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Build presentation in casted games

27 May 2013 - 08:04 AM

If you've watched any of the recent casted tournaments (if you havn't you should check out the next one) you'll know that the presentation of both teams builds can be quite timeconsuming and after a while you're thinking to yourself: get this over with, I want to see the game. However, there is a very valid reason behind showing the builds, how else will you know what's really going on. I just feel like it could be done better. Therefore have I created this thread, so we can discuss the topic and try to come up with solutions to make the build presentation more fluid and not so timeconsuming.

Yesterday in mmorpgs tournament Grouch and Blu tried to just do it faster. That had the drawback that you didn't really get much out of the presentation, going through a build in 5 seconds flat won't make the viewer grasp the idea behind it, and probably not the build itself either, especially not if you're new to the game.

My suggestion is to present a couple of the players build from each team, and then follow them more closely during that game. For game two new players would be selected, which means that most builds will be inspected when game two starts and all if it goes to a game three.
This spreads out the presentation which means that the individual build can be inspected a bit more thorough, while not becoming tedious. However, it has the drawback of not knowing all builds in game one, which could be a problem, and I'm not sure it's posible to follow a player more than another during the cast - you do want the best action to be narrated and not be locked to specific players.

I do feel like this is an issue, and that it can be improved. What's your suggestion?

Too short respawn timer on regular mobs?

27 June 2012 - 10:14 PM

When I'm playing pve I sometimes kill an enemy just to see him respawn seconds later. Other times I clear an area and then go around happily looting everything, then all of a sudden the whole mob respawns putting me in a very awkward position resulting in me dead or near so. One example of this is in the norn starting area. Next to the bear cubs there are some jotun. One can go into their cave and loot a chest, however, the jotun respawn very quickly so I managed to stand right ontop of 4 spawning jotun, with several more popping up blocking the exit.

Is this an issue for you as well? Something that needs adressing? Discuss!