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Vengeful Images

16 November 2012 - 12:00 AM

I have some questions about this minor trait. The description says, "Grants retaliation to phantasms". Apparently it applies perma-retaliation. That's nice and all.

But since phantasms die so quickly i.e. in 1 hit most times, is this trait valuable only with Signet of Illusions (50%  more health) and/or the trait Persisting Images (20% more health)?

Anyone finding low level areas sparsely populated?

14 November 2012 - 06:57 PM

First I would like to make a confession that I am an altoholic. Now that part is out of the way lets start with the main topic.

I thought I finally settled down on a class aka Mesmer. But I have been noticing that there aren't many people to do events in the level 15 - 25 Norn zone. I am not able to clear events on my own and often have to beat a hasty retreat after filling up a heart somehow. Things are further complicated that I have decided to torture myself by playing a solo-not-so-friendly and weak-at-AoE mesmer class. Or maybe I am just not skilled enough to use this class at level 20.

While its not a big deal that I am not able to clear a few events... it does hurt the leveling process since just running from heart-to-heart does not seem to be enough to give enough experience. I guess DE experience is a big deal in keeping the leveling process smooth.

Another problem might be that I start playing around 9 pm or 10 pm PST which is late for east coast people. Are the servers in GW2 zone specific? I reside on StormBluff Isle... so I have no idea if that server is meant for east coast residents.

Anyways... thanks for your patience in hearing my ramblings. I really would like to hear about your experiences regarding this matter.