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In Topic: Frost and Flame Finale - Why a Dungeon?

24 April 2013 - 11:48 AM

Why is it that when the Devs announce something everybody rushes to the forum to complain about whatever it is? Had it been single-player content I bet you anything that threads would have been made complaining about how F&F is single-player only.

Arena.net put alot of work into an experimental way to tell new stories within their game, they added new events, monster variations, 2 new mini-story instances with voice-over, 1 new set of pretty badass weapons, 1 new backback skin and 4 new weapon skins (according to preview articles). On top of that they're adding a whole new dungeon! ALL THAT FOR FREE! (The skins are dependant on the gem-store for sure, but even there you could simply exchange gold for it)

Why in the world you would need to go to forums and complain is beyond me, especially if its about an MMO giving cooperative content, again, for FREE.  The game doesn't force you to go inside and play the dungeon, if you don't have the time to form-up a party with your friends, guild or gw2lfg then simply focus on something else for that session.

The game isn't perfect but for *****'s sake its getting annoying to see people come up with dumb arguments to view the game negatively.

In Topic: What does your Sylvari heavy armor look like?

14 April 2013 - 02:36 PM

Here's mine:

Posted Image

Posted Image

Its a mix of Arah (Chest-Legs) with CoF (Hands-Boots) and the helmet is from the Barbaric crafting set. I think the gold doesn't look quite good right now, but I'll wait for Twilight before I switch to Abyss (I'd rather spend that gold on T6 mats right now lol).

In Topic: Interesting Book Written in Cipher in Durmand Priory.

03 March 2013 - 02:49 PM

It doesn't bring a flood of new information on this topic but Wooden Potatoes made a quite interesting video about this topic a few days ago.


In Topic: What's your favorite pop-culture reference?

11 January 2013 - 01:30 PM

Having my ranger switch pet and say "I choose you!" was brought me back to those days when we were playing pokemon on gameboy color. Felt like it was well implemented and not too goofy = )

There also a skritt in one of the sylvari story missions thats says something around the lines of "Bring back ALL the shinies!" lol.

In Topic: was Kuunavang linked to the ED's?

06 January 2013 - 02:54 PM

View Postdraxynnic, on 06 January 2013 - 05:34 AM, said:

On the fractals - while Jormag is the only dragon that we know of to be assaulting the Mists, keep in mind that the fractals do seem to be reflections of things that have happened elsewhere (or that might happen, or so on). The Jade Maw we fight, then, might not be a dragon minion itself, but may be a reflection in the Mists of a dragon champion that does (or did, or might in the future) exist in the Jade Sea. Of course, it could also just be a superpowered kraken... but on the other hand, that might be the form that champions of the DSD take. Maybe Zhu Hanuku will turn out to have been a minor champion of the DSD all along.

View PostKonig Des Todes, on 05 January 2013 - 11:39 PM, said:

The thing about the Jade Maw is that it's within the Mists - dragon minions wouldn't be there (except for Jormag's minions due to the Sons of Svanir capturing a havroun and opening portals that way). To me, the Jade Maw seems to be some uber Kraken (possibly the kraken getting a redesign with GW2) given its tentacles, and the fact that you can see a wurm in a block of jade (and in GW1, Leviathans used wurm animations).

As stated by Draxynnic, the Fractals are a reflection of events, the beings we meet there aren't necessarely "alive". I wouldn't rule out the fact that dragon minions or things corrupted by the ED could be present in the dungeons. In fact, the Snowblind Fractal features the Sons of Svanir (who do worship Jormag) as well as Icebrood Wolves (Those are affected by Jormag's corrupted).

View PostKonig Des Todes, on 05 January 2013 - 11:39 PM, said:

I would not consider Leviathans to be DSD minions - or the Jade Maw. Main reason is that the minions are made from water, and the Leviathan is a lot like a giant caterpillar, while the Jade Maw seems to be some mixture of torment demon, Leviathan, and kraken.

Given how much we know about the Dragons' effects on Cantha and how much of the lore has been twisted to fit the new story, nearly everything could be a dragon minion and everything could have been corrupted by dragons if we haven't seen or heard of it yet (which kinda goes back to the first reply in this thread, "we don't know".) The GW1 models as I've said, are a stretch, we do know that Bubbles creates tentacle-like minions but it may not be the exclusive form of minions he builds. The main thing which goes againts this theory is that all of those things seemed quite alive and awake when the Jade Wind "froze" them (given how close to the surface some of them are). Then agaiiin, if those were dragon minions, and if they were awake during Factions, it could point to a possiblity of Kuunavang being a champion ruling over those creatures (or any other draconic creature in Cantha). It's wild and improbable, but I'm puting it out there.