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In Topic: Where Guild Wars 2 has gone wrong

20 May 2013 - 06:08 PM

Its a good game with just enough annoying things to prevent it being great.

Variety in armour and town clothing not too bothered about the town clothing but I see nothing wrong with a class being able to wear any armour in their respective light medium heavy range.
Leather armour for a ranger class say might be a long coat as now but could just as easily be a robe shirt and pants or anything else as long as protection is the same.

Crafting I would have really liked to be ably to alter how something looks that to me is the essence of crafting if I craft a sword I should determine the final look of the item not the game. Blade size and shape pommel hilt and crossguard  style coloiur etc are for me to choose.

Dungeons now this is where I really get annoyed I want to be able to enter a dungeo if I wish on my own or with one friend or 20 friends and the content to scale up and down as needed.
Its how the rest of the game works, they made a big point of the no waiting and players joining in as and when they are around, so why go back on that for dungeons.

Platform games and being in tight spaces the camera angle zoom level is nearly always wrong and works against the player.
The scenery wall etc behind me should become trasparent so view is maintained.
Its not difficult to do games have been doing just that for years.

In Topic: Do any of you miss heroes/henchies?

09 April 2013 - 01:06 PM

To some extent yes I miss heroes and henchies and I do expect something like this to make an appearance at some point.

You can solo much of the game in fact that's the selling point you solo in a real world where other players are doing the same.
Events happen in real time and players just join in which is great because its a multiplayer game where you don't have to wait around organising a party.
So far so good.

However not all the world works like this.
There are group events and some bosses and areas are very difficult to solo and the event only scales up to challenge bigger parties not down to suit a solo player.

Dungeons again are old school they need a party of real players and this is where the game becomes to be honest terrible.
Players judge each other and hold other players to ransom give me money or I bail kind of thing.
I would rather they rescaled all of these aspects of the game so they are doable solo than add AI henchies and Heroes but a reasonable alternative to rescaling is adding heroes.

If you find a group of like minded friends and form or join a guild the game works 100%, trouble is this style of game esp pve does not work too well with organised groups.
Players all play at their own speed and inevitably when you want to do one part of the game they want to do something else.
Guilds are great for PVP
So sadly this is one reason I think GW2 may not last as long as GW1 its way better in many respects but lacking in others.

In Topic: Should the cap have been level 20?

22 February 2013 - 09:52 AM

No I don't think it should have been lvl 20 I have no preconceived idea as to what lvl makes a better game.

I want steady character development over the entire life of that character.
The longer I play a character they more I want his abilities to expand.

The only problem seems to come from players that don't enjoy the game till they are maximum lvl with all skills.
Well that's a little like taking an mmo and turning it into a first person shooter.
Select character choose weapons and start playing,

Its true I have become a little bored of GW2 at the moment but thats because I have reached the point where character progression has become a matter of endless grinding rather than just steady play.

My lvl is max, my equipment is not max but any progression there needs lots and lots of gold.
There are no new skills to learn and crafting has also reached a point where I cannot use my imagination to combine materials and or design my own item stats, its now down to awaiting events for new recipes to discover.

I would love to be in gw2 country searching out bosses to gain an unusual weapon rather than dumping tons of waste material into a fountain and hoping against hope for something good.
Maybe I am missing something but I thought the designers wanted us out there playing not doing boring repetitive tasks.
This is why they added the mailed reward system so you don't have to pick up mission -- do mission --- return to base for reward.

Pity this doesn't hold true fro the rest of the game.

In Topic: Why do people want mounts?

23 January 2013 - 07:16 PM

Why mounts
Variety variety variety

Anything that adds to the game without taking something else away should be encouraged.
A riding animal could give you extra storage which isn't too powerful an addition.
Some large riding animals could pull carts or carry packs and be used in missions where you have to transport goods.

Riding/pack animals could alter combat adding more weapon types and a variety of new attacks.
Some could also have their own attacks.

The point is to balance them out with strengths and weaknesses so they do not become the only way to play.
Most would not function in dungeons so must be stabled before you enter one, this could cost money and acts a a gold sink.
They would not be allowed in towns again you have to stable them.

The more advanced/powerful the mount the more the cost of stabling them
They are also a possible weakness when it comes to some spell/weapon effects you may well have a high resistance and great armour but does your mount..
You may well be able to resist a fear for instance but that's no use if your mount is now panicked and running away taking you with it.,

As I said pros and cons to mounts but balanced so those who want them are not too powerful and those who don't use them are not gimped because of it.

In Topic: Over 1k hours played time and I still can't decide on a profession

20 January 2013 - 10:28 PM

I think your gimping yourself by deleting characters before you need to, 5 character slots even if you don't play the alts means you have fallback characters in case you get bored and of course there is the extra storage aspect.
Even if you just play alts around festivals and events they give you multiple tries at special one off missions etc

I don't believe you can make a decision like yours unless you already know what class/type you like playing or at least have a very good idea of where you want to go with a character.

If your not very careful you will be so bored of going over the same areas and missions without even haveing anything to show for it.

What makes a good character for you what exactly are you looking for, if its the "Perfect" class then I don't believe there is one.
There are classes that are powerful within certain narrow areas and then there are versatile classes that are quite good at many things but not amazing at any one.

AOE skills seem to indicate Necro or Mesmer in my book.
Necro have more varied builds and can heal and support better than Ele but I believe Ele are currently underated.