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In Topic: Does CPU affect lag or ping

22 May 2015 - 02:39 PM

That's a tricky question. The short answer us no. "Ping" is basically the time it takes for a signal (data packet) to leave your computer, travel over the network/internet, and return. Or, more precisely, the time between sending a signal to a remote computer and getting a reply.
However, GW2 (and most MMOs) is very CPU intensive. When you get a lot of variable things happening, such as multiple players with multiple spell effects, etc, etc, the CPU can get very busy and your fps (frames per second) can drop drastically.
In most such games, the ping display is, naturally, also driven by the CPU, but when the CPU gets really busy it can skip the ping display and/or miss the packets, etc, so the ping seems to be high, but it's really just that the cpu is over-worked.

So, in your friends case, it doesn't matter if the PC is new, the CPU in it can still be relatively low-power. A lot of common low priced desktops come with some low-end AMD APU or FX processor or Intel Pentium. These low-end CPUs are fine in most games, such as FPS shooters, but they choke badly when things get busy in MMOs.
To get "playable" frame rates in intense sections of MMOS, you basically need an Intel i5 processor. A high-end AMD FX (FX-8320 or better) can get close.
(Even the i5 will have an fps drop, but it's usually greater than 30 fps, so it remains playable)

So, no, the CPU does not affect ping, but it can affect the ping display. You're not actually experiencing "lag" - just really low fps.
Actual network lag would affect the game continually, not just in WvW, etc.

In Topic: Full install file transfer?

18 May 2015 - 01:40 PM

View PostArkham Creed, on 17 May 2015 - 04:31 PM, said:

This isn't like WoW wherein patches are so few and far between that they get treated with nearly the same fanfare as expansions.
I haven't played WoW for even longer, so I wouldn't know (or remember, at least). :)
GW2 is like SWTOR (my current MMO) in the manner and frequency of patches.

In Topic: Full install file transfer?

17 May 2015 - 01:51 PM

View Posttypographie, on 17 May 2015 - 01:29 AM, said:

What ended up happening? Did you have to download the entire .dat file?

I would have expected it to appear to start the download, assess the .dat file present, and quickly finish up.
I'd have to say that I may not have given it enough time. It did a few preliminary things - updating the launcher or downloader, probably - and then it began to say it was going to download many gigabytes. I only gave it 5 or 6 seconds, but it gave no sign of stopping.
On the other hand, it's been at least 3 months since I even started up GW2, and even longer (> 1 yr) since I've played it, so it may of needed to download updates.
On the other, other hand, when I originally moved GW2 from my hard drive to my new SSD, I only needed to run "launcher.exe" and it worked fine, but they may have changed things since then.
So, in the end ..... I dunno. :)

In Topic: Seeking graphics card advice

15 May 2015 - 02:21 PM

Yeah, it would be better to order the computer directly from iBuypower (or Cyberpower) without going through Wal-mart.

In Topic: Full install file transfer?

15 May 2015 - 02:16 PM

I recently moved GW2 from my SSD (C:) to my hard drive (D:) and I just tried running it. It appeared to want to re-download the whole thing. Like the poster above said, it appears to lose track of the .dat file.
There may be something that can be changed in the registry, and/or it might work better if it's moved to a completely different computer. Or, it might work if you started gw2.exe with the -repair or -image command - I don't know.