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Very bad view during platform - climbing part of the game.

02 September 2012 - 03:14 AM

Part bug report part request.

During the platform games you sometimes reach a point where you are zoomed right in and its pretty near impossible to judge the next jump.

I think its because other walls or buildings prevent a zoom out.
This is really a failure of the game engine imo given that being able to climb and jump from place to place either to get to hidden treasure or a viewpoint needed to complete an area.

To suddenly get a vew a few inches from a wall unable to look around is a real pain.
This view sometimes judders shimmers shows a breakup of the view and in one case  I got a pale blue screen untill I managed to shift viewpoint slightly.

Isnt there any way to allow a zoom out even if there is a building in the way or perhaps shift to a top down view anything other than the current limited view.
Can you fade out the building thats causing the problem.

One place to see this is on the lower lvl of Divinities Reach where you jump from gravestones to monuments to mauseliums to get to a view point.

I don't know if this problem is already being looked at or is on a to do list but please see if anything can be done.
Its not urgent just annoying.

Need to set up my game controls efficiently

31 August 2012 - 04:59 AM

This is a mobile game in that you need to be able to move and cast at the same time and I am having difficulty with this.
I could buy another mouse with enough buttons to cover all the skills but they are pretty expensive, so am wondering how others set up their controls.

I am a right handed person so have my left hand on wasd and can hold the right mouse button down to move sideways and strafe, especially usefull to circle and opponent while firing/hitting.

Thats both hands full and if I want to press the number keys to use skills I either stop moving or release the mouse, I cannot do both.

With GW1 I had a gaming board that let me use my thumb to cover 5 buttons which was fine sadly its no longer in operation and isnt made any more.
Newer game boards don't seem to have as useful a key arrangement as my old board.

does anyone have a reccomendation for a multi button gaming mouse that will not break the bank as I think that might be the only way to proceed right now.