye..."
"uhm.. yeah... well... i don't got any evidence but.. we did it!"

Idk if it was this he was meaning, but the OP from the other topic wanted to show off a Creatures head or some trophies the guild had took down, and show it off at the guild hall (once implemented). Sounds good on paper, doesn't it?but in a persistent World, is that much possible?
Well, no, because:
"Well, we took down Vrox Irontooth 5 min ago! we have her head in our
Guild hall!"
"Dafaq? we too! and still got her head there...?"

Here is my plan:

in your guild hall you got a Wanted Board, here your squad leader clicks, and a list of activities comes up, where only it says something like:
"Sheamoor is attacked by an Ogre!"
the list is Level based, and asks for your guilds aid bigger task the higher level your guild is. the "exp" is called Fame. sounds logic doesn't it?

Here, your Squad leader clicks "Help them!" or something similar. and gets put into a queue (why? because "I will tell you that right now!")

The queue was because It's a hybrid between PvE and PvP, and your Guild competes against another Guild who wants the same trophy and/or fame.

The queue ended! and you found a competing Guild who wants the same trophy!
You will now be teleported to a instanced area of Sheamoor, both guilds on a separate corner of the map, but the same distance to the Village.

Now I think you get the Idea of how this will end? well, You kinda do, but, it's not Svaniir we're killing in the Forest of Niflhel where the Last shot counts more than the retribution.
The team which Caused the most damage on the Creature, gets the Trophy.

But what if the results is 50/50?
well, besides decimals, You cannot cut an odd number into two right? 3 will be 1,5 which isn't ideal how we're thinking.
we need a Health bar which the closest to Middle would be 49 or 51.
or, a solution is that the creature gets killed, but the team who's alive because of the PvP aspect, gets the trophy.

While most of you ARE going to say
"but, where's the impact on the world? the consequenses if none of you manage to kill the creature?"
Well, you could do this with one of two ways:
1. The creature becomes global and teleports to a location closeby and begins to crush the village, town, City, whatever.
2. None of you gets the trophy, simple as that. The Wanted poster will remain, and both of the squads gets back to the Guild hall.

But what's with the Trophy? who would care that you defeated that evil creature? and who would know of it?
well... it could be combined with lore and mechanics really.

Norns LOVES to tell their tales of a great kill in front of a campfire, and exaggerating about them.
Hall of Monument type of place in your Guild Hall, where you enter a big Cylinder shaped building and the trophies are places to the walls.

well, Who the f'ck are gonna know who "Vrox Mandicorp" is? well, they could tell his/her Affliction, but not anything more. not what he/she did to deserve this punishment to be forever humiliated in a hall.

Recordnings. Guild Wars 1 had this feature with GvG, and could easily be implemented in This one.
The Trophy Hall could have a Norn be standing in the middle, you go talk to him and asks "How did [Guild name] Defeat [Creature name]?" and the Norn starts with "well well well...It sure was an epic scene..." and you get a button where you could say something like "Continue please..." and it shows you like Guild wars 1s GvG how they defeated the creature and the opposite guild.

How about the Names than? As I said in the first Player-to-Player Conversation, It could end up as two or more have killed the same creature...
easy fixed, Random Name generator. while it IS hard to make up enough names to only 1 more guild got the same foe, a generator could fix most of the problems.
Idk if Arenanet got the tools and skills to fix something like this. (while I mean generator, i don't mean that it chooses 2 values from a database. What I mean is that it Makes a name with rules, restrictions grammar, etc.)

So, Dear Community of Guild Wars 2.
What/where's the Catch? what's the Pros/cons about this one?
Could this be the content where your and/or your guild has decided that you've had enough of Events, Dungeons, and almost quits the game, but keeps playing because of this?

Could this even be ideal for Guild Wars 2?

and for you lazy basterds who don't like to read, here's the summary:

Would you like a Guild activity where a boss in an instanced version of an Area in the open world Attacks NPCs, Buildings, and have a PvP aspect against another guild to take him down?
(the Ogre was just an example, could be as big as a Dragon General if so Desire to go that big)

PvPvE Hybrid for Guilds

12 July 2012 - 04:56 PM

Changed Category due to it's a discussion post, If any Admin sees this post, please remove the Thread

Too few elite skills?

07 July 2012 - 03:12 PM

hi, I'm not gonna say anything I like about the Elite skills effects.
what I WILL do, is to hang out a or some specific Elite skills if I find that necessary.

To the Topic.

I have a concern about the Elite skills, and I Found them that they have the same philosophy as Dodge roll, (the "use with Caution, only when in doubt"-philosophy), And I found that wrong.
Imo(see, my Opinion), Elite skills should be a stronger skill than the other, which should either be the Main source of the build, or at least close to it.
This isn't Guild Wars 1, where it actually was this scenario, or you could play around in Highest level without an elite skill at all. but still, it is its sequel and should bring the positive side from the Original, which was the Building (for most part. It wasn't called Build Wars for nothing, right?)
I understand that they want to make the building Simpler, which I'm totally okay with, but I feel this is restricting some builds.
Like a Necromancer Life steal build. doesn't have a good elite skill for it, but it does have great traits imo.

Elite skills IS stronger (mostly) than other Utility skills. but I want more elite skills to make it more fun on making builds...

like yesterday I played around with a Skill tool app for guild wars 2.
I was trying to make a Death shroud build that was PURELY designed to make Death Shroud more focused on and make it easier and faster to get in to it.
and yet, which elite skill should I bring to make the build complete? a Flesh Golem? Lich form? Plague? these are for entirely different builds..

I wanted a skill which made me Gain life force faster, or a Second Death shroud.

a point Blank AoE skill which stunned all foes around me, granted Regeneration to Allies and Drained Life force to me for... 5 secs? does that sound OP? no, cause it's like a Normal stun but like 1-2 sec longer. It's actually a weak skill for a Necro if it has a long cooldown, but for this build, it serves its reasons.

I know I'm gonna get people who doesn't read the post AT ALL. If you post something irrelevant, but still about builds or elite skills, I will ignore the post.

I want to know your thought about the lack of elite skills compared to the potential skill effects, skill types, Profession mechanics.
for a balance reason, i don't get it, if your post is about this, Give a gameplay example.