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#2363351 How to Get Geared in Guild Wars 2

Posted ScourgeGW2 on 22 February 2016 - 04:43 PM

How to Get Geared in Guild Wars 2

10 steps to gearing your first level 80 character

By Scöurgë

This guide is for Guild Wars 2 players who have recently hit level 80 with their first character. Though it includes a few explanations of endgame content, the guide’s primary focus is explaining how to get better gear. The guide starts with a summary, followed by in-depth explanations.

You should read the entire guide at once instead of piece-wise, as there are a number of things you should start doing now to prepare yourself for later.

Summary for the lazy gamers:
  • Pick and practice a dope build. Use MetaBattle to find an in-meta build for your profession.
  • Finish your personal story. Get nearly a full set of Rare gear just by finishing your level 80 personal story questline.
  • Join at least one guild. Find an established guild, and start participating in Guild Challenges each week to get Guild Commendations.
  • Unlock the rest of your specializations. Farm Hero Challenges to unlock the rest of your Elite Specializations. Prioritize level 80 areas, as Hero Challenges award +10 Hero Points (as opposed to only +1).
  • Grind dungeons for tokens. Complete dungeons, get tokens. Spend tokens, get better gear.
  • Login for Laurels. Earn Laurel's (and other rewards) through daily log-in rewards.
  • Do the Fractal Dailies. Complete Fractal Daily quests to earn Pristine Fractal Relics.
  • Take down World Bosses. Use a World Boss Timer to track World Boss spawns. Take them down for phat loot.
  • Cap your crafting level. Use guides from GW2Crafts.net to cap your crafting level at the cheapest price.
  • Craft time-gated materials. Figure out what Ascended crafting materials are time-gated, and start crafting them every day.
  • Get money. Salvage all of the Rare or Exotic items you find that you don’t need. Sell your Fine or Masterwork items to the highest bidder—the Trading Post or an NPC vendor. (Exception: Continue salvaging your Masterwork items if you haven’t capped your crafting level.)
Step 1: Understand item quality

Since your newly 80, you’re likely wearing primarily Masterwork gear. Though this will be sufficient for a lot of endgame content, the better your gear is, the easier your time will be. Thus, priority numero uno is better gearing your character. Here’s the item quality hierarchy:

Basic < Fine < Masterwork < Rare < Exotic < Ascended < Legendary

Masterwork is 10% better than Fine; Rare is 10% better than Masterwork; Exotic is 20% better than Rare; and Ascended is 5% better than Exotic. Therefore, the biggest bang for your buck will come from Exotic gear, due to the 20% jump in stats. You can worry about the last 5% bump into Ascended gear later.

Note that weapons are the only items that can be Legendary:  Armor and trinkets are capped at Ascended. Legendary weapons are crafted using an absolute megaton of materials, and are primarily a status symbol—as the item stats aren’t any different from Ascended weapons.

Step 2: Upgrade to Heart of Thorns

If you haven’t upgraded already, reaching level 80 is when you want to upgrade to the Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns expansion. The expansion unlocks new regions, new specializations, new game modes, and a new profession called the Revenant. Oh...and gliding!

Step 3: Learn your profession

Even though you’ve played through 80 levels of your selected profession, you likely don’t yet know everything. You’re likely spamming sub-optimal skills, using sub-par stat combinations, or wielding the wrong weapon.

Luckily for you, you don’t have to be a master of your profession to reach level 80. However, now that you are level 80, there’s no reason not to know what you’re doing. Where should you start? Read the Class Guide that corresponds to your profession on Dulfy.net, and bookmark the site while you’re at it!

Step 4: Select a build

Before you can start acquiring better gear, you have to know what gear (and, specifically, what stat combination) is best for your character. Use MetaBattle to find a build that matches your profession and target game mode. Even though you’ll acquire different sets of gear to correspond with different game modes, your first set should be PvE (Player versus Environment). Having a good PvE gear set first (and focusing on PvE content) will make obtaining additional gear sets easier. These builds are currently referred to as “Fractal” on MetaBattle, which refers to Fractals of the Mist.

The easiest way to find a build is to select “By Profession” and scroll down to the “Fractal” builds. From these builds, pick the one you think will be most fun.

Important: After you’ve put a Hero Point into your first “Elite” specialization, you’ll be given an Exotic weapon. As this will likely be your first Exotic item, you should favor MetaBattle builds that incorporate it. For example, Necromancers receive an Exotic Greatsword; therefore, new Necromancers should favor a Greatsword build instead of, say, a dagger build.

Step 5: Put the build into practice

Once you’ve selected your build, you’ll obviously need to:
  • Rework your skill bar with the skills from the build;
  • Pick up whatever secondary or off-hand weapons you need (buy Fine or Masterwork items for cheap from the Trading Post); and,
  • Update your Specialization trees.
Lastly, every good build on MetaBattle will have a “Usage” section that explains the skill rotation to maximize damage output. This is very important. Figure out what skills are most important in what order, and consider changing your hotkeys to better accommodate your limited finger reach.

Step 6: Get your Exotic weapon

Elite Specializations are special specializations you unlock once you (1) are level 80, (2) have purchased Heart of Thorns, and (3) have completely unlocked all other specializations. (At level 80, you should have enough Hero Points to unlock all lower-level specializations and put a few points towards your Elite Specialization.)

Posted Image

As was alluded to in the previous section, your first skill in your Elite Specialization will be a new weapon proficiency. Unlocking this skill will award you with an Exotic weapon corresponding to the proficiency.

Step 7: Finish your personal story

It will take a few hours to finish your level 80 personal story quest-line, but doing so will get you almost a full set of Rare armor in quest rewards.

Step 8: Use the Trading Post

After you’ve finished your personal story, you should replace whatever Masterwork or Fine armor pieces you have left with Rare items using the Black Lion Trading Company (O); also known as the Trading Post. If you have the money, you should also replace any Rare items with incorrect stat (stats that don’t match your selected build) with Rare items with correct stats.

If this shopping trip costs you more than 1-2 Gold, you’ve done something wrong.

Buy sigils, runes, and jewels

Sigils, runes, and jewels are upgrade components for gear. Sigils apply only to weapons; jewels apply only to trinkets; and, runes apply only to armor. All of these components have a quality hierarchy:
  • For sigils and runes, it goes from Minor < Major < Superior
  • For jewels, it goes Adorned < Intricate < Embellished Intricate < Gilded < Embellished Gilded < Ornate < Embellished Ornate < Brilliant < Embellished Brilliant < Exquisite
For all of your Exotic items, you should spring for the highest level of sigils, runes, and jewels, as you’ll be using these for a long time. For your Rare items, you need not waste your money:  Stick to the middle tier components for the time being.

Important: You can salvage your items when you find replacements using higher-level Salvage Kits. That way, you can keep or reuse the upgrade components.

Step 9: Grind for Exotic items

Spend your Karma points

Ruins of Orr is a level 70-80 zone that consists of six temples. Each of the temples spawn a Karma vendor that sells Exotic armor sets. However, each vendor will only spawn after successfully completing an associated event to capture the respective template. These events require ~10 people.

Use this Dulfy page to find the correct armor set for your build and the location of the wanted vendor.

Each armor piece, no matter the vendor, will cost 42,000 Karma points. However, Karma gear is not available in all stat combinations.

Important: You cannot salvage gear purchased with Karma, so you won’t be getting any of your upgrade components back. This really only matters if you end up purchasing Rare items with Karma (which you shouldn’t anyway). If you buy Exotic items with Karma, you should buy the best upgrade components possible, irrespective of the fact that you’ll never get them back.

Collect and spend dungeon currency

Every dungeon path you run will award you 60 tokens once per day. (Every path you run of the same dungeon after that will award you only 20 tokens.) Every dungeon has different types of tokens. For example, Ascalonian Catacombs reward you with Ascalonian Tears.

Posted Image

All dungeon tokens can be spent at the Dungeon Armor and Weapons vendor, located at Fort Marriner in Lion’s Arch.

Important: Be sure to check that the dungeon tokens you’re farming can be spent on the correct armor or weapon pieces. You can’t buy all stat combinations with all dungeon tokens.

Spend WvW badges

World versus World (WvW) is an endgame Player versus Player (PvP) game mode. You can collect Badges of Honor by playing it, which can be traded for Exotic armor pieces with an Armor Master.


Once you’ve hit level 400 with your crafting discipline, you can craft Exotic armor or weapons (depending on the discipline you’ve selected). Each piece will require a recipe (typically for one of the materials used to craft the piece, instead of for the full piece itself) from a Master of your respective craft. These recipes cost ~900 Karma points. You can then discover each item accordingly using the “Discovery” tab when interacting with a crafting station.

Important: Before you head to the Trading Post to buy materials to craft each piece (or even before you buy the recipe), check the price of buying a fully-formed piece of armor, weapon, or trinket. Sometimes buying what you want premade is cheaper than buying the crafting materials. When searching, be sure to include the price of the upgrade component you want, as most people list the fully-formed piece already upgraded.

Get lucky against World Bosses

There are a number of different world bosses that spawn at designated times across the map. Using a World Boss Timer will allow you to track each spawn. Each World Boss has a chance to drop at least a Rare or Exotic item; however, even if you get an Exotic item drop, you won’t always be able to select the stat combination you want. That means you’ll be waiting not only for an Exotic item to drop, but an Exotic item you need with the stat combination you want. This model isn't terribly scalable.

With this World Boss Timer, you can quickly find the location of each boss by pasting in the “Nearest Waypoint” bracketed code into the game chat window. For example, Tequatl the Sunless spawns here: [&BNABAAA].

Step 10: Grind for Ascended items

Once you have a full set of Exotic gear (including your underwater weapon) you can focus your attention on Ascended items. These items are 5-10% better than Exotic items; however, most people will tell you that a full set of Ascended gear isn’t worth the trouble.

Even though you may never get a full set, there are specific pieces that are easier to get than others. Ascended trinkets, for example, are certainly worth your time!

Buy Ascended Accessories using Guild Commendations

Every week, guilds are tasked with Challenges. Participating in each Challenge will award you with a single Guild Commendation. These can be traded to a Guild Commendation Trader for Ascended Accessories. You can find a Guild Commendation Trader in the Guild Initiative Headquarters, located in the Postern Ward of Lion’s Arch.

Your character can be equipped with two Accessories. Each accessory costs 5 Gold and 12 Guild Commendations. To get 12 Guild Commendations, you’ll need to participate in two weeks’ worth of Challenges with your guild (assuming your guild completes them all).

Buy Ascended Rings using Pristine Fractal Relics

Fractals of the Mist (also known as Fractals) is an endgame PvE game mode. A Fractal is a dungeon (there are 14 different dungeons in total) that increase in difficulty from 1-100. Each Fractal takes 15-20 minutes to complete, depending on the skill of your party.

Fractals are broken down into fractal sets based on difficulty:  1-20, 21-50, 51-75, and 76-100. Each Fractal you run will increase your Personal Fractal Level (PFL). If you’re PFL is level 3, and you run Fractal Level 3, your PFL will increase to 4. If you’re PFL is level 3, and you run Fractal Level 2, your PFL will not increase (as you ran a Fractal Level that’s lower than your PFL).

Your PFL will start at 1 when you hit level 80; however, you can run any Fractal level up to the highest PFL of a member of your party. For example, if you have a party member that has a PFL of 82, your party can run up to Fractal level 82.

Completing a Fractal Daily quest, for example, awards one Pristine Fractal Relic (not to be confused with regular Fractal Relics that you receive by running any ol’ Fractal). Pristine Fractal Relics can be traded to the BUY-2046 robot in the Fractals of the Mist lobby for Ascended Rings.

Posted Image

Each of these items costs 10 Pristine Fractal Relics.

Important: Ascended trinkets are unique, so you cannot equip two of the same trinket. Keep that in mind when you're spending your Pristine Fractal Relics:  You cannot equip two Red Ring of Death's!

Important: If you don’t have any Agony resistance, you should not run fractals above level 20. If you do, your party will highly dislike you.

Buy an Ascended Amulet with Laurels

You will receive Laurels in one of two ways. First, you can receive Laurel's through daily log-in rewards. Note that all Daily achievements reset at 7:00PM EST. That means if you log in for the first time at 6:00PM and then out at 6:55PM, you will not receive your log-in reward that day. Second, you can receive bags of Laurels after certain Achievement point benchmarks. For example, once you have 1,500 Achievement Points (H), you’ll receive 1 Laurel and 1 Gold as a reward.

An Ascended Amulet can be purchased for 30 Laurels at the Laurel Merchant, located in Commodore’s Quarter in Lion’s Arch.

Posted Image

Important: You can also purchase an Ascended Amulet for only 20 Laurels and 250 Badges of Honor, obtained by playing WvW. Generally, 10 Laurels is worth a lot more than 250 badges.

Get super lucky against World Bosses

Any World Boss that drops a Champion Loot Bag has a chance to drop an Ascended item. The drop rate is extremely low, and—similar to Exotic item drops from World Bosses—you can’t control the stats. Thus, you can’t be sure that even if an Ascended item drops, it’s one that you’ll use.

Keep crafting

The only way to guarantee you get Ascended gear with the stats you want is by crafting. Once you’ve hit level 500 with your crafting discipline, you can craft Ascended armor or weapons (depending on the discipline you’ve selected). Each piece will require a recipe from a Master of your respective craft. These recipes each cost 5 Laurels and 3 Gold.

Crafting any Ascended item will require time-gated materials (i.e. materials that can only be crafted once per day). For example, an Ascended tailoring item requires Bolts of Damask, which each require one Spool of Silk Weaving Thread. These are time-gated, as you can only create one Spool of Silk Weaving Thread per day.

In addition, Ascended items require materials that are “Soulbound on Acquire” and, thus, must be farmed—Emphyreal Fragments, for example. Figuring out what these are early will ensure you don’t spend them on something unnecessary.

Step 11: Cap your +Agony Resistance (AR)

If you're planning to run high-level Fractals or get into raiding, you're going to need Agony Resistance.

After Fractal Level 20, bosses will cause Agony. This is an effect that will reduce healing and remove a percentage of your health every second. To mitigate this damage (as you can’t remove it completely), you must infuse Agony Resistance with your Ascended items. Infusions are an upgrade component like sigils, runes, and jewels. (You can find a table of the Agony Resistance needed for each level fractal here.)

There are two often-misunderstood types of "agony infusions" in Guild Wars 2:  (1) Agony Infusions and (2) infusions with Agony Resistance. You'll find that +1 Agony Infusions drop frequently in Fractals. (These can be combined to form higher level Agony Infusions by an Artificer or the BUY-437 robot in the Fractals lobby.) These infusions can only be used on Ascended rings or an Ascended backpiece.

The other type of Agony Infusion, infusions with Agony Resistance, can be used on Armor and Weapons. For example, you can buy a Versatile Simple Infusion with +3, +5, or +7 AR for 75-150 Fractal Relics.

The maximum amount of Agony Resistance that you'll need (and only if you're going to run the highest level Fractals) is +150 AR. Click here to learn the most cost efficient way to do it.

Attune and infuse your ascended rings

You can infuse a ring or backpiece in the Mystic Forge to gain an additional infusion slot. You can also attune Ascended rings for an additional Agony Infusion slot. Attuning and infusing a ring can be done in any order; however, do not apply any upgrade components until you've done both, as you'll lose your infusion when upgrading.

Bonus: Get a legendary weapon

Once you have a full set of Ascended gear, you’re ready to craft a Legendary weapon. At this point, what you really want to do is sit straight up, turn off your computer, and go outside. That big bright light? That’s called the sun. :cool:

Thanks for reading!


#2359670 The Off Topic Thread Part 8

Posted I pwnd U on 26 September 2015 - 03:08 PM

IT LIVES! Praise Jeebus it lives! I actually stopped checking here because it was dead for so long. Guess I'll have to start checking again...

#2353171 Defragging Issues / Lagging in-game

Posted typographie on 15 March 2015 - 02:13 PM

To repair, you can follow the instructions at the top of this page. Just replace the command in the example with -repair.

#2333627 The Off Topic Thread Part 8

Posted Cube on 28 July 2014 - 04:29 PM

Posted Image

gets awkward too fast

#2313414 Billiard and Ensign

Posted Bi11iard on 02 April 2014 - 06:13 PM

Just came across this between classes - sorry for the necro. Yes I am teaching and I managed to convince Ensign to go get his PhD. Small world as we both are in the same area now! Hope all is well in Guild Wars land.

#2278799 P2W Poopstorm brewing? - VIP Membership data [Official Response]

Posted Kamatsu on 10 January 2014 - 03:24 AM

If you read Martin's reply (which has been posted in the OP), you'll see he notes this is not being tested for Western use. This means it's being tested for the possible/likely release of GW2 in a localized version for Asian countries - such as Taiwan, China, South Korea, etc. Many (if not most? or all?) of these countries either have laws requiring a sub based system, or a cultural expectation of one. Thus if they want to release a localized version in those countries they either have to make a sub based system by law, or they will have to do so if they actually expect to sell any copies of the game.

For those who were not aware, Guild Wars 1 in Asian region's had a pay-time cards, whereas in the "west" it was a buy-to-play game. So those in Taiwan and South Korea (for instance) bought time-cards to play Guild Wars 1, rather than buying the actual game and playing it permanently.

So if ANet are preparing a localized & authorized release in China and other Asian region's, it makes sense for them to test out a VIP/Sub based system so it will be ready for release. It also makes sense it's in English, as those who will be testing the system are likely English speakers and not people who speak/read manderin, etc.

#2278748 P2W Poopstorm brewing? - VIP Membership data [Official Response]

Posted Phineas Poe on 09 January 2014 - 11:55 PM

I don't see the point in getting worked up over something that isn't confirmed.

#2275466 WAT IS DIS?

Posted Elder III on 30 December 2013 - 04:10 AM

I knew you were probably on a Mac based on the error code, but you still haven't given us basic information about your system let alone the details.  If you don't know, then tell us the Year and Model of Mac you have.

#2269955 Get To Know Your Mods!

Posted Neo Nugget on 11 December 2013 - 07:10 AM

I hope you remember this. If Naut, then I suppose I'll forgive you...

Posted Image

#2268836 Build or buy?

Posted Quaker on 07 December 2013 - 04:41 PM

It should be noted that some people look at RAM that has no heat spreaders and think it's cheap. It should also be noted that RAM heat spreaders are really only for looks and serve no real function except in extreme OC conditions. :)

#2268812 What Happened to the Direction of ANet?

Posted shanaeri rynale on 07 December 2013 - 03:39 PM

View PostPhineas Poe, on 07 December 2013 - 02:42 PM, said:

Community interaction/Attitudes to community: When did Guild Wars 1 have bi-weekly Twitch livestreams? I think ArenaNet has a pretty dedicated connection to the community, and the State of the Game ended because no one responded to your requests to fill the hole with Grouch being hired, not because ArenaNet wanted to stop doing it. After all, they've ended up just doing their own thing with him, as they released their first video yesterday. You say that their community interaction went from "personal to negligible," but I know a lot more developers working on Guild Wars 2 by name than I did those that worked on Guild Wars 1. I think at the game's launch their PR was mediocre, but through the Collaborative Development thread and their Twitch account, they've absolutely maintained a noticeable connection and have attempted to communicate with their community. They do, after all, play the game too. I have developers in my guild. And I've had on several occasions developers whisper me to talk about Engineer builds. Builds posted here on Guru.

Without taking Guru's name in vain, I know there have been several attempts to get PvE versions of state of the game up and running, other fan sites have AFIK have had similar issues with trying to get hold of regular dev and CM times. That's fine, they are busy guys.. Just that in GW1 they seemed to be.. well.. less busy.

We see examples of Dev's being given a slap for saying stuff that's not on the approved messages list and that's fine too. It's one way to run a company. BUT it was a direction change from Ye Olde Anet.

Watching a live stream isn't community interaction, it's show and tell. The one's I've seen (all of them so far) the responses to questions from the chat are sanitised and only the ones that make the update appear in a good light are answered. Live streams atm are a PR exercise

Having dev's and CM's in game answering Q&A from players, joining in festivals and player run events is community interaction. Even if there was the above, the server based structure means that there means that not every player will get the chance to participate.

Ask any GW1 vet about how excited and connected players felt when Gaile and the frog appeared as opposed to how things are now.

I too have dev's in my guild and I know that since the LS has kicked in they have been on a heck of a lot less due to workloads

I'm reserving judgement on the collaborative development threads until we actually see an end product. Until then it could just be a way to give the critics some place to spout off and feel like they are helping.


Quality control: I absolutely agree on this front. I don't think Guild Wars 2 was ready at launch, and was pushed out the door by NCSoft to compete with Mists of Pandaria. I also think the Living Story is quite an undertaking, which has resulted in less than stellar quality assurance; they just haven't dedicated the amount of time necessary to fix all the bugs for each release.

Yeah I know... I used to love patch day in GW1 because I knew everything would work, or if it didn't then it would be fixed PDQ


Approaches to challenges: Guild Wars 2 isn't fail-free, as evidenced by the rarity of open Balthazar temples. When was the last time you killed Tequatl? Did everyone on your friends list or everyone in your guild get a Mini Liadri? I think there's a conversation to be had regarding what makes this
content challenging and whether or not it's set to an appropriate level, but there is quite a bit of failure in Guild Wars 2.

Last did Teq today, as I do every day. I'll re-specify then. Group content such as dungeons and personal story. It's impossible to fail those, just run out of patience or repair money

Again, think back to GW1. Thunderhead keep, Thirsty River, completing FoW/UW etc all felt special when you did them because of the times you failed and had to think again or play better together.

In GW2. There's no risk of shared adversity, that brings people together and unifies a team.  You never get ejected from a dungeon. fractal or PS because you failed an objective. Just res up and try again.

If you fail a temple, then so what? Other than missing out of the blues and greens you'll get it's just a casual ships pass in the night style of content. Just look at which server has it open and go there or look at the dragon timers and go onto the next one. Rarely is there personal or group buy in to make the failure hurt enough to improve.


Guilds: Can you explain to me how guilds are not important in GW2? Can you also explain to me how guilds in GW1 were necessary, or not optional?

Name one piece of content you need a guild to do in GW2? Don't say guild missions because non guilded players can do them too, The poorly implemented multi-guilding and guild management systems means guilds are more like facebook groups. Server and regional splits fragments groups of friends forcing them to choose one over the other

As for GW1. GvG

I also never said necessary, I said important. Key difference. Without reading up can you name 3 guilds outside your region in PvE, WvW and SPvP that stand out for you as being great players? I know I'd struggle.. Think back to GW1, I bet answering the question was a lot easier then.

I also said each change could be viewed as a good thing or a bad thing and out of my list above there are some changes I liked, others I don't and that's fine :)  I'm not trying to slate Anet or be super negative, but the facts are simply there is a lot of directions that Anet changed and it seems a lot of players are less than happy with them.

Perception is key. Perception of something outweighs the facts and reality of things(why else to rumours of bad news wipe millions off stock markets, create media storms and cause the rich and powerful to fall). You can argue to and fro forever and not change a single perception of a single player.

There seems to be (based on forums, in game observations and chatting to people) a perception that GW2 is a worse game than GW1 because of some key changes of direction made during it's development and those who are still passionate about the game and Anet are getting increasingly frustrated at the perceived(there's that word again) lack of progress

#2268776 What Happened to the Direction of ANet?

Posted El Duderino on 07 December 2013 - 01:23 PM

View Postshanaeri rynale, on 07 December 2013 - 08:45 AM, said:

This topic is waay off track and down an end game rabbit hole.

There seem to have been far greater shifts in attitude and approach from olde Anet to New Anet. than what constitutes 'end game' For example:
  • Community interaction: From personal to negligible
  • Attitude to Fan Sites: From Extensive to when it suits
  • Attitudes to community: From integrated to divided
  • Attitudes to builds : From free range to restricted
  • Quality control:From meticulous to good enough
  • Approaches to challenges: From failure possible to fail-free
  • Guilds: from important to optional
  • Team wide builds(PvE): Important to pointless
  • The Economy: Player Driven to Developer driven
  • PvP: Complex to Casual
etc etc etc

Now I'm not saying one is better than the other, as I'm sure the above and others can have their advocates either way. The point being Anet DID change their direction and the question really is 'was it the right thing to do'

Thank you. I agree, this end game discussion is going nowhere and is relatively unimportant to the topic as a whole. Your list is very succinct and I agree wholeheartedly. Maybe we can get this thread back on track?

#2267753 "You have reached your quota of positive votes for the day."

Posted davadude on 04 December 2013 - 08:20 PM

2 problems:

1) Cannot unlike post if it is liked by accident.
2) When I click on the number, I cannot see who liked it (Chrome, Windows 7).

#2253614 GW2 Meme Thread

Posted El Duderino on 02 November 2013 - 12:54 PM

I hope this is ok to post here without getting in trouble. I thought it would be fun to find a place to share GW2 related memes since they are usually frowned upon in normal threads. I'll start off, since I was rereading a couple posts of mine and thought of this meme from this post:

(post inspiration: http://www.guildwars...50#entry2253128)

Posted Image

#2255156 ArenaNet clamps down on open speech

Posted BlackBoxx on 05 November 2013 - 09:52 PM

View Postharniq, on 05 November 2013 - 07:35 AM, said:

I didn't say every customer is wrong, I merely said that customers with vitriolic attitude are bad customers, regardless of whether they're right or wrong. It's no use to cater to forum trolls, that's also business 101.
PS: the customer is not always right, but it's my job to make whatever he wants possible. In the end, I help him be right. I've got redesigns, firmware changes and even forced a particular Windows update just to cater to clients. I don't do that for customers with hostile attitude though. Business 101.

Good thing my company is widely known for it's superb customer support then. I go out of my way to give the best solution possible for any problem, oftentimes that's problems which are currently impossible but ain't in a few days if I put my weight on it.  But I don't accept vile customers. Most people are reasonable and the vile customers are usually those who don't want a solution in the first place.

I doubt you'll find anyone who disagrees with the sentiment.  However, like in any debate or discussion, the first thing you need to do is define your terms.  What do you mean by "vitriolic customer"?  "People who don't want a solution" would work, but that is clearly not the case with many of the interactions ANet has had with their player base.  Plenty of folks, like myself, have been waiting for GW2 for five years.  That kind of time for emotional investment isn't one to be simply tossed aside.  We want the game to be good.  We simply want it to be they way it was pitched to us, and the ability to criticize to the same degree we can with other products.

Normally, that would be the end of my contribution until I get a working definition, but luckily, ANet has already done that for us.  Unfortunately, they are wrong.  When a customer says they were lied to, and can point to a collection of evidence to back it up, that is not vitriol.  When a customer dares to ask for a response from a developer (the real life equivalent would be asking to speak to a manager), that is not vitriol.  Even if a customer says something unproductive, like "[company] is incompetent", that is not vitriol.  At worst, these statements/questions are unpleasant.

Accusations of lies and dishonesty should never, ever be brushed aside, and the accuser punished.  Not in the business world.  A good business will look at the facts the accuser brings up.  What does ANet do?  Deletes posts, and hand out infractions as if the customer has crossed the line by pointing out that they did not get what they were promised (if a company's word cannot be taken as a promise, then that is a shady company with whom I want no dealings).  The honest thing to do is to admit when a mistake is made, and fix it.  Sadly, ANet refuses to acknowledge that there is a problem... or at least, they don't acknowledge the right problem.

Banning employee call outs is just baffling to me.  I get that the developers need to actually develop the game, and can't stop what they're doing to answer each and every question they get from people on the internet, but there is no harm in a customer asking (even demanding) for a response.  Ignore call outs, sure, but at least give the actual meat of the post its due attention.  If the post actually brings up an issue that warrants a response, have an appropriate employee give the response.  If it just so happens that the right person to respond is the person called out to, this might just be an indication that the customer knows what they are talking about.  This is someone to whom it is worth it to listen!  Not to ANet.  They don't like questions being asked directly for whatever reason.

Lastly, let's assume that a customer is truly being abrasive.  There is a cut-off point where a company/employee should say "I'm not dealing with this.  Please leave".  That point is never at the outset of the interaction.  Even when a customer enters a store saying "whose [noun] do I have to [verb] to get some attention around here?" (fill in the blanks with whatever words you like.  I personally like using [teeth] and [admire]), the appropriate response is not to immediately kick them out the door.  

I said it earlier, and I'll say it again, the onus is on ANet to be the professionals, not the player base.  They need to be the ones with skin so thick that an elephant wearing 16 leather jackets would be jealous of the crap they can shrug off.  This is true of any customer/company interaction.  I've been on the company end of dealing with PitA customers.  It sucks.  I know.  It can really put a damper on your day.  If you (that's the impersonal you, not anyone in particular.  just to be clear) can't handle it, then leave the service industry (video games are very much a service when online functionality is involved).  But, play your cards right and you will reap the reward.  Once in a blue moon, I've had said PitA customers approach me after our interaction to apologize for being a PitA (now I'm hungry for some flatbread for whatever reason).  The pride one feels when getting that kind of reaction is usually only the first...  let's say 'return of investment'.  Those customers (no longer PitA's) usually return, often asking for me specifically, to serve them.  That's the second part.  In time, these newly loyal customers will bring in their friends to do business with you.  That's when you know you're the best damn person at your job.

This is the basis behind the 80/20 rule (http://management.ab...areto081202.htm).  20% of your customers make up the majority of your revenue, while 80% mean very little.  I've also heard it said that 80% of your business comes from 20% of your customers.  Either way. it means your loyal customers are very important, even if they are a minority.  DON'T TICK THEM OFF!  A company cannot afford to lose customers willy-nilly and hope to thrive.  ANet is not immune to this.  Every person they give an infraction to is less likely to purchase gems if the smallest of "offenses" get them punished.  

Patience and lenience are a must for a company.  ANet is lacking in, yet demanding of both.