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#1914732 Optimal support/solo build for endgame PvE (Orr).

Posted ocirne23 on 11 September 2012 - 12:57 AM

This is a build designed to farm events in Orr. You will be able to easily handle enemy groups of atleast 8-12 Risen on your own, while keeping every ally alive and giving 25 stacks of might to yourself and 5 others during combat.


The playstyle revolves around exploiting the single most overpowered trait in the entire game, no contest.

"Renewed Justice"; Virtue of Justice is renewed whenever you kill a foe.

Also; "Justice is Blind"; When activating Virtue of Justice, nearby foes are blinded. And "Inspired Virtue"; Justice applies 3 stacks of might to allies for 5 seconds.

Fights can be initiated with "Leap of Faith", or by simply using "Retreat!" to walk in. Then using "Binding Blade" to ball enemies up if they're not already. Folowed by Whirling Wrath, Virtue of Justice, (Leap of Faith if not used), Symbol of Wrath, Swap to Mace/Shield, Symbol of Faith, Protector's Strike.

After this combo, some things should have died or are very close to dieing. Right now is the time to..

SPAM Virtue of Justice like your life depends on it.

Hotkey Justice to a key you can easily spam as fast as possible. Every time something dies, you gain 3 stacks of might for ~8 seconds, blind every enemy around you, and apply a stack of vulnerabilty to every enemy around you.

Because of the recharge trait, you are completely invulnerable after the first thing dies. Enemies should be dieing one after another allowing you to spam blinds faster than any creature's attack speed.

Now about the utilities. Having a Swiftness in Orr is essential to farming events. You will be running around, hunting for contested waypoints, ores to mine and random events to do constantly. Having an extra Aegis is needed to block pulls. This makes "Retreat!" invaluable.

"Hold the Line!" allows you to maintain Regeneration on yourself and allies. Protection is needed to keep yourself alive before you can spam justice.

"Sanctuary" is a really nice safety skill to have in Orr. Almost everything is melee or uses attacks that can be blocked by sanctuary. If you feel like you're going to die before you can kill something, pop a sanctuary. Also nice to be able to mine ores without being interrupted.

Other tips; Always activate your virtues. The activation is way more beneficial to your allies and yourself then the passive will ever be. As soon as you lose ~3k health, use Resolve to heal back to full, and heal every ally. Also gives everyone ~10+(?) seconds of regeneration, further healing for ~ 270 per second.

Standing in a symbol will heal you for about 230 per second because of Writ of the Merciful. Standing in 2 will double that for a few seconds. Together with Regeneration and Protection from Hold the Line, and stronger passive Resolve, you will be healing for about 900 health per second for a few seconds. Enough to survive any amount of mobs. If your health drops low, pop all your virtues to give yourself some more time. If that's still not enough, you have Sanctuary and Renewed Focus.

With this build, I make a little under 1 gold per hour by trying to do as many events as possible and mining all the ores I see. Currently using Rune of the Pirate for Magic Find, but the runeset in the build would provide better combat effectiveness.

#2003512 Petition to change SE to SF

Posted checkmate187 on 08 October 2012 - 08:08 PM

GW2 is not GW1.

#1924698 How are you "supposed" to play the game?

Posted Tevesh on 12 September 2012 - 11:57 PM

The only truth is, play it the way you want. If the game does not support your  preferred playstyle, it's bad for you. Not bad in a vacuum, or on some unopinionated scale, but personally for you. The people who would tell you otherwise, they have no clue. For your experience it's totally irrelevant what they think about how great the game is.

Playing as 'it's supposed to be played' is like letting the game play YOU instead of the way it's meant to be: you play the game. This is just wrong. Go with your heart, rush through the content if that's what you want. I did and now I feel immensely relieved of the need to grind gear, face level locking or scaling or content access problems, anything. I can just log in whenever I want, go whereever I want - to any instance, to WvW - and not feel gimped. THIS is the way any game is meant to be played.

#1716534 Speed Leveling Tips

Posted Zurvanmor on 12 August 2012 - 03:52 AM

Welcome! This thread is dedicated to the science of fast leveling. I have done my best to condense my GW2 speed leveling wisdom into this first post. I hope it is of use to you. I have outlined the conclusions I have come to and done my best to show you the reasons why I came to them. This thread is and will remain a work in progress, I will be coming back to it and adding new relevant information as I discover it.

The first step to any good cost benefit analysis is knowing proportionally how much exp a given activity grants. http://wiki.guildwar...wiki/Experience is your friend. The second step is the practical experience of knowing how much time it takes to complete a given activity (whether it be killing a monster, exploring an area, or completing an event.)

Edit: This guide has undergone many revision, additions, and excisions. Initially it overemphasized the value of bonus exp, now I believe it appropriately reflects the typical trade-offs between bonus exp and dynamic event completion speed. I will leave my other posts in the thread intact, but know that the ideas presented in this post are the ones I have judged to be the most important and hold the most truth to them.

Why Bonus Exp Matters

The longer a given mob has been alive, the more bonus exp it accumulates.

Based on observations from the last BWE and the following stress tests (as well as the wiki article above) 1 monster kill with no bonus exp is generally worth about 1/50 the xp of completing a stage in a dynamic event of the same level (With the main variable other than event/mob level being the level of contribution made to the event...bronze, silver or gold)


As shown by the above video (which I did not create) bonus exp from mobs that have been alive for a long time can be up to about 3.5 times regular exp, which is then added to exp, inflating the value of kills to 4.5 of its original value.

Therefore assuming every mob you kill has been alive long enough to gain maximum bonus exp your kills are worth about (rounded for convenience as per usual) 1/10 of the completion of a dynamic event.

Why you should play in a group

Simply put there is little reason not to play in a group. This is because everyone who tags a mob (does at least 5-10% of its hp in damage) gains full exp and loot for it and the mob will get killed much faster. As long as your group is organized (or small, larger groups will need better organization but will yield higher returns) enough to make sure that its members generally are all able to tag a mob before it is killed then there are no downsides. In addition to this you will complete dynamic events much faster. Dynamic events as they are currently implemented are not designed to be soloed easily. They tend to scale relatively little when more players are in the area and as such, the more people are doing the event, the faster it gets completed.

Finding Balance

When you fight in areas that not as many other players are in you will tend to get more exp due to bonus exp having accumulated on the mobs. However since not as many players are around you will take much longer to complete events. Assuming that you are flying solo and speed leveling very quickly you will need to make a decision when you begin to reach higher level areas. Is the bonus exp (and more level appropriate loot) enough to offset the slower rate of event completion? There is no one size fits all answer to this, it will vary on a case by case basis, so you will need to weigh the pros and cons if you find yourself in this situation.

However, if you are able to play in an organized group of players then you may find (most likely to greater extent the more players that are in your group) that you don't need to make this tough decision. By playing with other speed levelers you will be able to both complete events quickly, and gain the benefits of bonus exp at the same time. This is because your group will be moving together, and if it is organized its members should be able to tag most of the mobs it is killing and thus gain the high bonus exp, whereas if the same number of players were spread out at random across the zone, rarely working together, then they would simply be stepping on each others toes by not sharing bonus exp, and also not benefiting from faster mob kills and event completions.

Staying Organized

If you don't intend to play with a relatively fixed group of people in GW2 then you can skip this entire section. This advice is mainly for groups size 3+, since duos won't benefit too much from this much organization. The following is the strategy my group will personally be using unless I figure out a better one before launch.

Start by designating each player as either Center, Left, or Right.

The player whose role is Center (I don't think it would be wise to have more than one designated as center for organizational purposes) steers the group in the direction it is supposed to go, they also have responsibility for pulling mobs that are the most directly in the groups path. Lefts pull mobs that are on the groups left flank or mobs that are on the relative left side of the groups path. Rights do the same but for mobs on the right side. Once a Left or Right has tagged a mob (or two if there are two close to each other) they immediately begin moving towards the player designated as Center. The player designated as Center has the job of making sure that all the mobs reach him at roughly the same time. While moving back in towards center the player should still be attacking mobs, however as soon as a mob pulled by a player other than them comes into their range they should swap to it and tag it, and basically try to tag as many different mobs pulled by various party members as possible before they reach the center, but of course always making sure they are attacking something. Once all mobs (or most if for some reason one is obviously going to be late) have reached center all players immediately mash their aoe skills, nuking them all down.

It should be noted that these roles are simply a priority, if the nearest mob on the left is too far away from the group relative to other mobs then the left players will simply temporarily redirect their energies and help center or right pull mobs until there are mobs at an appropriate range on their side, at which point their role priority takes precedence.

Note that this strategy assumes that all mobs involved are melee attackers. Ranged mobs are a hassle because you aren't usually going to be able to pull them in with the rest while still dpsing them down, and when you do kill them they will likely be out of the way, requiring that all your group members specifically trek over to the body to loot it (or not get loot from it at all) which wastes time. For this reason I would recommend avoiding ranged mobs that aren't directly in your groups path. If they are in your groups path then you can have your center attack them and have your group members pull the melee mobs in to aoe down as per usual.

Keeping up your speed

While rushing around chaining events and killing bonus exp mobs is great exp in the short run, remember that there are longer term forces at work that effect how quickly you can gain exp. Taking a few minutes away from your farming when convenient to address these concerns can easily increase your exp/hour by enough to compensate for the time spent on them.

Weapons. While the rest of your gear is important too, weapons in particular have a large impact on your dps, and thus your exp/hour, make sure to replace them every 5-10 levels whenever it is relatively convenient or your mob killing speed will suffer.

Skill points. I recommend planning your build out in advance and then deciding how many skill points you need for it and placing extra emphasis on obtaining skill points until you hit your quota. Once you have all your skill slots filled with your desired abilities then you can ignore skill points if you wish.

Eat Food (Debunked)

Despite what the wiki (and ingame buff tooltips) say, you do not get an additional 10 exp per kill while the buff is active. This is confirmed as of the 8/15 stress test. It is possible that it is a typo and you get +10% exp, however I was unable to confirm this due to my character gaining relatively low experience.


Some people who achieved high levels in the beta reported having success leveling through WvW. In general these people reported leveling very quickly to a level such as 30, 40, or 50, and then entering WvW and being a one man army and going around taking objectives for exp (that’s not to say they ran around solo, they still grouped up with large forces to take things since it would be stupid not to.) In light of this I have analyzed some exp numbers. I hope my summary gives you a good idea of the kind of exp returns you can expect from WvW.

Kill player. Worth about ¼ of a full bonus exp kill since you typically don’t get a bonus.
Kill Supply Caravan. Worth about 2.5 as much as a full bonus exp kill.
Capture Supply Depot. Worth ten times as much as a full bonus exp kill (about as much as the average event stage gives in PvE)
Capture Keep. Worth forty times as much as a full bonus exp kill.

You will also receive some bonuses due to monthly achievements being completed, but in the long run these will be minor.

I would say it’s generally unrealistic to think that you will be able to count on getting the same or better exp in WvW as you would event chaining in PvE, however there are going to be exceptions, mainly depending on how badly your team is steamrolling the other team and whether you are there when they are still in the process of capturing the various points.

Crafting and Gathering

Take a look at the Experience page linked earlier to determine how cost effective crafting/gathering is, below I have summarized my conclusions based on the data.

If you have money to spare then you can level up about as fast, potentially faster, crafting than you would out in the field doing events and killing mobs. This is predicated on your having money to spend on the materials. For leveling crafting I would generally recommend heavily utilizing the discovery system since you get double exp (both crafting and character) when you discover a new recipe. Most professions have a fairly basic format for discovering new recipes. For example you could combine Dagger Hilt + Dagger Blade + Inscription (a big source of variety in crafting as it determines stat distribution) and simply change inscriptions every time and rank up your crafting level quickly, no need for guesswork.

If you see a node. Gather it, it's good exp and money. In group play this will slow exp down a tiny bit, but it's worth good money so I would still do it.

Misc in FAQ Form

Q: Should I kill mobs/complete events lower than my level? My level? Higher?

A: Check the Exp chart from the GW2 Wiki page I linked at the top. I am pretty confident there is no bonus exp for killing mobs that are greater than you in level apart from the fact that their exp is increased due to the fact that the exp needed per level increases (this results in GW2's linear leveling curve.) In terms of exp numbers, killing a mob a level higher typically grants 1 more exp than a mob a level lower would have. I would recommend farming mobs roughly your level if you are solo, but it isn't a big deal if you are killing mobs 3-4 levels lower or higher so don't pass by events just because they are a bit away from your level. You may also want to take the size of your group into account when determining what level mobs you should be fighting. In general you will want to be fighting mobs high enough level that your group doesn't kill them before everyone has tagged them often.

With all this said I am currently looking to find a group of players who have the same goal as me: leveling quickly. I am going to wake up just before the GW2 servers launch for headstart and play for as long as I can bear in the coming days. Yes, I have no life at the moment, but I really would prefer to get as much as I can done now because sadly in early September I will begin to have a life as I attend college. If any players reading this plan on doing the same at launch (or better yet already have a group of people planning on doing the same) then please let me know. I would like to get a group organized so that we may work together to level quickly. The more the merrier, I am sure that everyone involved will have a different amount of life that they plan to cater to (and thus end up at different levels) so it would be beneficial to have more people so that people at different levels of time-spent-playing-so-far can have a group to play with.

Edit: We now have 5 people (including myself) who will be grouping up together for speed leveling. I am still looking for more players however so if you are interested send me a message =]

Edit2: Guesting will not be released at launch. However my group still intends to play together on the same server.

I’d like to hear your input

If you have any tips that you think would benefit players in their pursuit of leveling quickly feel free to share them. Also feel free to ask me any on-topic questions. I will be reading every post in this thread and will answer them.

#1645705 Warrior damage in BWE3 is incredibly pathetic. How do you think ArenaNet coul...

Posted Archaes on 28 July 2012 - 04:38 AM

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