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In Topic: advice on my build

02 July 2015 - 03:42 PM

Yes, GW2 is very CPU intensive (like most MMOs) and the i5-4460 is a great choice. (Any i5-4xxx is a great choice)

However, it's a shame to hamstring such an otherwise great build with a bottom-end crap card like the GT-640. If you want overall balanced performance, I'd suggest at least an R7 250X or 260X if budget is tight. Even better would be a GTX-750 Ti or R7 370.

In Topic: First Gaming PC (Around 1500 Budget) - Let's Discuss - Lots of Things To...

21 June 2015 - 01:50 PM

The PCIe cards can have longer antennas and more powerful circuits, so over all, they would have better connectivity. But, depending open the placement and distance of the WiFi components, a USB stick can work as well.
I would say that, if the wifi connection to the computer is permanent or semi-permanent, a PCIe card would be best.

To clarify about speeds.
802.11ac is the fastest WiFi standard. Most broadband internet doesn't go any faster than "g", so if you're only considering the connection from the modem/router to the PC, "g" would be enough. Also, of course, if your modem/router is only 802.11b/g then, that's the fastest it will go.
As far as transferring between computers is concerned, the files will transfer at the fastest speed both devices (and the router) share (auto-sensing).

So, if nothing else on your network has 802.11ac, then, the "ac" will be of no use to you (but of course, may be of use in the future.)

In Topic: rzWizard(Razer) is crashing my PC

21 June 2015 - 01:26 PM

You didn't mention your power supply. The GTX-780 is likely to draw more power than your previous card, and perhaps the power supply can't handle it.

Other than that, make sure all your drivers, including the Razr, are up to date.

In Topic: Little worried! Just bought gtx 980ti SC

20 June 2015 - 02:02 PM

PSU Guide:
- unplug the AC cable from the power supply
- press the power button on the computer (to discharge the power supply)
- Open up the computer and unplug the cables coming from the power supply to the various components. Make note of what sort of connector goes where.
- Remove the 4 screws holding the PSU in place. (Rear of case). Remove old PSU.
- insert new PSU. Install 4 screws.
- plug in the appropriate cables to the appropriate components. (Don't forget both motherboard connections.)
- plug in the appropriate connectors for the video card - or - use adapters if the proper connectors aren't already on the PSU.

Driver guide. - if you are going from a GTX-770 to a GTX-980, there would be no need to remove the old drivers first. Just install the new card and run the latest drivers you get from the nVidia website. (There's probably no need to use any drivers that came with the card - it's always best to get the very latest from the website.)

In Topic: First Gaming PC (Around 1500 Budget) - Let's Discuss - Lots of Things To...

20 June 2015 - 01:49 PM

There's no particular advantage to having WiFi built in, as opposed to using a separate card. So it comes down to convenience and price.

Of course, using a wired connection would be better than wireless, but that comes down to convenience also. :)

Note, btw - it may be tempting to get a more expensive 802.11ac adapter, but the ac speeds will only affect transfer between computers (if they both have ac). Your internet won't go beyond 802.11 g/n speeds, so a basic $30 b/g/n adapter will do nicely.

P.S. I've been thinking about the GTX-970, but I have to say that the new AMD R9 Fury X looks very tempting, even though it would be major overkill for me.