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Load times

19 April 2013 - 01:40 PM

so recently GW2's load times have been getting a bit silly at launch they are not that bad but now loading Lions Arch from character screen takes about 23 seconds and that is on an SSD...

why does it take so long?, i have played other games newer MMO's with better graphics ..(though the zones are not as big) and they load in about 4/5 seconds, that is a massive difference, ....

i have heard deleting the Local.dat helps so that is something i will test below

Files Sizes of Local.dat
Old 43mb
New 2.5mb

so i did some tests

SSD Old Local.dat: 23 seconds

SSD new Local dat: 23 seconds
7200RPM: 45 Seconds
5400RPM: 48 Seconds

so deleting the Local.dat did nothing really so why does it take 23 seconds to load an Area that is horrendous

Deus eX Machina [DxM] Gunnar's Hold

16 October 2012 - 05:03 PM

Posted Image
When God comes out of a machine, the impossible becomes possible!
Website : http://godt.enjin.com/home
Mumble : eu3.voice.enjin.com:64421
Server Gunnars Hold

Greetings all,
I am very proud to announce the relaunch of the new and improved Deus eX Machina [DxM], an international PvX guild that brings together Guild Wars 2 fans from around the world. Our goal is to have fun, and enjoy the community as we complete all the content Guild Wars 2 has to offer.

Mission Statement
[DxM] members have been playing MMORPGs for years, from Lineage2 to Aion, even WoW and FFXIV (oh god i said 2 games that should never be named ;) ) During these times we have realized that the factor which encouraged us to play, and made the games infinitely more enjoyable, was the community. And so in Guild Wars 2  our No.1 priority is having fun with the community, whilst we complete all the PVE, WvW and maybe even some SPVP content Guild Wars 2 has to offer. We accept people of 18+ and all nationalities; our only request is that you act maturely. DxM primary language is English.

Website features
- News Updates
- Forums
- Chat - chat feature built into the site so you can talk with other people on the site, in real time.
- Events Calendar
- Picture Gallery - every member can have their own.
- Video Gallery - where members can post their favourite videos
- Guild Roster
- Tooltip Syndication - with GW2DB and Guildhead
- Shoutbox - good for all ya spam
- Polls
- DxM Mumble viewer - just one click and come join the fun in mumble

Currently we have a hierarchy system of

Leader - Onyx
Retired Leader - Horus Blackbeard - has a lot of IRL stuffs going on at the moment but will be back

General Council

PvE Officer

WvW Officer

Core Players
Onyx – UK – Necromancer – a Manchester bred gaming idiot, Who has too much work and too little leisure time.
Syck – Belgium  – Engineer  –  Typical Princess Peach always needing Mario and Luigi to rescue her in a dungeon
Hólo - Dorset (UK) - Mesmer - Final Fantasy Fanatic, and guitar player
Deathknoll - Ireland (UK) - Ele - I like Chocobo's more than Hólo and i am a big Final Fantasy nut  
Jonnyfive - Wales(UK) - Ranger - Martial Artist and Education Worker for people with Autistic Spectrum Conditions
Raybunny - France - Warrior - Likes to face roll on his Warrior Like a boss
Akicita - Italy - Ranger - Master Tactician of WvW
Lorath - Poland - Thief - Rage quit his Ranger due to NERFS!
Benny - Liverpool (UK)- Engineer - Gamer, Likes Racoons and thinks Hólo is such a special guy ...
Wouter - Belgium - Guardian - Kinda shy but will jump through hoops to help guild mates

Open Position
Class / Number of open recs
Engineer / Open
Necro / Open
Thief / Open
Ele / Open
Warrior / Open
Ranger / Open
Mesmer / Open
Guardian / Open

If you are looking for a friendly  team oriented guild, which you can rely upon to get through the content of Guild Wars 2, feel free to submit an application at our site.

Ac Explorable any tips?

28 August 2012 - 02:54 PM

ok so me and a few friends tried AC Ex 2day and we was level 40, we got passed the first Spider queen and got to Lieutenant Kholer. now this guy was a beast, he has 2 adds and does this massive AOE pull that one shots you, anyone got any tips on how to defeat him and /or how to avoid this??


We're going to deploy a new build in 30mins

27 August 2012 - 11:13 PM

We're going to deploy a new build of #GW2 and do server maintenance in about 30 minutes. This may affect your connectivity. ~RB2

i REALLY hope this fixes allot of issues


guild wars 2 now capped at 63 fps?

06 August 2012 - 06:56 AM

so after the most recent update i am no longer able to get above 63 fps,

before i was able to get about 200 on the login screen, now i know it is only the login screen but why?

whats the logical reason behind capping it at 63??