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In Topic: Why hasn't Anet addressed the current zerker or gtfo pve endgame?

28 May 2013 - 06:32 PM

View Postfireshade24, on 28 May 2013 - 05:01 PM, said:

You would think this would help but that's not it at all. I remember my first time running CoF, I was a guardian in a group of 4 more ele's. It took us about 45-50 minutes to get through the path all up until the boss (granted there were other first timers as well); so you could tell we werent doing so hot. At the last boss, our entire team did absolutely NO DPS whatsoever; and the guy just kept healing to full. Being fed up, two ele's left and we were able to replace them with 2 zerker warriors, after which we facerolled the boss in 30 seconds. I think warrior's just need to be nerfed. This is exactly what Anet didn't want: one class being so OP that a dungeon group can't proceed without one of it.

I had a pug group in CoE that completed all three paths with relative ease using a zerker ranger and 4 ele's. By dumb pug luck one of the ele's was an experienced tanking spec and even though we had never run together we made the task look easy due to luck in team composition and the fact we all had CoE experience. So you can't really use pug experiences to create and pull consistent data from.

The most important thing in any dungeon run is experience. Experience trumps all. Knowing what to expect and how to manipulate your build and play style to suite a given environment is extremely important.

What comes next is having the group meet a respectable dps threshold. This allows the group to take less damage, feel like they are making progress and to be able to kill.

Step three is working as a team. Timely rezzing, group combos, using builds that compliment the situation and each-other, using voice and playing with the same group of people on a regular basis.

Once you have those three basic prerequisites fulfilled (the first two being the most important) the group can move onto mastering the meta-game. This is where you'll see the unholy trinity and dps shine.

In Topic: The Top 10 Things Guild Wars 2 Needs to Improve

24 May 2013 - 07:24 AM

Very good constructive criticism by the OP and some of those points made are a part of why I left GW2 back in January. I also left due to burning myself out from playing too much because I really fell in love with many of the positive things GW2 did right. But back to the list:

10: Advertising was pretty bad. That artsy ad was very laughable and my friends and I were in disbelief when we first saw it. Advertising shined when real game play footage was used and ANet should've pushed more in-game footage.

9: WvW is a great place to go when one isn't in a PvE mood but it can definitely be improved upon. I am happy to hear of the improvements already made (culling in particular) and support the idea of WvW updates to our realms, more maps and more reasons for us to care if we win or lose.

8: MF is pretty low on my "to-fix list" but I did find myself excluding notorious MF users when doing the harder content (Arah). The fact that ANet wants a game that pushes inclusion over exclusion would indicate MF does need some reworking. I love the idea of specific loot drops for champions. Give us a financial reason to hunt them down please.

7: I was just happy to have the PS tbh. After the great PS experiences in SWTOR I knew nothing could compare in the MMO market. That being said, and after 3 PS completions, I started to find it very hard to warrant anymore play-throughs for the reasons stated by the OP. The final battle with Zhaitan was terrible indeed.

6: I could go on for days on dungeons. My online RPG experiences mostly come from the Diablo series, GW1 and Dungeons & Dragons Online (DDO). So my friends and I love us some quality dungeons. In GW2 our experiences were very erratic. From the well balanced and fun (if sometimes buggy) Catacombs to the nightmarish time sink and buggy unrewarding mess that Arah was even though we loved it's difficulty. Too many WP's (take them out I say and punish us for party wipes), add difficulty levels with proper Risk vs Reward, fix boss mechanics (as stated by OP) and add blocked doors that only open when all foes are defeated to prevent dungeon zerging. Finally, exploits. Get rid of them when found. DDO had it's lions share of issues but it's dungeons were (for the most part) well done.

5: I actually like the idea of realms. It was one of the concepts that drove me to WvW and I like the idea of belonging to a larger community outside of guilds.

4: Events and the open world is where GW2 shines imho. When they are working properly I love them to death. Especially the more difficult ones. Events should be a huge focus for ANet indeed.

1,2 and 3: Optimization is a biggie. I had almost (I said almost!) no problems but I knew several people that did have them and if Anet truly desires to become the MMO they envisioned they need to continue to improve in this area in order to open the game up to more customers and to retain the ones getting frustrated at culling issues and so on. All MMO's should be shipped with a strong LFG tool as well and this was very criminal for a game built around social interactions and community.

All-in-all I had a great time in GW2 and look forward to ANet improving it and the day I come back to renew my love for the GW2 world.

In Topic: Will I enjoy this game as a casual player who can only play in short spurts?

10 January 2013 - 01:51 AM

Straegen says it all pretty well above.

You can do just about anything in a 30 minute window minus most dungeons and most of your personal stories. The personal stories are your own little instance so you can usually go afk for long periods here if needed. Even though dungeons and some personal stories might not be doable you can still enjoy everything else in the game with short play times. And these two are not essential to gearing and enjoying the game. In fact I think dungeons and the personal stories are the weakest part of GW2. So your not missing much here ;)

That will leave you with plenty of content to enjoy like short sPvP matches, WvW, open world PvE yumminess and the very casual friendly crafting system. All of these are at the heart of what makes GW2 soo much fun to play and what separates ANet from the typical time consuming grind fests out there :D  Just hop in and play away and hop back out when you need to.

The GW2 business model makes for very casual play as well. No more pressure to play due to monthly fees. I work during the week and will play a few different short FPS games in between GW2 play times. With no sub fees you can always shelve it and come back to it down the road.

So if you don't mind losing out on the dungeons and some personal story content I would highly recommend GW2 over any other Online RPG.

In Topic: DW Legendary Incinerator

05 January 2013 - 05:40 PM

Congratulations! I have one on my ele and love it. Not sure if I would ever go for a second (I luv my alt army) but the thought has crossed my mind;D

In Topic: I'm struggling to level.

05 January 2013 - 04:11 AM

View PostI, on 05 January 2013 - 02:27 AM, said:

The mesmer doesn't really "pick-up" at lvl 30. Their elite skills are horrible and useless compared to the other professions.

BUT. Some traits really do make a huge difference, thus combat slightly becomes a lot more faster, per se.

Say whaaaaaaaaaat?! TW is an awesome group elite skill. One of the best in da business imho. The Moa elite is superb in a pvp or solo environment and if you roll human you get the awesome grenth elite which for us melee mesmers is soo very very fun.

Back to the OP I leveled my mesmer with sceptor/focus and sword/sword. It was the most fun I had out of all 6 of my lvl 80's in terms of leveling. You get two blocks, an invulnerability, an option to switch with a clone, speed buff and crowd control. This still leaves you with your dodges and utilities to mess with! Soo much fun:D Going sceptor/torch is also a cool option since your already in melee range anyways and it gives ya a nice get-out-of-jail invisi option.

I also recommend, this goes for any lowbie, to focus on power/vitality and to always have updated weapons/armor for your level. If you can run with a group you can slack more but if you find yourself all alone most of the time then it could save ya.