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#1991442 No Death Repair in WvW, Instead....

Posted deitiesforce on 04 October 2012 - 07:27 AM

I think it is a great idea but then people are gonna use the gold sink argument.....

#1989104 Need info about new(1/10) DR system

Posted Uhhsam on 03 October 2012 - 03:09 PM

I think a way to avoid the DR is to consume a food crafted with apples once per day.  At least that's what my grandmother used to say.

#1920561 Tough topic. Buying Gold. How it affects you and the game.

Posted snowlines on 12 September 2012 - 02:04 AM

When you buy from gold sellers, you are effectively hiring foreign criminals to hack people's accounts, ruin others playtime, exploit and ruin the game economy with inflation measures and regularly attack A-net's databases. The gold sellers are also extremely likely to target you and your details/identity for future hacking & scamming.

All that just so you can get some pixel shiny slightly sooner, and probably feel bored with the game earlier. It's just never worth it, ever.

#1882974 Kinda bored of the game already

Posted FendarProt on 05 September 2012 - 08:40 AM

I remember back in the day I played Final Fantasy games like crazy, in this example lets use Final Fantasy VII since it's the most played. The first time through I beat it with some ease, a little bit of tactic used and watched the end cinematic. The next day I started the game over again making sure I didn't miss anything as I went, from summons to weapons to materia and of course reached lvl 99. Killing Sephiroth was a brease and almost pointless.

Point being, I had no reason to go back through the game with an end game concept in my mind. It was completed, the goal was achieved and I could have moved on. Yet I wanted the strongest weapons, I wanted to see the best materia set ups I could come up with, I played again for the most basic content. I certainly had no reason to compete with others, other than the basic bragging right of having completed the entire game.

Fast foward and I'm still doing the same thing with games, as are most of us. We play a game and try and see all the content it has to offer, to see different story lines. We take breaks and come back to it, sometimes decades later. I still have my snes with mario, zelda, donkey kong and other classics that I touch here and there. It's the same concept here, to create a game that doesn't force you to play, doesn't drive you mad playing and is just enjoyable to see.

There are still other weapons and gear to get to set you apart from others while giving you some satisfaction through work. Yes, at the same time the person who puts in no work towards it will still be as strong as you as far as weapon to weapon goes, but if armor design is something you're into then you have that. You have your basic MMO goals with pvp and pve still, completing objectives, seeing new content, farming, making food, weapons, armor or whatever you want..

On top of that you say it feels like the PvE is pointless in this game, but many times over the same argument is used in popular modern mmos. You get the best armor you possibly could from deathwing and now it's about to be all pointless. You're back to point a, leveling, gearing, farming, learning new fights, failing on tough fights, succeeding finally, completing dungeon, doing hard mode, completing, done, bored until next content release. It's an endless cycle thats continuation with slight alterations over the years has left most people begging for a brand new concept. Same goes for pvp, you level, you farm some basic pvp gear, you farm pvp kills, grab gear as you can, rank up as high as possible.

Here as a PvE you're not told to farm for such gear, you're asked if you'd like to. "Hey we have this lovely rainbow item, would you like to work for it?" not the "Well, if you plan on getting into this raid you'll need to get ____ item to boost your stats up high enough to play with us"

PvP: "Do you want to be competitive? Well I hope you have some time on your hand to farm kills.. or you might lag behind others." and here its "Do you want to be competitive? L2p, know your class, know your weapon swaps, learn to dodge, learn the scheme of pvping.. just learn to play"

Lets say a new expansion is released for GW2 a year down the road with new content, 5 more levels, with new traits and whatever else. Our going "back to point a" will consist of having to... level, learn new content, fail, succeed. You wont have to farm for gold or mats to get new pre-raid gear, you wont have to do 10 dungeons at least several times with some luck and get the gear you want/need, or have to start farming pvp kills to get the honor/points for new gear.

Your competition is still out there tho. There are still players who are better at their class than you, except now they're better than you simple because they know and can execute their class better than you. I kinda wish there was a full dps mod for the game just to see how I fair as far as assisting and dpsing to exemplify this fact though.

Also there is the good ol' day completing content because thats all we needed. I don't know why others don't see this when really it's pretty much only MMOs that have trained us this way. Action games, sports games, ect just load up on content that has little point really but to just complete it.. with the exception of some FPS.

If you're dying too much, finding the game boring, or/and especially finding DEs boring then you're really either just ranting and trolling with out objectifying yourself before spilling out vomit or at best sensible un-thought words, or you're so easily trained that the very MMOs that you've at some time probably also complained about has left you not knowing what to do in this enviroment with out all those things that you complained about.

I'm sorry you do not enjoy this game which does not require you run in circles catching your tail like a dog. I'm sorry you die a lot, try going into a battle with a different mind set, learn from your failures and you'll succeed quite easily. Finaly, if you find DE's boring I have to assume you're a troll. To me boring is walking to an npc, having a quest that I could read but probably wont, killing x amount and running back to said npc. DEs aren't really that far apart, but at least another DE can all of a sudden pop up right on top of you, or I can kill and collect stuff and i can just jump in with out any redundant reading such as WoW or especially SWTOR vocals.

#1670915 [Answered] Names held for deleted characters

Posted FuzzyGreenBunnies on 03 August 2012 - 08:49 AM

I think this has been posted before in these forums, but here is the screenie someone took


#1637062 What weapon would you prefer for your profession

Posted Baron von Scrufflebutt on 26 July 2012 - 08:22 AM

Melee staff for the thief, preferably as a physical/magical mix. The first attack is your average physical chain, followed by some magical options.
Staff for the ranger - druid style. Magic focused.
Melee weapon for the engineer - preferably mace/mace. Very damage focused.

#1576527 Starting Day - the OCD Plan

Posted HappyDragon on 06 July 2012 - 05:27 AM

Here's my plan:
-Pick a server. Get frustrated when I find out that the server is full. After several failed attempts at joining, pick another server.
-Make one character. Spend one hour creating said character.
-Dye armor with appropriate colors. Realize that the armor color clashes with the character color. Go back and mess with the character creator some more.
-Think really hard of a character name. After half an hour, come up with a really cheesy name.
-When in-game, see someone with a character whose name and appearance I really like. Why didn't I think of that?
-Eventually warm up to my character. Unlock weapon skills, do hearts, DEs, skill challenges, etc.
-Find random mountain. Try to climb it, in the hopes of finding a secret at the top.
-There is no secret. Jump off mountain.
-About to move on to next zone. Realize I forgot one point of interest on the other side of the map. The nearest waypoint is contested.
-Search for guild. Find one that I like. It's on a different server. Silently weep that I can't join them in WvW.

Edited, because I came up with some more stuff.