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The premise of slaying the big bad dragon?

31 July 2012 - 04:26 PM


most of what I have seen and experienced of GW2 in the beta weekends was very impressive. The game world was immersive, the dynamic events engaging and the personal storyline dialogues were well written.

What I'd like to talk about a little bit is what has been hinted at in interviews: the personal storyline. And by that I do not mean the cutscenes themselves but the broader story. We already know the game is about becoming a hero and slaying the big bad dragon, but my question is: how can this be an interesting story? I mean, the premise that the player is supposed to become the hero seems to me merely a tool to feed the "ego" of the player("I have a mighty sword and I slay all") rather than an idea inherently focused on telling an interesting story. I've heard somewhere that the writers at arenanet had a very hard time convincing the art department that including dragons in the game would be a good idea, with the artists arguing it would be too much of a "cliché". Yet somehow the writers won the argument at some point. However, I feel as though the end of the story is too predictable(kill the evil dragon).

I'm not saying the story will "suck", but I'd like to hear your opinion on what we know about the premise of the story, and whether they allow for the story to end unpredictably.

The sound of blocking

16 July 2012 - 09:03 PM


I'd like to point out something that really annoys me in guid wars 2: the sound of blocking. I've just heard this sound in a gameplay video over and over when a centaur blocked attacks and I remember this happening frequently during the 2nd BWE.

I can't describe the sound but it really *pisses* me off. It's loud, doesn't sound like a shield block at all and you hear it over and over again during fights.

I hope I'm not the only one...

EDIT: I can understand the need to make clear to the player that an attack has just been blocked, but I would like to have a more reasonable sound(like the block sound in diablo 2).

Skill points in WvW?

24 June 2012 - 10:52 PM

I have heard many times from arenanet developers that it will be possible to start playing WvW right away after you have played through the tutorial with your character.

The thing that makes my head scratch a little is how you're supposed to unlock skills. AFAIK(correct me if I'm wrong) you can only get skill points by completing skill point challenges which are found in the world. You don't get skill points as you level up.

How then are we supposed to get the skills in WvW? I think I saw a skill point challenge in the map but there was only 1 and I couldn't get there( it was in the middle). I was struggling to play with my character because I had practically no skills at all and felt I had to play PvE in order to be any good in WvW, which should be against arenanet's design philosophy.

Is anyone else thinking this or is it a problem caused by my ignorance of a form of skill point acquisition present in WvW?

Enemy AI

19 June 2012 - 03:56 PM


since I'll be playing a lot of PvE, I would really like to get to know the AI in GW2. I have played in BWE2 and so far I have found the intelligence of NPC's to be somewhat lacking. I had immense fun with the game but I have my doubts as to whether this PvE content can captivate me in the long term if enemies are not fighting cleverly. Basically what I would like to avoid happening is that a big epic monster has exactly the same AI as the centaurs you encounter at level 1.

Do enemies target you cleverly? Usually they will attack the closest target but I wonder if all enemies can be "kited" in exactly the same way or if one has to dynamically adjust tactics to defeat the opponent. Unfortunately I did not get the opportunity to play in higher lvl content, so I'd like for some1 who has played high lvl PvE content to share their experience wit AI here.

Also, I would like some info on the skills that enemies use. Back in GW1 every mob had a different set of skills, with bosses also possessing a powerful elite skill. Can we expect a similar system in GW2(I have not yet seen an article or blog on this matter by arenanet, nor have I had the chance to look out for this in the short time I played)?

As for suggestions:

1I have witnessed enemy bandits dodge my attacks a few times but not as often as I'd like to see(though perhaps this was only the case in low lvl areas). My suggestion is that enemies should try and dodge elite skills or hard CC.
2. Make wild animals such as you find normaly in nature( say a wolf) trigger a "growling" animation when you approach them. Upon entering their "turf" , they growl at you a few times  before attacking.  I find it a bit immersion breaking and illogical for animals to charge blindly at every single person walking by, so I find this a sensible thing to do.
3. Another idea I have that will probably not be implemented is to randomly assign a character trait to NPCs. Example: You encounter a bunch of bandits. They are all bandits but they can differ in that one has a "courageous" AI who charges in to deal tons of damage while another has a more "cowardly" AI who will try and dodge skills and kite you. It would then be the player who will have to realise "oh right this guy is really aggressive so I'll shut him down first".

Comments are greatly appreciated.

Your favorite HoM reward

18 June 2012 - 12:26 PM

My favorite Hall of monuments reward is the fiery dragon sword! Can't wait to swing it around and to have swung it again ;)

What is yours?