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In Topic: F2P

28 September 2015 - 01:37 PM

View PostJemFayCrystal, on 26 September 2015 - 04:21 PM, said:

I agree in part but what I find happens is a misunderstanding with the label phrase FREE TO PLAY when actually you mean TRIAL ACCOUNT.  Because if it was truly f2p there would be NO restrictions.  It is not that I am mad at Anet for offering a trial or any game corp that lets people in their game without paying one cent.  It is the wording that misleads.  You are not going to buy a game if you don't get to try ALL of the game.

I would not be playing GW2 myself if it was not for EotM and SW.  SW is avail for f2p but if I understand right all WvW is not.  So if I was a f2p'er checking out GW2 for the first time I would have walked and not bought.

So it's a TRIAL not really a f2p.

WvW is unlocked once you have a level 60 character as a free account. The only restrictions on gameplay for the free accounts are a few "must reach this level" restrictions and a lack of Heart of Thorns content.

It truly is F2P. The restrictions that are there are there to prevent abuse, not to restrict play-ability and they revolve almost entirely around trading and chatting. They are unfortunate necessities in this age of bots and spammers.

In Topic: The Druid; ranger is dead to me.

28 September 2015 - 01:31 PM

You have to remember that the GW2 Druid is based off of the Tyrian Druid. Even with that said, the druids that we are familiar with outside of the game were famous for their astronomy and the moon/stars played pivotal roles in their development and beliefs. It is this idea that ANet seems to be playing with.

The Druids of GW2 were all about restoration and preservation of the immortal self (and the Maguuma). There can be no regrowth without destruction or destruction without regrowth and stuff like that. They used the waters of the Maguuma to perform healing rituals and shed their mortal forms in order to become closer to nature by becoming spirits. The skills play with the idea of balancing regrowth and destruction as a single entity.

So ANet has decided to tweak that background a bit (it seems) and liken/equal it to the original Weh No Su of Cantha with Celestial Forms. Which actually makes sense. The Celestial Forms are supposed to be the spiritual essence of the stars while the Druid spirit is supposed to be the spiritual essence of the original Druids who believed that the flesh was an illusion that detracts from the self. GW Druids are literally all about abandoning the self.

The theme makes sense when you take Tyria's history into consideration and still ties in to the real world druid mystic. No, it is not the stereotypical Druid from RPGs, but that is ANet's cup of tea after all. GW2's Druid seems to be much closer in theme to "real" druids than the standard Druid from other games ever was.

Personally? It absolutely screams Druid at me. The moon, sun, and stars are just as much nature as plants are. If you were to ask me to describe a Druid in a video game I would have gone with two options. A class that can shape shift as multiple animals, or a healer with a nature motif. Got there.

In Topic: The Off Topic Thread Part iki

25 September 2015 - 12:22 PM

And to think I just started replaying System Shock. All hail the glorious SHODAN!

In Topic: Play-for-Free Introduction Thread!

15 September 2015 - 02:02 PM

View PostMidnight Wolf, on 14 September 2015 - 08:58 PM, said:

I’ll start. Hello everyone, I have been playing MMOs since 2008, I have been playing games since I was 6 years old (thanks to my grandmother haha). I first learned about Guild Wars 2 about 2 years ago when some of my friends said they played it. I always ended up missing the free trial to give this game a try. I’m glad they are giving us a way to try it out for free. I started on crystal desert last week and have an elementalist there. Now I’m about to start on a second character either a ranger or a thief. If you want to play in-game send me a mail.

Have a nice day

Crystal Desert is where it is at. Woo Woo.

In Topic: Get To Know Your Mods!

04 June 2015 - 09:49 PM

View PostAero, on 31 May 2015 - 06:24 AM, said:

'high faluten'?
not sure I do!

Also am I the only one wondering what Corsair and his girlfriend moved into?  teepee? cave? covered wagon?

Boat. Like, duh.