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The Adjudicator - Durable Guardian DPS

22 November 2012 - 07:47 PM

Since the Guardian forums have been a little slow lately, I thought I would take the opportunity to share a build that's been working very well for me in PvP and see what the community thinks of it.  I've always enjoyed the playstyle of the offensive Guardian, and I've been experimenting with a lot of different builds recently, but this one is easily my favorite.  Here's the spec:



This is a durable offensive build designed primarily for aggressive point defense and team support, excelling in 1v1 situations and amplifying the offensive momentum of its team in teamfights.  It utilizes the relatively uncommon combination of the Soldier's Amulet and Right Hand Strength/Retributive Armor to achieve a strong balance of offensive and defensive stats,  and sets itself apart from most Soldier's/RHS setups by running both the Hammer of Wisdom and Ogre Runes, which maximize its capacity for disruption and pressure.  The build is also an excellent reviver/executioner, possessing multiple instant-cast skills it can use for defense while channeling.

The build's primary weakness is low mobility - allies with AoE Swiftness buffs are always welcome.  Additionally, while the build is not especially weak to conditions, it can't always cleanse fast enough when focused by multiple players with condition damage specs.  It is, however, much less vulnerable to Necromancers than the traditional bunker Guardian.

Detailed Build Description:

Just as a final note, this build is designed primarily with free tournaments and below in mind, since the meta in paid tournies is pretty rigid at this point (and besides that, I can't really test the build in paid tournies, since I don't have a team to compete with).  I'm open to any criticisms people have of the build, though, and I encourage anyone who's a fan of tanky-DPS type builds to try it out.

Attempting to make a GS PVP build, could use a little guidance.

13 November 2012 - 11:43 PM

Hey all, like the topic title says, I'm interested in making a Greatsword build for my Mesmer that could perform well in S/TPvP, but after experimenting for a while, I haven't found anything that really feels good compared to builds I've made for other classes.  At the moment, I'm running a Phantasm build that's specced 20/20/0/25/5.  It feels okay, but I feel like I'm not doing much but interrupting/controlling people with Illusionary Wave while randomly spamming my other skills, and so I decided to come here for some help.  

Now, I'm not here to ask someone to just make me a build - if someone wants to, that would be lovely, but my goal in making this thread is just to get a better understanding of the GS, its synergies with other weapons/utilities/traits, and the roles a GS Mesmer might have on a team.  I know there's a Comprehensive Mesmer Guide floating around on Youtube and a guide on these very forums, but these sources don't seem to be up to date, and I'd like to try to get current information/opinions.

From what I've gathered so far, it's not always ideal to use the GS from max range, since while that maximizes autoattack damage, it reduces the effectiveness of Mirror Blade and puts you out of range for Illusionary Wave.  I also know that clones and a high crit rate are popular to use with the GS, since each clone's autoattacks can proc up to three bleeds at a time with the Sharper Images trait.  I also know that iBerserker is a powerful phantasm that can do nice AoE damage without LoS.

Unfortunately, I feel like my knowledge of the weapon doesn't stretch far beyond these tidbits, and I still have lots of questions, including some very basic ones, like whether it's better to run the GS with a Phantasm or Shatter build, what sort of equipment/utilities would best complement the GS, and what a roles a GS Mesmer can fill effectively in more competitive play (free tournaments and possibly paid, though I'm not sure GS Mesmer is a thing in paid tourneys right now).

So, there's my plight.  I'd really appreciate any advice anyone would be able to give me, even if it's just a couple lines outlining ways to not make a fool of myself with the weapon. Hopefully the suggestions posted here can also help other people who are wondering the same sort of things. Thanks!

Looking for feedback (no pun intended) on my condition spec

15 September 2012 - 01:18 AM

Hey all, I picked up Mesmer for the first time since beta about a week ago, and I was looking for some criticism and suggestions on the condition spec I'm running.  Here's the build:


(Please note: the builder doesn't accurately reflect my condition damage - my base is 1334, not 1245, and it's 1424 with the Signet of Domination.)

The idea is pretty straightforward - I use the Staff for Chaos Storm control in team fights while taking advantage of the double CD reduction on Phase Retreat for lots of clones/combo finishers/escapes.  When dealing with individual opponents, I hit them with iDuelist for 10-11 stacks of bleed, follow up with Magic Bullet to force them to eat the damage, and then channel Confusing Images while they're stunned for additional pressure.

Sigils and runes are also pretty straightforward, but I'm rolling with a Rampager's Jewel in the Rabid Amulet because the Rabid Jewel only increases my bleed and confusion ticks by a couple points, and I prefer the extra HP and small crit boost Rampager's gives me.  Knight's is also an option for more HP, which scales better than Toughness - compared to the Rabid Jewel, it would reduce my bleed ticks by 7 damage (117 for Rabid, 110 for Knights) and my Confusion ticks by 10 (177 vs. 167) in exchange for 1250 more HP.  Rampager's is in between - my bleeds would tick for 114 and my confusion for 172, and I'd get 500 more HP than with the Rabid Jewel.  I also get 2% more Crit with Rampager's.  Which should I use?  Does it matter?

Since Mesmer has changed a lot in the time since I last played it, I'm sure there's plenty of room for improvement in the build, and I'd really appreciate any advice anyone has on it.  Thanks in advance!

September 14th Patch

14 September 2012 - 06:15 AM

Another set of patch notes went up a few hours ago - it's good news this time around, particularly for Hammer Guardians!



  • Mighty Blow: Added a slight movement distance.
  • Bow of Truth: Now usable while moving.
  • Defender’s Shield and Honorable Shield: Merged together into the same trait.
  • New trait Glacial Heart: Critical hits with a hammer have a 50% chance to chill your target for 4 seconds. This effect can only occur once every 45 seconds.


September 9th Patch - Guardian Changes (it's gonna be okay, guys)

09 September 2012 - 05:16 PM

As of today:

  • Tome of Wrath – Removed Stability, added Retaliation; increased the health of the transform
    * Zealot’s Fervor – Players can now move while casting this skill; increased cast time to 2 seconds; reduced maximum targets to 5
    * Judgment – Knockdown is now 3 seconds
  • Tome of Courage – Removed Stability, added Protection
    * Heal Area – Base heal increased by 33%
    * Pacifism – Reduced maximum targets to 5; increased cast time to 2 seconds; reduced daze duration to 2 seconds
  • Shield of Absorption. The second half of this skill will now unlock in PvE.
So in summary, both Tomes lost Stability, ToW got an overall buff, and ToC got an overall nerf.

Obviously, these changes are going to upset a lot of Guardians, since Tome of Wrath is still a questionable elite for PvP (particularly now that it lacks Stability while retaining some long casts), and ToC probably remains the best option we have, even post-nerf (I know some people swear by Renewed Focus, but you need some investment in the Virtues line for RF to really be worth it).  

However, I think the changes were necessary.  ToC was exceptionally powerful, with most of its strength focused in Pacifism and Light of Deliverance - the other skills were something of an afterthought in most situations.  Teams were starting to abuse the skill with compositions that took multiple Guardians and rotated Pacifism/LoD casts for team fights, providing a huge amount of control and healing.  This will help to mitigate that sort of abuse, even though it comes at a cost to the Guardian.

So, what to do with ToC now?  Using it in the same way as we did pre-nerf seems like it's going to be a bad idea, but should it be tossed aside as another worthless elite?  I'm not so sure.  I'm looking at the Protection it gained, 33% damage reduction, built in with a 33% healing boost to Heal Area, the skill's spammable heal.  In the past, I've found that the average damage I take in ToC is roughly equal to the healing HA provides, so this buff is very interesting.  I'm also seeing a new use for "Stand Your Ground!" - casting it during the initial cast of ToC and then immediately casting LoD, helping to ensure the heal lands.  Protection will make it tough to kill you outright, and should cover Stability in the event that someone tries using boon stripping skills on you.  Protection also means that we should be able to safely cast ToC from lower levels of health without worrying about it going to waste.  I think ToC still has a lot of potential, but now it's not as simple as pressing 4, 5, and switching back to your main weapon.

Those are my thoughts, but I'm curious about how other people feel.  How usable are Tome of Wrath and Tome of Courage in their new forms?