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In Topic: Copy and Paste from Chat

Yesterday, 02:23 PM

Highlight the text - hit ctrl-C, or right-click and select "copy", if the text comes from notepad, or similar.

Click on the chat box in GW2 (to get the flashing cursor) and hit ctrl-V (paste).

In Topic: Running GW2 on Mac

05 October 2015 - 02:27 PM

Are you trying to run a Windows client or is there an OSX client?

If it's the Windows client, you need Windows (through Bootcamp) or an emulator such as Wine to run it on a Mac.

If it's an OSX client, I didn't know there was one, and I know very little about OSX or Macs, so .... no help.

In Topic: Need some help with my build ^-^

04 October 2015 - 03:35 PM

When it comes to power supplies, you can get into a lot of discussions about very insignificant details. Without getting into a long posting, I'll just say that a good quality 80+ rated power supply is more than sufficient for the average user. You can get into long discussions of efficiency, stability, ripple, etc, but in the long run these things are of little importance compared to overall build quality and longevity.
It's like arguing about the relative cornering ability of a Toyota Corolla versus a Honda Civic when all you're going to do is drive back and forth to work each day on straight roads.

That being said, Seasonic makes very good power supplies. They are the OEM for many other brands - that is, many other "brands" are actually Seasonic (or some other OEM) inside. They also tend to be more expensive then the models they sell under other names. :huh:

Spending the extra money on a "gold" rated power supply, over a "bronze" rated unit is not really cost effective. The small amount of energy saved will never recoup the extra cost (within the normal life of the computer). Any added benefits to stability, ripple, etc, are really only important to overclockers and/or those who are driving their system to the max 24/7. Any 80+ rated power supply has ripple, stability, etc, well within the limits needed by a normal computer.

nVidia recommends a 500watt PSU for use with a GTX-970, and, although that tends to be over-cautious, I would recommend you stick to it and not get a 400-450 watt unit.

In the long run, any of the power supplies on that list from that website, except for the bottom end LC Power or Cooler Master B500, would do just fine. Some may be marginally better than others, but not in any serious way. The reason why I often recommend the Corsair CX series is that I've used a number of them in various builds for people and haven't had a problem yet.

In Topic: Need some help with my build ^-^

03 October 2015 - 02:43 PM

There's nothing "wrong" with the build, but I have a few comments.

The WD "red" drives are designed for use in RAID arrays. They work in single drive configs, but they may be more expensive than "blues" and have no real advantage. You could even consider using a "green" - for lower power - if you only use the drive for data.

A 120Gig SSD is large enough for Windows plus a few games and apps, especially if you relocate libraries to the hard drive. But, to have more room for games and apps and not worry about moving libraries, I'd suggest going to a 240Gig SSD if budget allows. (You could go for a CX500M or some similar 500watt PSU, if budget is tight - 500watts is enough for a GTX-970.)

P.s. I've been considering upgrading to a GTX-970 myself. I'm using an HD7870 now, but I can't crank the graphics up quite as high as I'd like. :)

In Topic: External Hard drive and the client

01 October 2015 - 02:23 PM

Copy (or move) the gw2 folder to the external hard drive and run setup from there. That should install it onto the external drive. You can later move the entire gw2 folder back to your laptop if space opens up. (Just run gw2.exe after the move)

You might want to consider obscuring your email address from the screen cap.