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Giving death meaning in WvW - Side effect, balancing out world populations etc.

24 October 2012 - 10:03 AM

Very simple proposal that could fix many (but not all) the problems plaguing WvW at the moment.

Give death more meaning.

Specifically what I propose is the following;  When you are killed in WvW, you are kicked out of the WvW map and put back into the bottom of the queue.  If there is no queue, you're free to play as normal.

I think something like this could be a very interesting change to the WvW scene.  It promotes smarter play, not just zerging.  It would keep incompetent commanders and players out of WvW due to the "survival of the fittest" type scenario.  Additionally, it would add a new aspect where players have to try to keep an active commander alive due to him/her losing the ability to lead temporarily if he/she dies.  Other new dynamics added to this would be things like "commander sniping," etc.  It would make having an active commander title both a boon and a liability, because honestly as of now, there is no logical reason to turn off the commander title.

As a side effect of this, I can see many players moving on to worlds with smaller queues, thus fixing many population imbalances as well.

What countermeasures do mesmers have against C&D -> Mug -> Backstab thieves?

14 October 2012 - 07:09 AM

My main is a thief, however, I've recently been playing alot more mesmer in tournaments as I'm trying to learn the class.

As a thief, I've found mesmers to be one of the more annoying classes to kill, however, as a mesmer, I find that I'm having alot of problems against thieves, specifically backstab thieves.

Perhaps its because I'm not as familiar with the Mesmer, or perhaps there's some theory I'm missing out on.  I'm hoping someone can give me some tips as to how to deal with backstab thieves to improve my chances of winning against them.

Currently, I usually attempt to use Decoy to stealth while they are in stealth as to prevent them from getting a backstab off, or use distortion to try to burn their backstab.  Even then, being brought down 10k HP from C&D+Mug is still quite painful as it usually leaves me in 40-60% HP range.

tPvP, what can a thief do against a build like this? vs Engineer.

25 September 2012 - 07:48 AM

I came across this guy in one of my tournament escapades and lost terribly.

I'm trying to wrack my head as to what I can do to beat him as a thief, but unfortunately I just can't come up with any idea other than to just run, or plink him with my shortbow, but even then I'm pretty sure his condition damage would kill me before I would be able to kill him.

Here is the build I was using at the time:

And for further information, this was probably his build.

The problem was that he would basically stunlock me from 100-0 with knockbacks, knockdowns, stuns and whatnot.  Even with 2 stunbreaks, it was quite hard to do anything once he caught up to me, which is easy due to super speed.

He didn't have a stun break himself, which means I could have tried to burst him with Pistol Whip, but nope, big ol bomb, blows me out of the combo.

Maybe I'm just a terrible player, or perhaps my build needed some work, but playing against a build like this made me realize just how weak the thief as a profession is, especially against more experienced players   There is very little skill synergy and skill interaction with our weapon skills, and traits, and because of the initiative system, the thief is just far too one dimensional.

That said, I am also looking for heavy critique on my choice of build, as well as perhaps suggestions for other more viable thief builds in higher levels of tournament play as a roamer.

As a roamer, is it ever wrong to go and cap free points?

21 September 2012 - 10:13 PM

I've been playing a main offensive roamer for my guild at the moment, however my guild/team leader and I have gotten into a slight disagreement as to what I should be doing as a roamer, specifically on the topic of either supporting/defending points that my team has already controlled in a situation where my team is already winning in capture nodes 2:1, or if I should go on the offense and capture a free node.

Specifically in the following situations:

1.) Legacy of the Foefire map.
Our team currently has Quarry and Graveyard, enemy team has Waterfall.
Quarry is defended by 2 mesmers, being attacked by 3 of the opposing team.
Graveyard is defended by Guardian, Warrior and Thief (me), and attacked by two.

This means Waterfall is free, and I am in graveyard.  What is the correct call for me to do?  Go for a free Waterfall?  Or help defend Quarry?

Vid: http://www.twitch.tv...re/b/332958342# at about 0:22:15 -> 0:23:30'ish.

2.) Again Legacy of the Forefire map.
Our team currently has Waterfall, Enemy team Quarry and Graveyard is neutral, being fought over in a 1v2.
I am currently walking from waterfall, to graveyard to provide support and it becomes a 3v2.  Their quarry defender comes to help mid for a 3v3, which again, means quarry is free.

What is the right decision for me to do?  Help fight a 3v3 over a neutral point at Graveyard, or leave mid as a 2v3 and go for a free Quarry cap?

Vid: http://www.twitch.tv...ere/b/332978633 at 1:09:30 -> 1:10'ish.

In both these situations, I chose to go on the offense and take the free point.  My guild/team leader disagrees and thinks I should be defending the points we already have (as we'll win if we hold 2 points anyway.)  I would very much appreciate if I could get some insight as to which is the tactically better decision in both these situations, as although I believe I am right in going on the offense, a few of the other members of my team do not agree that I made a tactically sound decision.

Sorry for the Japanese/English split in the videos, as our guild is a Japanese guild.

Learning more about the metagame and building team comps.

11 September 2012 - 02:35 AM

My guild team and I have been running tournaments pretty frequently and are really enjoying the game.

Until now though, we've basically been running 5 players using solo builds, and come to the conclusion that this won't do in the long term.  As such we're looking to build some team comps in the near future and are looking for resources to learn more about the current tournament metagame and perhaps some basic team comp ideas.

Any help would be very much appreciated.