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My dungeon build, and why it's the best

30 September 2012 - 02:45 PM

I've been running with this build for a while now, and it seems to excel in dungeons. It has pretty good damage that won't conflict with anyone running a condition build, good support, and great control. The only thing it doesn't excel at is dealing with heavy condition spamming mobs, and I don't think I elementalist even has a build that could deal with those situations like warriors or guardians can. Anyway, on to the specifics.

Weapon: Staff. I think this is a no-brainer, it excels at AoE which is what you need in 90% of situations. Most situations with just 1 mob aren't threatening at all, and if it is you can easily keep it crippled, immobilized, and chilled for the entire battle.

Heal: Glyph of Elemental Harmony. I use this because I trait glyphs, and because it provides a boon relevant to the situation.

Utilities: Glyph of Storms, Mist Form, Glyph of Renewal.

Glyph of Storms is amazing. I don't know why more people don't use it. While it seems overkill to add more AoE damage to the staff, that's not why I take it (though it certainly can pour on the fire when need be!). Sandstorm is 10 seconds of constantly applying AoE blind. Any big pull with lots of threatening but squishy mobs? Completely trivial. Drop a sandstorm, and get back to fire and nuke everything down before it even has a chance to hit you. Most of the threat will be dealt with, and you can mop up whatever is left. In addition, Ice Storm provides another source of AoE chill for when you need to control or kite. It's not as good as Frozen ground, but it gets the job done if you need something to fill a gap.

Mist Form is my go-to "oh shit I'm going to die" skill. It gets me out of tough situations and keeps me out of them. If you swap to earth before you use it, you can pop out a sandstorm to extend that 3 second safety net to 13.

Glyph of Renewal might not be for everyone, but I enjoy it a lot. How often do 2-3 people go down at once, or 1 person and your dungeon tank NPC(s)? Sure, it takes 4 seconds to cast it, but it also reses people if they die during that time. It can also pull people out of bad situations if cast in air, or if you're not sure about how long you're going to last under attack, cast it in fire and the next time you're downed, you'll get right back up again. It's crazy handy, but if you run with a dedicated group of all-stars who never die and are pros at everything they ever do, you could probably swap this out with something else.

Elite: Glyph of Elementals. Not my favourite pick, but it gets the cooldown reduction and the other elites aren't much better. Air elemental is ranged, so it usually manages to live its entire duration in boss fights. If you need even more chilled (and who doesn't love slowing enemies to a crawl?), the ice elemental has you covered (if it doesn't die instantly, anyway).

Traits: 30 fire, 10 air, 10 water, 20 arcane.

Fire traits are Internal Fire (VI), Pyromancer's Alacrity (VII), and Pyromancer's Puissance (XII). As you can see, full damage output. Fire is my go-to line when something needs to die right now. That's not the only reason I go 30 into fire; that 30% extra condition duration is fabulous with all the (non damaging) conditions I tend to throw around.

Air trait is Quick Glyphs (III) 20% off the cooldown of 4 of my skills (one of which is your heal) is handy. Not much else to say about it.

Water trait is Aquamancer's Alacrity (I). From supporting with heals or dropping frozen grounds, 20% faster recharges is great. The extra vitality and healing aura are nice to have as well.

Arcane traits are Elemental Attunement (V) and Blasting Staff (VIII). Getting more might when you go into fire to nuke something, or a regeneration when you're about to jump to water to heal, is nice to have. Larger AoE sizes help you keep mobile mobs in the fire a bit longer, or give a group member a bit more space to kite in a frozen ground.

Equipment: Power, toughness, vitality. Elementalist is so amazingly squishy, so shoring up your defenses seems like a good idea to me. Power is there so you don't hit like a wet noodle. Other stats don't really fit the build. Compassion isn't so useful when you're not sitting in water all the time, and you're not exactly dishing out condition damage. You don't crit a lot, but you aren't relying on it either.

Runes: Svanir. Extra toughness, chill duration (I love chill, it neuters mobs so handily), and an extra out if your health gets low in the form of ice block.

Sigil: I'm currently using superior chilling (both for the duration and the fact I'm poor), but I've heard swapping attunements counts as weapon swapping, so battle might be a better choice.

Questions, comments, criticisms?

I don't crit enough.

23 September 2012 - 03:14 AM

I realize level 20 isn't exactly where it's at, and I know I put far too many eggs into a much too small basket, but it had to be done.

Posted Image

That's without fury up. Could probably get it higher, but I'm not willing to spend several silver on stuff I'll replace soon.

I wish my elementalist had even half this killing power.

Sword - What's its purpose?

02 September 2012 - 06:34 AM

I can't figure out how to make this weapon shine in PvE. It seems like every trait build I can come up with can be improved simply by swapping out the sword for a mace.The only thing I can see where the sword shines is its ability to proc things really fast with its triple third strike. That'd work really well with Altruistic Healing + Right Handed Strength + Empowering Might, but that's 10 trait points too many. Altuistic Healing without Empowering Might would make mace more effective with its healing symbol procing AH like crazy, and going without Right Handed Strength seems to be crippling the only thing sword is good at - procing stuff via crits. Dumping Altruistic healing would drastically cripple your ability to say in melee range which mace doesn't suffer from due to the aforementioned symbol.

Am I just missing something here, or is this weapon next to useless for guardians?