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When You Make a Face

14 October 2013 - 06:54 PM

So after mucking out my bank (I swear, I do not know why I keep some of the stuff in there), I found a Total Makeover Kit! Gasps and all such things. And having worn the same face on my human since launch, I decided to change him a bit. Now having no imagination beyond "jaws and noses", I googled a little and decided on a person I thought I could recreate...

And I sat there for almost an hour, trying to make it work (like Tim Gunn would say) before I gave up. So my question for all you here, when you make a new face for a character/new character, how do you do it? Do you just play around until you find what you're after, or do you look at a photo and go from there?

I'll use my own attempt as an example: this is him as of now...

And this is how I wanted him to look like.


Kurzicks and Canthans: The Walk, the Talk, the Looks

13 January 2013 - 02:08 AM

If this is the wrong forum, a mod will kindly move it. I was unsure at first, but...

Anyway, I was making another character earlier and as I was debating what to make him, I hit an obstacle: Canthan, Elonian, Krytan or Ascalonian? I already have two characters I consider Ascalonian (and have Germanic themed names) so I wanted a different approach. Krytan? Nah. Elonian? Saving that for when we get the Ritualist back. Canthan? Some did get out before the passage became blocked... okay, sure.
So, tweaking, fixing this and that, I hit obstacle 2: after looking Cantha up in the wiki, I see that the whole expansion is Eastern Asian themed. And my dude is not.

Oogling the wiki some more, I stumble upon this and notice the German and Russian names (not to mention the Gothic archtecture and near-Russian Orthodox religion), set in the middle of Cantha.

So, question time! Were the Kurzicks all Asian in looks as well, despite the noticeably non-Asian culture?

(It's hard to tell from GW1 screenshots)