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Turtleing Basilisk (Thief Build)

13 September 2012 - 10:36 AM

The Turtleing Basilisk

Support your team with group-wide venoms and buffs while maintaining high survivability and dealing damage with power and conditions.

Key Concepts:
  • Weakness causes glancing blows (~50-75% damage) 50% of the time.
  • Venomous Aura applies all the effects of a venom onto nearby allies, this includes any effects that activate with venoms (life-steal, might).
  • Basilisk Venom has the shortest recharge of any elite in the game at 45s.
  • Quick Venom reduces the recharge of all venoms by 20% (36s recharge)
  • The Superior Rune of Lyssa dismisses all conditions and grants every boon for 5 seconds on elite skill use.
Link to build

Each venom application will grant the party the venom effect for 30 seconds, 2 stacks of might AND health stealing on venom use. The more venom's you use, the more potent this effect can be. Skale venom is the most useful for damage mitigation because it causes weakness. All venoms recharge after 36s)

Every 37 seconds steal will be available for use, granting the party with vigor, fury, might and swiftness. In addition, 2 boons from your target will be ripped and granted to allies. You also gain 5 initiative, stealth and additional might on activation.

Withdraw allows you to heal, dodge, break cc and get a random boon for 10s every 15 seconds.

Every activation of Basilisk Venom (36) removes ALL conditions at once (that means it would take off 25 stacks or any duration) and grants you EVERY boon for 5 seconds.

Every poison you apply will also apply weakness, meaning even more weakness will be going about. To further this effect, the short-bow has a spamable poison field and blast finisher, allowing both party wide poison combos in addition to area weakness with blast finishers.

Dagger-Dagger will allow you to quickly apply your venoms and deal decent power and condition damage. Basically d/d for when you need more damage and shortbow when you need more support.

Traiting or gearing for precision is a waste with this build, as no selected traits have any synergism with crits.

The venoms and boons also apply to pets.

The more venoms you use the less skills you will have for mobility and initiative regen, namely Roll for Initiative. 36 seconds on condition removal may be too long in certain situations. To alleviate these problems, some venoms may have to be switched out for other skills and/or party members will have to assist. Also, the range for the boons and venom effects are around 300-400, so you have to be somewhat aware of your allies' positions to maximize potency.

Thoughts or questions?