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In Topic: [Warning][Reddit] The Metrica Province JP Might Trigger a Ban

28 June 2013 - 11:09 AM

Anet once again proves that they only ever ban for shits and giggles with no real motivation, and without any breach of EULA.

Chances are they're going to come back in a few days and call this an "exploit," of some sort, and all the fanboys are going to claim this was a fair and just banning and that they don't want cheaters in their game.

Happened 3 times already in the past.

There's a big difference between an "exploit," and something "being exploited," and anet really needs to learn the difference.

I really cannot wait until the day Anet bans all CoF P1 runners for "exploiting."

In Topic: Why Not Buy Gold From Gold Sellers?

27 May 2013 - 08:42 AM

I think that the idea of "not buying gold," or "buying gold is immoral/wrong," is rather antiquated.

Many of the answers brought up here bring up the topic of "how the gold purchased is attained."

My answer to that is the following;

The world and society revolves around rich people exploiting poor people, powerful exploiting the weak, smarter people exploiting the stupid people.  Why should this be different in game?  All you need to do is be on the side that doesn't get cheated.

And like everything, incompetent people always come up with excuses for their incompetence and end up blaming others.

That said, right now I do not think I would purchase gold from 3'rd party/grey market sellers because the risk of a ban, vs the marginal increase in gold gained is too high.

As of now, the prices of 100 gw2 gold from generic 3'rd party/grey market sellers is about $35.

The price of 100 gw2 gold from gems is about $50.

This is only about a 30% discount.  In previous times we have seen as large as a 300% discount from the purchase of gold from 3'rd party/grey market sellers.

That said, if Anet had no ban policy on the purchase of gw2 gold from 3rd party/grey market sellers, if I needed gold, I would definitely purchase from them due to their reduced prices.

In Topic: Don't ban us for farming....

25 May 2013 - 01:50 PM

GW2's ban policy is the absolute worst I've seen in an MMO.

They literally ban players for shits and giggles, without even any breach of the EULA.

In Topic: Do you wish the current dungeon meta was more varied?

09 May 2013 - 07:57 AM

To be honest, "Max DPS" has always been the "meta" and most efficient way to run content in every game.  Not max solo DPS though, but max group DPS.

The only reason why you bring support/healers in other games is so that they can keep the DPS players up in order to maintain group DPS.

It just so happens that in this game, support/heal is now allocated such that each player can heal on their own, and content is easy enough so that true support-dedicated character isn't really necessary in order to maximize group DPS.

The only way I can see support and other type characters having a resurgence is if Anet significantly ramps up the difficulty of dungeon content with the intent that the average group of players will not be able to complete it.

In Topic: Lowell's unicorn build still viable ?

02 May 2013 - 05:22 PM

It never was ever really "viable."

its a gimmick build.