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Well, we had a viable build for a while... back to PvE.

06 July 2013 - 01:55 PM

So they're planning to nerf AoE, right? Remembering their past changes we will probably see a sweeping nerf to all AoE damage on all classes, but Necros (because conditions won't get nerfed), by about 20-25%. That will turn our Longbow, the only viable PvP weapon, into complete useless garbage.

Meanwhile, melee won't become any more viable, because the problems of range/condi dominance have much deeper roots and probably will never be addressed.

Oh well... two weeks of being 70% as strong as a Mesmer were good.

So... Sword/Dagger

04 October 2012 - 07:59 PM

The set that's universally considered to be one of the worst on the Thief.

But, has anyone actually tried to optimize it? I've been running it in sPvP (not tPvP though) and it has some potential. It's main power is CC, which has the ability of locking down enemies almost permanently. Rune of the Mesmer adds 33% duration to Disabling Strike, bringing the total duration to 2.66 seconds, however, the game seems to be calculating based on specific specs of time: there seems to be 1/4 seconds, 1/2 seconds and then 1 second. That makes Disabling Strike last for full 3 seconds with Runes of the Mesmer.

At least, I think that's the case. The Daze lasts the same as the Revealed debuff, which is 3 seconds.

The set is pretty easy to use, so you don't need all stars to be aligned to pull it off. Timing of CnD vs Revealed is also pretty easy on S/D, you can fit the full 1 chain and then hit CnD which lands just as Revealed ends. The game is also very generous on backstabs, so I don't need to try much to land proper Disabling Strikes, and with some time one can learn to be flawless with it.

Flanking Strike is still bad.

The set has great 1v1 power and surprising utility with it's dazes, AoE cripples, Immobilize, and Inf.Strike jukes.

Here's the build

By no means complete, a few things are open for debate. Generally, though, I find that extra speed helps a great deal. The biggest problem is landing those CnDs reliably and that speed aids quite a bit. Infusion of Shadow is pretty much a must, imo, as those CnDs are pricy. Been using Knight's Amulet with Zerker Jewel, so I had around 21k HP and 1.1k Tou, which isn't much, but at least you don't explode when somebody looks at you funny.

Cons: Low damage. Not really, but Scrubseeker and PW outpace it, big surprise. Low Condi removal and meh Stun breaker. Both can be fixed with some Trait and U-skill juggling, but us Thieves are slippery, we don't get hit that much in the first place.

Anyway, nothing new, but I think it doesn't hurt to try and make "exotic" builds work. Go, my children, take this build and destroy. And be destroyed. 'Tis the cycle of life.

Oh, using SB with Sigil of Hydromancy in the 2nd set for mobility/gtfo'ing. Sigil of Battle and Sigil of Fire on the S/D set.

Protip: Sigil of Fire is always better than Sigil of Air. Same damage, same CD, but the Sigil of Fire is AoE (yes, AoE is centered around the target, not yourself and it does indeed damage the target).

Another protip: Fleet Shadow doesn't work, so forget about it.

Berserker Stance

27 September 2012 - 01:46 PM

It is better than I thought as I found out yesterday. Probably a pointless thread and many of you guys already know what this ability does, but I see it being used so rarely it wouldn't surprise me if there are more people like me.

This thing gives you two full meters of Adrenaline. Not bars, but two full lines, 6 bars and that's without the stance trait. While most builds run some sort of Adrenaline builder and SoR, so Adrenaline starvation is a rare occasion, some builds still have troubles with getting Adrenaline up. This skill lets you fire off two Burst skills almost at the same time. It should be quite helpful for point-defense Warriors who often have to start fights with 0 Adrenaline.

That's about it. I hope it helps an unlucky newbie or two, since this is such a rarely used and tested ability.

Warrior: Kick

27 September 2012 - 01:31 PM

It sucks. Probably not a surprise to anybody, but... really. This ability is counterproductive for melee builds and pretty bad for ranged builds. It knocks back, but the distance is abysmall, plus it roots you in place! Bolas, Stomp, Fear Me... all these would be better for a Rifle/Bow build.

It's a shame that this ability is no good, because I like Physical utilities and the idea behind this ability in particular. It's here to be an interrupt, something to be utilized by skillful Warriors to mess up enemy rotations (again, something that can't be used by Ranged builds). Physical skills make the most sense to me on a Warrior, they blend into weapon skills, making it possible to create your own combos of skills.

Anyway, my suggestion: make it a 1s Daze and remove the root during casting. Make Kick kick ass.

Can't even post it on official forums, because it won't let me log in for some reason.

Arcing Slice just doesn't cut it.

22 August 2012 - 03:08 AM

I'm witty, I know.

Anyway, do you guys use this ability? It's slow, it deals low damage, it gives Fury, which we already have a truckload of (really, you're not using SoR in a DPS Greatsword build? Go home, not to mention we have FGJ!, Opportunist+Leg Specialist, that weird Fury trait from getting hit that nobody uses, Dual Strike... I guess we could use more Fury! Or not), and, most importantly, it wastes that precious adrenaline. With the new Berserker's Power that's quite a downside.

Greatsword is a direct damage weapon, so it's likely to be paired with an Axe or a Rifle. So it's all of the negatives mentioned above, plus having to compete with Eviscerate and Killshot.

So... is it pretty much useless?