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Vengeful Images

16 November 2012 - 12:00 AM

I have some questions about this minor trait. The description says, "Grants retaliation to phantasms". Apparently it applies perma-retaliation. That's nice and all.

But since phantasms die so quickly i.e. in 1 hit most times, is this trait valuable only with Signet of Illusions (50%  more health) and/or the trait Persisting Images (20% more health)?

Anyone finding low level areas sparsely populated?

14 November 2012 - 06:57 PM

First I would like to make a confession that I am an altoholic. Now that part is out of the way lets start with the main topic.

I thought I finally settled down on a class aka Mesmer. But I have been noticing that there aren't many people to do events in the level 15 - 25 Norn zone. I am not able to clear events on my own and often have to beat a hasty retreat after filling up a heart somehow. Things are further complicated that I have decided to torture myself by playing a solo-not-so-friendly and weak-at-AoE mesmer class. Or maybe I am just not skilled enough to use this class at level 20.

While its not a big deal that I am not able to clear a few events... it does hurt the leveling process since just running from heart-to-heart does not seem to be enough to give enough experience. I guess DE experience is a big deal in keeping the leveling process smooth.

Another problem might be that I start playing around 9 pm or 10 pm PST which is late for east coast people. Are the servers in GW2 zone specific? I reside on StormBluff Isle... so I have no idea if that server is meant for east coast residents.

Anyways... thanks for your patience in hearing my ramblings. I really would like to hear about your experiences regarding this matter.

To the denizens of Fort Aspenwood

28 August 2012 - 06:15 PM

I have no idea why the ex-DAoC players all thought it would be fun to stack up on a single server and smash other servers to smithereens, instead of spreading out and having fun leading with their invaluable experience. But wasn't it pretty obvious that we are both horrible outclassed by Jade Quarry in the first matchup which ended yesterday? Currently they have more than TWICE the points than BOTH of us put together.

Is there any point for us to squabble over the scraps left behind by JQ? Is it really that important to be at the second place? Why don't we gang up on them and get some respectability back? I am ok if we lose to them even if we join hands, but atleast we would have tried.

Forgive me if I am in the completely wrong forum with this. But I thought the WvWvW had three realms expressly to deal with matchups like these.