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#2115908 Forcing players to PvP for World Completion

Posted Jae Sun on 12 December 2012 - 07:12 PM

Wvw players are currently forced into Fractals to attain highest gear, just sayin.

And yeah go re-trait for condi removal and swiftness/movement weapons and take all your clothes off for near 0 repair cost.

Oh and what about wvw players being forced into pve content to get their legendary.  Seems to me you have the better deal, since cruising through wvw maps takes at most 3 hours over a couple trips.  

Also the maps can change week to week as to which is your starting map.  If your team changes colors you will likely have a map you can get into that wasn't really very available to you.

Finally, legendary's aren't supposed to be easy.  Either work for it or don't, quit whining.