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GeForce 310.54 BETA Driver: The Situation Improves (a bit)

12 November 2012 - 07:34 PM

As stated in the topic, the 310.54 BETA driver now available does improve the GW2 situation slightly.

In my testing, I saw a 4-16% framerate increase in Lions Arch alone.  In some areas, that gain wasn't tangible at all, but in others still (Bloodtide Coast for example) I saw a nearly 20% boost.

You can download them here:


The drivers improve a TON of games by noticeable levels across the board.  These are nVidia's equivalents of the 12.11 drivers from AMD, and honestly, likely one of the last major Kepler GPU boosts you're going to see, at least of this scale.

I believe, and this is only at a glance, that this performance improvement comes from how the drivers are calling functions in the Direct3D API.  There was far more core saturation under both Fermi and Kepler architectures (particularly the latter) with these drivers.  That explains the substantial performance increases in Black OPS 2, as it's using a modified engine that calls on a few functions not as heavily used in newer DX11 games (despite BO2's DX11 status)  

I should also note that this performance increase is as of this current build.  Considering the strange build phenomena we've seen with GW2, there is absolutely no guarantee any performance gains will be maintained on the next build of the game.  Please keep that in mind when downloading ANY driver.

PS: This driver fixes the bluescreen issue in Windows 8 that the last 2 driver variants had.  

This is a beta driver.  You assume any and all risk by installing and utilizing this driver.  While I have tested this driver and found it to be quite stable across 3 different platforms, this is not a guarantee of stability or system integrity.

Please do a clean installation when installing these drivers and do not apply any performance tweaks until you have tested them with default settings.  

They should be quite stable, and I saw no erratic spikes in power use, temperatures, etc.  Overall, there was a 1-2% increase on VRM load and a 2% temperature variance when compared to non-BETA 306.97

Crazy Infraction Window?

23 October 2012 - 04:57 PM

So, having not received any infractions for quite a while, I was greeted today upon login to a window that had the messages of my only 2 prior infractions.  There was no way to browse the website with those in the middle of the screen, since they greyed out the background of the site and any options except the top navigation bar.

The issue is, there was no button to remove them.  I figured the button was below, but I couldn't access it in ANY browser.  It would cut off at slightly different lengths, but otherwise, you can't see the button.

Luckily, I'm able to rotate my ASUS monitor to portrait as it's a professional monitor.  So, I did that and changed the orientation in Windows to portrait mode. Only then was I able to see the "I Understand" button.

This must be some new system of a bug, but either way, I highly recommend disabling it until you can get the scaling fixed or make it scrollable (which it isn't as of right now btw).

Attached is a screenshot illustrating the issue.  I've removed almost all of the text revealing the nature of the infraction, the moderator, etc.

Posted Image

GPU Recommendations: Changing Landscape

05 October 2012 - 04:21 PM

Per this move:  http://www.anandtech...50-prices-again

It is now incredibly difficult to recommend an nVidia card.  Expectations of price drops from nVidia are high, but there has been no word.  

New pricing is as follows:

Posted Image

Source-  Anandtech.com

So what do you guys think of this very aggressive move on the part of AMD?   My guess is that they are moving into a heavy market saturation mindset, and that even with previous pricing, nVidia's marketing was just too strong.   These prices should nearly completely negate that effect unless there is a counter from nVidia (of which they have PLENTY of room to reduce prices and maintain excellent margins).  

Honestly though, with the amount of money nVidia is putting into R&D right now, I do not expect any price cuts.  This would be a foley though, so only time will tell if nVidia's current need for extremely high margins outweighs their business sense.

Kepler: Round 4, The GTX 660 (GK106) Reviewed.

13 September 2012 - 01:34 PM

Let's start with things you want to know:

Price:  MSRP = $229 USD, and factory overclocked cards are, surprisingly, coming in at that same MSRP, which makes them a no brainer.

Baseline Performance:  Depends on the game.  Yeah, that's the bad news and good news.  It trades blows with the HD 7870, in some titles losing, in others winning.

Power, Heat, Noise:  The GK106 chip is unbelievably efficient, just like its bigger brother GK104.  This situation is made even more obvious because GK106 is a very small chip, almost identical in size to Pitcairn.  It runs cooler, quiet (especially using a non blower solution) and uses very little power, especially at load.  

Cons:  After 1920x1200, performance tapers off very dramatically.  The same occurs with the use of heavy MSAA, just as we saw with the GTX 660 Ti.  That is not to say it can't handle MSAA, but don't expect to be turning it up to 8x on all but the worst console ports.  You can crank settings on some games, especially those without massive performance demands (see Crysis, Metro, BF3).  FXAA 3 works stunningly well as usual, as does TXAA 1x (Borderlands 2!)

Additionally, it's not $199 as originally planned.  Though, in light of AMD's pricing schedule, this makes perfect sense.  It also is the EXACT same launch price as the GTX 460 was, so there's that comparison to peek at too.  Considering it's essentially 100% faster than the GTX 460, it's a no brainer of an upgrade for those of you on the fence.  


Anandtech:  http://www.anandtech...e-kepler-family

Techspot: http://www.techspot....660-review.html

[H]ardOCP:  http://www.hardocp.c...eo_card_review/

The Tech Report:  http://techreport.co...0-graphics-card

Guru3D: http://www.guru3d.co...-ii-top-review/

XBit Labs:  http://www.xbitlabs....ce-gtx-660.html

Hexus:  http://hexus.net/tec...-gtx-660-ex-oc/

Overclockers: http://www.overclock...gtx660gc-review

As of this post, Tom's had no reviews up.  

Word of caution, but tempered with logic:  Many of these reviews are using factory overclocked cards, not reference.  While normally this isn't acceptable, the fact that almost all these factory OCed cards are the same price as reference gives it some precedent.  That said, if you buy a reference card despite the pricing fact, read a review for that.  Anandtech, for example, tests ONLY a reference card in their review.  Any card other than reference is going to perform BETTER than reference.

Gravitar gone

24 August 2012 - 04:19 PM

Gravitar avatars are now missing, and the option has disappeared from the site.  While this isn't a big deal in the scope of things, notice might have been a good thing.  Half the forum users are now missing their avatars, which is rather... strange looking.  

Is it removed permanently or is this a glitch?