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#2194012 Camelot Unchained

Posted LadyPvP on 22 April 2013 - 01:30 PM

Alright I'm in, I'm sold, I have my pledge in now for the $110 tier. I hope there's enough room in the safe lands for housing, because I really don't want my stuff burned down every single day that would get old fast.

#1960273 Incoming dungeon changes

Posted Baron von Scrufflebutt on 23 September 2012 - 06:54 AM

Does that mean we can hope for account-wide karma next?

#1917779 Game is more "Diablo" than GW or WoW..

Posted kidawk on 11 September 2012 - 03:45 PM

View PostDulu, on 11 September 2012 - 03:36 PM, said:

If you are a veteran of Diablo 2, you will see a lot of similarities between GW2 and D2.

Lack of a trinity, but some classes having more "supportish" roles. Paladins/Guardians, some Druid specs/some ranger specs (tri spirit BM ranger).

The Sorc/Ele having almost an identical set of spells, even specializations.

Magic Find stat.

Grindy playstyle with repeatable "events" rather than tradition quests.

The crafting system (once maxed) in this game is identical to Diablo 2, except D2 had runes - which I think this game should bring along. (being able to make Runeword weapons from rare drop runes, etc).

This game, to me, seems more like a GOOD sequel to Diablo 2 than the innovative genre-busting game that would smash WoW like we were promised.

And you know what? That's OK.

I liked Diablo 2 - and I like GW2.

While ArenaNet was founded by some employees who did work on D2, I actually find that the game is more similar to FF7.

They achieved this in their animation, gameplay cinematics, and in some other ways within the personal story.

When I play this game, it feels like a culmination of some of the greatest RPGs/MMOs ever and not one single game.

I find it a bit curious that an uprising in posts like this have been present prior to the release of the garbage product that is being advertised in the above banner ad space.

#1912655 Official Guild Wars 2 Trailer: Our Time is Now (Zhaitan Spoiler) & GW2 Sa...

Posted Guest 34905 on 10 September 2012 - 05:45 PM

Meeh compared to some crappy CGI trailers from past MMO's this was actually pretty decent.

#1862857 GW2 is EPIC quit the QQ'ing!

Posted ObbiShadowdragon on 01 September 2012 - 08:53 PM

Its a great game, i must be honest the trader being down so long is really annoying and its had a lot of bugs but its a lot to get right when you have 400k people playing concurrent before its even officially launched. Keep up the good work Anet. How many company's have the level of communication Anet have? F all. Its a one cost game so if you don't think you've got your moneys worth your full of it and there's a lot of other options out there. Cya later if your not happy.

#1862927 *SPOILERS* So... Zhaitan...

Posted Macha on 01 September 2012 - 09:07 PM

I believe it was stated multiple times that Elder Dragons are moved by their instinct to destroy or corrupt everything only.

From those premises, I wouldn't even assume that they are able to communicate with inferior beings. Why should you harbor the desire to speak with the ants you stomp upon?

#1848796 "u suck noob, play a real class"

Posted Bydesign on 30 August 2012 - 04:12 PM

"u suck noob, play a real class"  I took out the profanity.  But that's basically what somebody said to me last night while i was pvping on my thief after a long day of work as i proceeded to pummel his face into the ground.

#1848578 The great big "Oh dear I got banned" thread

Posted dd790 on 30 August 2012 - 03:42 PM

View PostFirstAdonis, on 30 August 2012 - 03:27 PM, said:

Most of them also didn't thought they will get a 3 days ban for a few f words.
The account ban was unnecessary.Most of the players would have learned their lesson if they would have known that they ban for swearing (insert rules argument).

They told Anet that they had read and accepted the Rules of Conduct before playing, and one of those rules is do not swear

#1815708 Cant Log In?

Posted Artphul on 25 August 2012 - 11:35 AM

View PostAicha1, on 25 August 2012 - 11:26 AM, said:

Frankly I prefer some bugs or queues over not even getting past the log in screen (not that GW2 doesn't have bugs from what I read on the forums, grouping problems, chat problems, sPvP servers turned off, WvW issues, issues giving out HoM rewards). Worst launch in years.

boo troll

#1814139 Cant Log In?

Posted baka125 on 25 August 2012 - 06:52 AM

View PostLodar, on 25 August 2012 - 06:43 AM, said:

Well Im sorry but Anet should be ashamed right now. Their website still states the headstart didnt actually start. So this is just very bad management and misleading to the customer. I set an alarm clock to be in time and now my names might be taken because of an unofficial headstart.. wow.

They announced it on multiple sources. You should be ashamed for not keeping up ;)

#1797618 Legendary Weapons Now Easier To Get?

Posted jezuitx on 23 August 2012 - 04:26 PM

Oh ascalonian tears are easy to get.  You just need Charr onions and a knife.

#1788228 Change Charr Dance...

Posted not_they on 22 August 2012 - 05:21 PM

I think I saw a similarly named topic about norn dance... are we going to see about rest of races as well?

#1787320 Hall of Monuments & You

Posted Jenn on 22 August 2012 - 03:36 PM

Requests closed for the time being as I update the list and get rid of inventory. Please do not post "just in case" responses - they'll be ignored. Thanks everyone! I'll be on sporadically from now until the end of the weekend. After that I'm moving across the country and won't really have access to computer/internet for a while, so get in touch with me (if you're on the list) while you can!

My mental list of people I can potentially help:
  • AMIX_GW2: will buy 7000 sweet points if they 'make good' on other titles for 50/50
  • SuLor: can get husband to 30/50 (+4 points) via 3 armor points & 1 valor (weapon) point
  • neoryudo: can get 35/50 (+4 points), 1 fellowship point, 1 valor point, 2 resilience points
  • mataor: can get to 40/50 (+5 points), 4 in valor, 1 in fellowship
  • Aeronite: can get 35/50 (+5 points), 4 in valor, 1 in resilience
  • grayskull8: can get 35/50 (+5 points), 4 in valor, 1 in resilience
  • Aesa: can get 35/50 (+5 points), 4 in valor, 1 in resilience
  • Vahrkis: can send some cash for skill cap things your way, as well as some hero armors
  • Joandir: can get 48/50 (+3 points), 3 in valor
  • Jormag: can get 40/50 (+5 points), 4 valor points, 1 fellowship point
  • TheZoobler: can get to 35/50 (+5 points), 1 in resilience, 4 in valor
  • Swater96: can get to 30/50 (+4 points), 3 in resilience, 1 valor
  • SilentFlare: can get to 30/50 (+3 points), 3 valor
  • donf: give monies to this person!~
  • Operetta: can get to 35/50 (+5 points), 2 resilience, 3 valor
  • Galwen: can get to 35/50 (+4 points), 3 valor, 1 resilience
  • Eon Lilu: can get to 35/50 (+2 points), 1 relience, 1 valor
  • Jentari: can get to 40/50 (+2 points), 2 valor
  • Kentaro: can get to 35/50 (+5 points), 3 valor, 2 resilience
  • Zeratulz: can get to 30/50 (+5 poitns), 3 in resilience, 1 in devotion, 1 valor
  • demons_carnage: can get 35/50 (+5 points), all in valor
  • Ishmar: can get to 45/50 (+2 points), 2 in valor
  • zeekaya: can get 35/50 (+5 points), 3 fellowship points, 2 valor points
  • Classy Girl: armor set (+1 Resilience), torment weapons (+2 Valor)
  • Kerseimonou: can get to 35/50 (+5 points), 2 fellowship and 3 armor
  • miniforst: can get 40/50 (+4 points), 4 in valor
  • notunique: can give rest of ectos for Obsidian & 50/50!
  • victor78: can get to 35/50 (+5 points) via weapons & perhaps some armor
  • Imaginos: can get 35/50 (+4 points), 2 in valor, 1 in fellowship, 1 in resilience
  • Beodyn: +1 valor point, materials & crafting cost for a destroyer weapon
  • Aeryxia: have a "rare" minipet to give (+1), some hero armors (+1) & torment weapon (+2)
  • Xpheus: can get 40/50 (+3 points), 3 in valor
I'll be working from this list for now. I haven't even gotten through all of the posts, yet!
If your name is on this list, it is up to you to PM me here and arrange a time to meet in game! Or, just find me in game (IGN: Illfated Fat). Also, it's "first come, first serve." Even if you're on the list, I can't guarantee that supplies will last!


Pre-release is in a couple days, full release in just under a week.

I have a bit of a dilemma. I've already got a couple GWAMMs and a 50/50 HoM, but still have hundreds of armbraces and thousands of ecto. I've been holding on to it for some unknown reason over the years. I haven't really played Guild Wars in a couple years and I'm starting grad school in the fall so I won't have much time for Guild Wars 2 (not like GW1 wealth would benefit me at this point). So... what 2 do?

It's time to give it away. It's just time. Consider me your personal bank, except the only thing you do is make withdrawals.

Couple notes & restrictions:
- You must post your Hall of Monuments link and preferably your IGN
- You must have at least 25 points (if you don't by this point, I'm assuming it didn't matter much to you)
- You must have the intent of playing Guild Wars 2
- Do not PM me on the forums or in game unless I contact you first or you're 'on the list'. No begging, no expectations. Not everyone may get something
- I'm going to fking lynch any scammers and shut this down immediately if I come across one. Don't be a selfish prick.
- Addendum: if you're going to ask for help on consumable titles, please post your progress on them! =)

When you post, I'll check out your HoM and see how many points I can get you reasonably easily (no, I'm likely not going to buy anyone a full Drunkard Title. If it's half done, that's another story).

I can has sum free stuffs?
Posted Image
Yes, you can has sum free stuffs!

Happy Guild Wars 2, everyone. :) May the legacy continue!

P.S. In case anyone wonders - I'm posting it here instead of GWG because the people on this forum actually show interest in GW2
P.P.S. I had to post this again because my last attempt at giving my stuff away didn't work. I guess I wasn't obvious enough D:

If you would like to whine, criticize, rage, cry, send me pictures of sad kittens, or otherwise comment on just how unfair and unjust this kindness is, please direct those comments into my inbox. This thread is for people who are requesting help with their HoM. The guidelines have been decided and that's that.

#1779540 Waiting for Delivery

Posted Karuro on 21 August 2012 - 05:28 PM

View PostKyris, on 21 August 2012 - 05:10 PM, said:

When the hell will people learn; don't buy physical pre-orders because 90% of the time they come late... just buy the digital version
Not all of us own good 3D printers for our Rytlocks.

#1775019 Guild Wars 2 Stress Test: Tuesday the 21st of August

Posted TorgoGrooves89 on 21 August 2012 - 12:11 AM

Okay this time I'm gonna finally finish making my main. No, really. I mean it. No messing about. I'm definitely 100% just gonna focus on making my main... and maybe also go kill things for a bit :D