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#1792983 Rank the last stress test classes, from "best" to "needs work"

Posted Colin Johanson on 23 August 2012 - 03:41 AM

Sandwichmancer = Unbalanced, still needs a lot of work before release.

#1299022 PvX: Ghost Legion -NA Based -Mature, Fun Loving Competitive Gamers - Fancy Vi...

Posted MacTh3Knife on 10 April 2012 - 02:26 AM

Posted Image

For those who like the videos first.

Hello, are you here mindlessly looking at guild recruitment ads because you have burned out on every other forum topic about GW2? Its ok, we're not offended you came here to pass some time. Read on, and we promise not only to entertain you, but woo you over through insightful and thought provoking text with varying degrees of grammatical correctness.

The short and serious version..

A NA based guild, primarily PVP focused on both WvW and 5 man teams. PVE content completion. Mature, competitive, easy going gamers who not just take their gaming seriously, but know how to have fun as well. No politics, drama or epeen.

A fresh new Guild for GW2, we are also looking for motivated individuals who want to step up and actually take some ownership to  build something great.

We are also RP-Friendly (No rp mandatory or required  at all) as we enjoy the game and the lore behind it. Building great backstories, and creating a true saga of the legion from its inception to all the great times is something we are doing as well.

That being said, we are looking for a diverse group of players. Leaders, soldiers, strategists, and imaginative souls, our common bind being a passion GW2 and community (Not to mention dominating the field of battle.)

The bawss version.(Because its ok no too take yourselves to seriously all the time on the internets.)

  PVP focused. We love our PvP and so should you, WvW(vW), Competitive  5 man, it’s all good. There is no quitting, crying and giving up in the Legion. You must be willing to fight to the brink and come back. No room for cravens who like to give up at the first sign of trouble because they think it is not worth the time to finish a match.

  PVE is ok from time to time to. Phat lewt impresses the wimmenz.

  Politics. None. Play  as equals. No elite guild master swinging their e-peen around, no nerds barking orders from their mom’s basements, no in house cliques. We are like the rum drinking pirate Knights of the Round Table.

  RP-Lite, Friendly. You never ever have to RP, but we dig the lore. If you like to RP we will support your dirty habit. You may have played on RP-PVP servers in other games, we did too (Good competition and community is what its all about). We are creating an epic saga for the legions, fancy videos and stories. Words for the literate, pictures and sound for today's generation. Now that's smart.

  Competitive w/o the emo nerd rage. We like to play, we like to win.  Games are supposed to be fun.  If you’re not having fun gaming, you’re doing it wrong. To be more succinct, winning… we like it.

  Pro Skills. I can use my keyboard, mouse, drink a beer while watching and cooking to Epic Meal Time when gaming with ease, what can you do?

  Mature.Some of us are old, clinging on to our youth by still gaming like pros. There is no age requirement, but there is a certain maturity cut off. No caps locking l33t speaking pre-teens (Caps lock l33t speaking is on rare occasion appropriate for good humor from time to time however).

  RL: We all have it. We like to play like hardcore kids still in high school when we can, but sometimes those silly things like full time jobs, girlfriends and such get in the way of our gaming, and we have to go afk. Nobody is going to freak out on you if you can’t make such and such guild event. Play when you can, have fun, go handle RL like a boss, then get back to gaming.

  Cool Guildspace.  Be proud you aren’t part of a random guild that has a crappy webpage with a generic template and their ms paint logo hacked in. No chopped videos with Requiem for a Dream cut in(though it’s a timeless piece). We do it all pretty like. Cool webpage, arts and videos to appease the image conscious gamer.

  Swagger. The most important stat.

I know, I had you at hello.

All of us (or most of us) have RL, which interferes with the important things like gaming, that is why we are looking to share the responsibility to run this community. If you are excited for Guild Wars, are looking for a fresh start and would enjoy building a great guild from the ground up, this is for you. Bring your friends.

:devil: www.ghost-legion.net :devil:

#1792199 GW2 Sales Estimates - 1st Month / 1st Year

Posted deucengine on 23 August 2012 - 01:40 AM

1st Month: 2 million copies including pre-purchases
1st Year:  4 million copies

We have an estimate of 1 million pre-purchase. I think getting an additional 1 million in the first month would be a great accomplishment. Then to grow that to 4 mill seems like a reasonable number.

#1792607 GW2 Sales Estimates - 1st Month / 1st Year

Posted Lethality on 23 August 2012 - 02:42 AM

1st month: 1.5 million

1st year: 2 million

#1771692 Gamescom: "When it's ready", authenticators, GvG, ...

Posted Colin Johanson on 20 August 2012 - 03:15 PM

Just want to jump on this before it gets out of hand. Pretty much nothing in this post is factually correct, I'm not sure where this information came from but flat out: it's misinformed at best and a lot of it totally false.

We'll absolutely have a GM team that helps support the game at live, the rest of it is partially incorrect information or just plain wrong. You'll start seeing information about our post-ship plans shortly (as early as today on some press sites) but it'll come from developers specifically.

See you in game on Thursday!

#1771740 Gamescom: "When it's ready", authenticators, GvG, ...

Posted Colin Johanson on 20 August 2012 - 03:21 PM

Sorry that was a bad joke at attempting to mock the misinformation ;)

Colin Troll will see you in game Friday!

#1558439 Need advice on $700 build

Posted Essence Snow on 29 June 2012 - 05:14 AM

Best Buy is known for charging arms and legs for tech services not under warranties....lol

#1558434 Need advice on $700 build

Posted ItsAdamParker on 29 June 2012 - 05:11 AM

View PostKuju, on 29 June 2012 - 05:06 AM, said:

Also, I noticed with the RAM you chose that it is not on the memory compatibility list for AsRock's site: http://www.asrock.co...Extreme3%20Gen3

That is not to say what you picked wouldn't work (I'd be surprised if it really caused any problems), but you may want to pick something similar out of that list.

I don't know if Geek Squad would do something like that or not. It doesn't hurt to ask them, though! I can't imagine them charging an arm and a leg, but you never know.

Do you live near any colleges/universities? Maybe there would be an IT major that could help you out..... I'm kind of reaching now, I know :P .
Haha well I actually go to Florida State but I'm more of an artsy kinda guy and I don't really hang out with any tech people lol!  My bad on that one...but I'll look around, and I'm gonna ask Best Buy...if not...well, I will just have to do it myself...no big deal..hopefully lol.  Oh, and I selected a different RAM on the list...thanks for pointing that out!

#1544910 Speculative Release Date: Part 10 RELEASE DATE ANNOUNCED; 28th August 2012

Posted Dream Catcher on 24 June 2012 - 07:18 AM


BWE3: July 6-8
Release date announcement: July 16
BWE4 (Marketing Beta): August 3-5
3-day Head-start: August 7
Release Date: August 10

Need I say more?, you all know why I have stuck to this (roughly) release date schedule for as long as I have. We'll see who laughs hardest when the game is released and we are all enjoying GW2 in August. (the laughing comment is not me being egotistical, it is simply implying I will be laughing because I am happy enjoying the game with everybody else.)