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In Topic: Thoughts on new traits, etc.? Traits Unleashed - Apr. 2014 update

21 March 2014 - 08:55 PM

Mmm, from the crit damage:


Put simply, if critical damage-stacked builds are more effective than other approaches, the build diversity decreases. As we work to increase support and teamwork between players throughout the game, we examined how we could change critical damage to retain it as a fun and viable approach to build-making while also allowing other builds to shine.

But damage is still the end all, be all. This hasn't really changed much except maybe mixing your gear up a bit, and even then, the playstyle and approach to content will remain the same. And what do they mean by "support"?

In Topic: Twilight Arbor - Aetherblade Path (Need advice)

17 March 2014 - 10:56 PM

View PostVeji, on 17 March 2014 - 05:39 PM, said:

Took us 4 hours and we didn't down the last boss, "Robowood"....

It took us 2 hrs to figure out Sparky and Slick, because all the googled vids said to take out Slick first, which was utterly wrong.

The rest was easy, but the last boss failed because we couldn't find an applicable way to explode the spectral guys on him in a consistent manner.

So, it appears that the risk isn't work the reward and we are moving on to mastering Arah Path 2, as it drops high level crafting mats.

They do? Yikes, yeah, take out the asura first, then the norn. For Clockheart, just melee him, dodge/aegis the slams and have the thief pull the holos. If you get too far away, he'll toss the Spinning Cogwheels of Death.

In Topic: GS vs. Axe

14 March 2014 - 11:41 AM

View Postfrozensade, on 14 March 2014 - 05:14 AM, said:

Axes have a 10% boost to crit damage that fits nicely right where the Greatsword 10% damage is. Which you should be capped on your crit chance so its a rather substantial boost.

I think it's been proven that Slashing Power's 10% flat damage increase is better than the crit damage for axes. As for Might stacking, that shouldn't be an issue with a semi-competent group setup.


I've died a few too many times due to wanting to finish off my 100B attack and not being smart enough to dodge out and flip into either bow or rifle to continue DPS while my health regens.

But that's not really the 100b's fault: it's yours for not thinking ahead. I cancel my 100b if I know it won't finish in time (like when fighting the ettin in Harpy Fractal) because it's better to dodge back and switch to axe than fap about with a bow.

In Topic: Twilight Arbor - Aetherblade Path (Need advice)

14 March 2014 - 12:03 AM

Mmm, you can LOS the holos as well: stand behind the generators, as the holos spawn in front of it. Any mob can be LOS'd here (not 100% sure about the wurms, but if they give you trouble, you should quit already), though Clockheart might be tricky as he just slams on everything.
Also, as Nike touched upon, have a thief for the final boss. Scorpion Wire for the holos is... just worth their shoddy health.

Edit: final skill? FGJ or Signet of Might (unless you have real issues with dodging/conditions, then use Stamina).

In Topic: Twilight Arbor - Aetherblade Path (Need advice)

13 March 2014 - 01:53 PM

Did this path yesterday for the Who's In Charge achievement (got it, too) and I was my usual zerker self, with gs/axe+mace, although I switched to LB when facing the Foreman, 'cause he can be a bitch.

For the rest of the dungeon, it's just corner pulls and and really going all out. Sparki and Slick comes to mind: a mesmer is gold here and as long as you keep the oil patches down, it'll be fine.
The hologenerators are easy too since you can rally on the holograms.
The key to our success yesterday was getting, after a gruesome hour, a guardian and extra warrior who knew what they were doing. Gear+knowledge = everything.